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  1. Coc

    Want to play a game? Part 2

    4393 *claps hands together* I hope I win!
  2. Coc

    S-12 Ammo.

    Federal's 100-round "bargain box" at Wally World is great for skeeting/bird hunting. I've fired a couple boxes on the #1 gas setting with no problems whatsoever. For personal defense, I'd again go with Federal full-power tactical buckshot. The Flitecontrol is more of the same with a more even shot spread, as mentioned above; if 9 pellets don't do it, 15 probably won't either. The low recoil stuff won't cycle reliably on the #1 setting, so be warned. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with all this Winchester Ranger low-recoil 9-ball #00 stuff I bought last year. Maybe I'll make a shotgun shell gingerbread house for Christmas When it comes to slugs, the Winchester slugs burn quite dirty (they shit up my gun faster than any other slugs I have fired, not only the powder fouling but lead fouling as well), while Federal has a better reputation of low-flash stuff, good for if you're shooting (or forced to shoot) at night. If you want to burn your house down along with the potential home invader, try Remi 2.75" (better yet 3") sluggers, particularly the High-Velocity flavor. Damn muzzle flash makes it nearly impossible for me to see where I hit my target without a Shoot N' C posted up
  3. Coc

    Picture Post, Lets see your Saiga 12!

    Sorry for the picture quality, this is a frame clipped from video of me shooting at my local range. Remington 3" Slugger High-Velocity 7/8oz @ 1875FPS + 18" barrel'ed Saiga = flamethrower
  4. Mike, I'm loving the publicity this drum is getting. I'm sure it's been asked before, so my apologies if it's a repeat.... but do you plan on manufacturing a 3" version any time in the near future, and if so, rough ballpark? I'm honestly waiting on the 3" version to get one of these. It just FEELS right.
  5. Coc

    Saiga vids thread

    What does the above say ? Hmmmm, allow posting of youtube videos that people might never have seen before or are fresh, ORRRRRR.... let thread sink? Hmmmmm. I think you need to get your priorities straight. This one is of me letting rip 10 rounds from fellow forumgoer Veen's Saiga, followed closely by my XD45. Hooray for private land!
  6. I'd spring for at least one since I intend to take my Saiga hunting with me next time out; I wouldn't want the game warden to come blow up my dog and crush my car.
  7. Coc

    My Izhmash Saiga and AGP mags

    I had a good spot of trouble getting that search tool to work correctly, and I'm by no means a 'internet computer machine' newb. I did my share of lurking and only found one or two recent AGP threads; last time I came, there were about the same number of AGP threads. It seemed to me the problems were far and few, and perhaps limited to a case-by-case basis. Hence, the OP describes in minor detail the problems I've been having. My apologies if I came off negative against AGP, they've produced a great product and its tough to make every variant of an autoloading shotgun with six parts work the same way, that's like getting a square block through a round hole. My only fear is doing extensive or irreversible work to a gun or its parts only to render it useless or worse off than when I started. I figured that was a legitamate concern with something that has the innate ability to blow up in your face. I don't take anything across the internet personally though, it's hard when everyone out there knows it's so easy to hate.
  8. Coc

    Saiga 12 magazine issue on wiki

    Just out of curiosity, I know Silver Bear isn't exactly the healthiest ammo for your receiver to shoot, but does it offer a fix for this problem? In theory, you could leave a silver bear at the top of a magazine you wanted to keep in the gun, and the metal hull shouldn't deform under stress, could you not? This is, of course, after you have field-tested the functionality of chambering, firing and ejecting metal shells in your gun.
  9. Coc

    My Izhmash Saiga and AGP mags

    I think you're misunderstanding the OP. I am aware that many other people are having great success with their guns, but I'm not about to take some of these crazy suggestions to heart, sell my gun and mags and buy a $1500 AR that coughs on a few grains of sand and anything less than mil-spec $80 mags. All I came here to find out is what I can do to make the AGP mags work with my Russian gun. They've obviously proven their success if everyone is still constantly buying them up off gunbroker and such, so all I need to do is get the follower "remanufacturing" right the first time and I should have a handful of working mags, plus no additional expenditures ordering replacement followers if I screw up. The gun works in every other aspect, so it's just something that needs a little of my attention. The only heartbreak was that the work done thus far wasn't enough, so now it's time to roll the ol' sleeves up. Thanks for the advice Mike. So far the receiver looks clean; there's no obvious extreme wear on the extractor, barrel or bore, or any of the trigger parts.
  10. Coc

    My Izhmash Saiga and AGP mags

    That's actually one of the first things on our list of stuff to try. I hypothesized that the action of the bolt slamming back home from hitting the buffer was too quick a motion to allow time for the mag to feed the next shell. However, hopefully this isn't our ONLY option; despite the platform being built to handle such stresses, I sure don't want to have to deal with hot metal on metal trunion-wrenching action being delivered to my shoulder several hundred times a year. Does firing slugs through a full choke impact feeding and ejecting in any way? I know that after running a phosphor bore brush through the gun several times after about 100 target loads and 35 slugs left me nearly enough lead fouling to measure in teaspoon increments.
  11. Coc

