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  1. A spine shot like that doesn't really tell much.
  2. OK, an expanding .45ACP equivalent. That doesn't make it hunting ammunition.
  3. Just keep in mind with blackout subs, you are basically going to be shooting them with a .45ACP equivalent.
  4. It's like after decades of wandering in the failderness, Ruger finally figured out accuracy.
  5. Honestly if the CZ wasn't so pretty I would probably have dumped it a long time ago. It also had problems with misfeeds and failures to fire due to light primer strikes right out of the box. I seem to have gotten those bugs worked out of it thankfully... The misfeeds went away when I bought 2 new magazines (one that shipped with the gun is defective), and I had to make a spacer for the striker spring to boost the preload on it.
  6. The Federal JSP in the blue box is a little better out of my CZ than even the Lapua, but I didn't find any of the other Federal ammo to be worth a shit. The Lapua runs around 1.25moa, and the blue box will do just a hair better than that. Winchester JSP from the silver box is the 3rd best and usually does about 1.5moa, while Hornady Zombie Max is a very consistent 2moa. IIRC the Czech made S&B was 5th best at around 2.2, and everything else turns into a shit show from there on out for me.
  7. Your worst groups are better than my CZ's best groups with the same ammo. I'd be really interested to see what your rifle would do with some Lapua.
  8. Shoots much better than my CZ-527M in the same caliber. I have to run high dollar Lapua or Federal blue box JSP to get what you are getting from Tulammo.
  9. I was sound asleep (maybe I could get a job at the FBI; they were asleep on 9/11 too). Wife had gotten job in new city and went on ahead of me, I was still in my hometown packing to move. Got woken up by phone call from her telling me to turn on the TV. TV was packed... Got on the computer, news sites were all slammed and dialup ISP was going slow as fuck (small town, rural Alaska prior to them getting cable modems) so I couldn't see anything. Finally found a site that would load. Not very interesting all in all. My brother's story was slightly more interesting than that. He was at NASA Langley doing engineering at the time and when they went to Threatcon Charlie, he decided to un-ass the base before they went to Delta and all of the traffic on and off was stopped. Another relative worked for one of Alaska's senators, and saw the smoke pouring out of the Pentagon on his way in to work. He pulled over and called the office, asked if there was any point to coming in? Nope, boss is "elsewhere" right now, go home.
  10. netpackrat

    US Palm comng back!

    They are OK grips, but that's insane.
  11. netpackrat

    US Palm comng back!

    I have a couple of their grips and they are okay, but I like Hogues better these days. Are you telling me people are paying that much for them?
  12. netpackrat

    US Palm comng back!

    One what, their shitty mags?
  13. He was banned by one of the participants in this thread, in fact.
  14. Honestly, this place is a lot less of a cesspool than it used to be, now that the traffic has dropped off.
  15. Assuming each of the ad buttons on the right of the screen still represents a paying advertiser, plus all of y'all that keep sending him money, I'm sure he's still turning a profit, and now with less admin headaches due to less users/traffic. Of course, that assumes all of those ad buttons actually represents a still paying forum sponsor and that he didn't just leave them up to present the illusion of an active forum with satisfied customers (sponsors) to any other potential sponsors. I once bought a business membership at another forum, that had seen a downturn kind of like this one has. I figured there were still enough core members left to make it worthwhile, but it netted me exactly zero sales. And the owner left my ad up and didn't downgrade me once the time I had paid for was up... I had to tell him to remove the ad and return my status to that of a normal member.
  16. If the "magic" happens in the tower, that makes sense.
  17. But what Mike D. has to do to protect himself and his patents, is a completely different thing from what Joe Random Gunsmith like Evl would have to concern himself with, when combining commercially available parts. About the only thing Mossberg could really do to keep people from using their products in a way they don't approve of is to not sell them to anyone in the first place. With Mike they have an agreement that spells out exactly each party's obligations, so it's apples vs. oranges.
  18. At some point you have to consider the source, and whether you want to get your info from a gun publication that also does marijuana reviews: http://www.recoilweb.com/guns-weed-and-states-rights-137696.html High times at the range, indeed. Not to mention it wasn't that long ago they were editorializing against civilian ownership of military style firearms.
  19. Not gonna be of the Kalashnikov lineage = designed from the start to be a shotgun. 🤣
  20. Because Mossberg is going to make their own semi auto that takes those magazines, so why bother hacking up an irreplaceable Saiga?
  21. Part of the reason those guys can blow away the average gunsmith, is the average gunsmith is trying to make a living at it, and can't afford to play perfection games. But I'm sure you know that!
  22. Dremels don't ruin guns, people ruin guns. It is no different from any other tool; it can be used for good, or it can be used for evil.