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  1. Nope. M.T.Kalashnikov himself is quite a short person and has short arms; he just built AK with his body metrics. All others have nothing to do but get used to it. In spite of this fact shorter stock is quite comfortable with heavy cold weather cloths and/or body armor.
  2. Magwell Equipped Saiga12K Falcon ERGO Grip HALO QuadRail (Modified) Trijicon ReflexII RX06 Modified Safety level Modified Mag release STK VFG
  3. I think it have to be inserted to the receiver from inside then tightened from outside. It seems like a crude screw stop from outside. To be sure that it's also fixes screw in terms of turn inside the receiver due to this shape or have to be inserted from outside and then turn 90 deg and then tightened I have to get my Saiga from repair first.
  4. Yep it's time to stop it up. too much bla-bla He-he Actually Zakherbakher is transcripted to russian than to english last name of some Austrian biathlonist (I even don't remember woman or man) I accidently heard on TV working on the background. That was funny name because with some slang rules applied on russian it roughly means "one who shoots for the f@$k's sake"
  5. Well generally you don't need those either but they surely add a bit of comfort for the first time. I bought one when I started shooting, used it once and now keep it for occasional shooters only. Proper stance and shouldering negates that "awful 12Ga recoil" effect. Now I'm shooting wearing t-shirts without any bruises (almost) You better keep away from too wide snap-on-stock pads (underbarrel grenade launcher pad for AK is typical example) - they will mess with consistent stock weld which is a key to fast and accurate shooting, especially with a shotgun.
  6. Generally I saw it on 12Ga only. Again - you'd better go and try to shoulder each one and get what you like. I would pay additional money on shorter version considering both are the same quality (you should check it mandatory when buying something manufactured in russia) because for me ease of handling, compactness and suitable balance is more important than that sum.
  7. You may give a try to chezh's OKO Sight http://www.oktarget.cz/armada_en.html Vatslav Vinduska had it on his Saiga-12 (430mm) winning 1st place at European Shotgun Championship in 2006 in US (Brownells.com) military version of this sight costs like Trijicon ReflexII RX-06 so IMHO it's no use there (except handguns). european dealers listed here http://www.oktarget.cz/prodejci_en.html Belgium is on the second place of this list LIEGE - ARMS Rue de Bellenay 111 B4040 Herstal Try to ask your local dealer to allow you to look on it before buying. In Germany (
  8. Ok if you so sure that you can do it right, you may try. Just think twice and be careful. Shells coming out from magazine partially stuck or wrong angle because of tight walls can cause this shotgun behave unpredictable in case of malfunction. I'm just suggesting solve one problem completely before proceeding to next one. My own V-12 works quite fine with Saiga-12 magwell mags with specially ordered hi-velocity 30g shells. Before I polished some sharp edges in chamber I got shell case stuck jammed on its way out (1 of every 75 shots). After this problem gone due to polishing I'm starte
  9. I would not call it "no problem" Nope. at least 12/70 32g should work fine. lighter may not. It's kinda complicated and you can easily damage your barrel beyond repair. Find a good gunsmith you can completely trust but better forget about it. IMHO problem is not here. Yes it will cause problems and will not help according to three other V-12 I saw. All their problems were in mags and people who cut their recoil springs tore the hairs from their asses with words "why did I do that?!". If you have spare spring you can try it and see if it help. It would be better not
  10. Today I had a chance to look inside newly bought Vepr-308 manufactured in third quarter of 2006. Quality was quite fine. I think the problem is 'garage' style of manufacturing this very model of shotgun. Its narrower (RPK) receiver compare to Saiga-12 force them to redevelop some parts and they have no productive capacity (like much larger IZHMASH) to experimenting with right alloys. As I know engineers and managers on these plants have no special liking to each other so there is no actual cooperation take place. Most of them are very hard to motivate to do their jobs (my Saiga-12 for example
  11. Generally Vepr AKs have much better quality than this new Vepr-12 stuff and ordinary better than IZHMASH's saiga AKs. All I said above is about Vepr-12 solely. Molot plant is much smaller than IZHMASH and they having trouble during this stage of mass production this particular shotgun model. But I somewhat agree on your thought about possible QC problems because I was unpleasantly surprised with my V-12 quality in comparison with Vepr AKs I saw.
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