    My Izhmash Saiga and AGP mags

    Thanks for the label, but I'm not here to bitch about AGP mags not working, I think enough people have done that before me. I'm here to figure out what work needs to be done on the mags to get them to function in my Russian Saiga, namely full loads of slugs so hopefully one day I can shoot IDPA/3gun matches. Apparently everyone is supposed to be ok with their shotguns having Type 4 failures after every shot for the first few hundred rounds, but that just doesn't sit well with me.
  12. Hello all, I'm pretty new to the forums, but I've been lurking and checking out the hot topics such as Mike's 20-rounders (I'm in love ), and thusly i know for a fact I'm not going to be covering any new ground here. I just thought I'd let everyone in on my plans thus far for my Saiga. I recently purchased my Izhmash Armory Saiga-12 from a buddy whom had had it sent to Tony for a bit of work, namely an AK-syle short stock, shortened barrel, pistol grip and trigger assembly. Being that Tony stands by his excellent work, I'm almost certain the gas port has already been bored since the barrel is now 18". I also dropped in a recoil buffer and added a vanilla 3-point sling and FSE pad for effect, and since I already had a bunch of AGP 10-rounders on hand from a group buy I participated in beforehand, anticipating future ownership of a Saiga. Bottom line, I love my shotgun and it's by far the coolest toy in my house. The gun in question: http://be0f.com/coc/saiga-sideflash.jpg My inaugural voyage was soured a bit by the fact that i was not smart enough to check the gas setting, which was on #2. My shoulder took the brunt of this punishment, having fired about two dozen slugs without the FSE pad and being all skin and bones, I had a bruise on my shoulder the size of Manhattan for a week. My biggest problem, however, was the inability for the AGP 10-rounder to cycle. Surprise! Their follower angle, along with the rest of their US design, is better suited for the US-made Saigas. The stock 5-rounder included with the gun ate everything no problem, so I knew the problem lied with the AGP mags. I did a little WECSOG'ing of my own on one of the 10-rounders' aluminum feed clips I had kept as replacements once we received the new steel feed clips from the first group purchase, and went for another range trip only to find the same disappointing results; so I got serious and ditched the aluminum clip. I ordered some Gunslick graphite lube and did a little bit more intensive mag tuning this time, greasing up the follower guides on the inside of the magazine body as well as the follower leads themselves, however I did not what you folks like to call "remanufacture" the followers in any way; I didn't take any material off the leads. I take my gun out for round 3 on the range, with a hearty assortment of slugs, buck, and target loads, 2 3/4" and 3" alike at my disposal. To my spectacular disappointment, neither the treatment nor the flavor of shell I used changed the problem I had been having since the beginning; using the AGP 10-rounders causes a crazy FTF that damages the following round; not to the point of uselessness, but to the point where you'd be better off tossing it in the trash than screwing up your receiver. Still, I went ahead and shot the rounds that had a nasty gouge in them from what I'm certain was either the bolt or the bottom of the barrel digging into the side of the hull and brass. I happened to find this little example in my range bag when i returned home: http://be0f.com/coc/damagedshell.jpg My crummy camerawork doesn't tell all; the extractor has bitten a healthy chunk out of the back of the rim, and there is a gouge that goes from about a 1/2" from the front of the hull all the way down to where you see the brass has been cracked, which was actually from the discharge itself; before I fired that round, and many like it, it had a nasty scratch down that very line that is now cracked. Now, I know I darn well shouldn't be putting shells that are that messed up back in the gun and shooting them, and I sure as hell wouldn't want a 12 ga. kB in my face, but hey, I did it for SCIENCE! And so far, none of those shells has FTE'ed or done anything worse than look ugly. A friend of mine whom had allowed me to test-fire his converted Saiga a few months back (consequently, also hook me on Saiga-12s for LIFE) took notice of my dilemna and offered to have a look-see at the gun and mags to try to fix the problem. He had actually done a little bit of Dremel work on the receiver to get his to feed and function correctly with the AGP 10-rounders, something i am not totally ready to do at this point as I would rather tinker past the point of no return with the $40 magazines than my $750 gun. He also tuned the mags in every aspect previously mentioned, including some grinding on the followers. I personally bore witness to that gun eating every kind of shell we through at it, ten at a time, save for those little Aguila mini-slugs. So I know it's possible, I just don't want the worst case scenario to happen where work is done on the mags, and the thing is still choking on every shell ever manufactured. I have 3 more AGP mags coming from a 3rd and final group buy, so I'm pretty much stuck in this creek whether i like it or not. worst comes to worst, I can sell the mags and buy one or two of Mike's 20-rounders but hopefully I'll have the option of using stick or drum mags. I've already given my gun away to my converted Saiga-toting buddy whom I assume has already begun the gruesome task of attempting to make the mags feed the coveted 3" slug. I can order more followers from AGP for $12 each if I have to, just in case. What I wanted to know is, would there be any better way to go about tackling this problem? Does AGP possibly offer a stronger-weight magazine spring that might be the answer to all my troubles? *edit*I should probably add that the 10-rounders would feed a couple of rounds at a time for skeeting purposes no problem, but the more I stuffed in there the more likely it was to FTF. Anything more than 5 shells gauranteed almost a 100% FTF rate. Comment, suggest, discuss, flame and debate.