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    .223 brake?

    thanks guys for the replies. I did install a 7.62 brake on my .223 through dinzag, but I am looking for something more effective. I will probably call up one of those companies listed and see if they can do anything. As an aside, I participated in a carbine comp last weekend. Some of the AR guys let me shoot their guns, and wow, they had virtually no recoil or muzzle rise. IT was rediculous. They had brakes from JP enterprises & triangle shooting sports.
  2. wooofad

    .223 brake?

    does anyone know of a .223 brake that will fit this thing? I have already threaded the barrel for 15x1. IF there is nothing available, who can make a custom one?
  3. OMG...I just did this for the first time....what a PAIN in the A$$
  4. I have a bunch of target loads (2 3/4 dram, 3 dram) laying around. 7 lead shot. Are these ok?
  5. wooofad

    Newly converted Saiga .223

    Nice Job. This site really should be endorsed by dremel.
  6. wooofad

    How gun friendly is Northern VA?

    Thats great! Thanks for the prompt response. My move will likely come in August '08, so I am not quite ready with any specific questions, but your post has quelled some of my fears. It looks like there are fun times to look forward to.
  7. wooofad

    How gun friendly is Northern VA?

    Hello everyone. I already have an x39 and a .223....and I recently ordered a S12 (it was only a matter of time). I am considering to move to nothern VA. How gun friendly is this area? I read another post on some gun laws about shotguns with folding stocks and drums which may affect the S12. In particular, I am interested in participating in IDPA, USPSA and 3gun matches. Are there places to go for these type of events? What do ya'll think?
  8. My bolt doenst feel spring loaded. But I have a .223 and the firing pin is clearly spring loaded. If so, what can i do? can this lead to slam fires? It makes me concerned, because a round could go off if dropped or something.
  9. For some reason my kobra red dot site wont turn itself off, even if I turn the on/off knob back and forth. Very annoying! Not to mention that It wouldnt dial in low enough. Any suggestions!?!?!
  10. wooofad

    File the Mag or Mag Catch?

    They are fun to change out. You have to hold the spring in place while you replace the pin. This takes two people or 3 hands. The pin is just peened in place, it can be driven out with a punch. When you're done swapping, just knock it back in and repeen it. What is the best way to do this?
  11. wooofad

    File the Mag or Mag Catch?

    I have both a .223 and a x39. If I switch the mag catches, it would work out perfect. The wrong mags fit perfectly in the wrong guns. How would I go about Switching the mag catches????? Pop rivet?
  12. wooofad

    Picture Post,lets see your 7.62x39

    Still needs a refinish & someone to weld those holes!
  13. wooofad

    Got my Saiga today! Your cleaning tips, please?

    that's key.. and vjor got all the offical stuff outta the way so.. so you guys use bore cleaner on everything? I use it on the barrel, bolt and the end of the gas rod, even though I cant get the gas rod spotless. I use rem oil on everything else...is that a mistake?
  14. wooofad

    how do i convert my .308 to a p-grip?

    http://www.cross-conn.com/Saiga_Conversion/ this site shows you how, all you need is a drill with cobalt drill bits. The site shows how to convert a .223, the .308 is easier becasue it doest have any rivets holding in the trigger.
  15. thanks, I called up the shop and they suggested the standard trigger. looks like either one will work.