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  1. The latest version i believe doesn't have iron's as standard.I went with a Meprolight m21 for competition use as there's very little to go wrong (i got fed up of throwing away broken optics and flat batteries) but its nice to have the backup just in case.
  2. I repeat again ALL Al version has steel insert, glued to Al Body. You can also glue steel insert with loctite to barrel. To remove MB after loctite, you'll need high temp. Glueing with loctite would not unfortunately be considered a permanent fix in the uk. Welding or brazing/silver soldering is the only thing that would be allowed. You still can weld steel insert to the barrel and pin and loctite aluminum body to welded steel insert, IMHO it's better then to pin the barrel. After all be done your GK-01 will we be compleatly none removable. Still looking into this and have found a section 5 rfd/gunsmith who is looking into it will let you know
  3. Damn you would love my 27" UK special i'm using it to dry the washing on at the moment
  4. The Vepr recoil seems to drop quite considerably once its run in a bit,it was def a teeth rattler to start with and now after about 500 its only slightly heavier than my Saiga was.
  5. The factory is nice and the little side rails are great to hang your thumb over with an AFG
  6. If they are the same as the UK fixed stock you won't be converting 'em back its solid weld.
  7. abaddon

    vepr feed back

    Pliers around a piece of rag on the gas block lever works ok and stops it getting dinged up,also about 500 rounds through mine and not a mark on the trunnion.
  8. Not taken it to a gun smith (no cash atm) though i have spoken to a few and might have a possible way of doing it .pin it to the barrel using steel pins through the brake body then tig weld over the top of the pins to make them none removable.
  9. I've got one from Oleg m8 , The barrel does need chopping back a bit to make it perfect.There are 3 options chop it back to 24" and get it threaded for a polychoke(which will add a couple back on) do the same thing but chop it back further and permanently fix the polychoke on (this will add about 1" over because you can't count the removable bit of the choke) and 3 Buy a Molot Gk-01 brake get the barrel chopped WAY back and re threaded internally for your original chokes and then get your brake permanently attached. You will need a long handled choke tool but they are easy enough to make. I'm probably gonna go for option 3 eventually but i suspect its gonna cost a fair amount. Mind you mine cycles 24g cartridges with the long barrel and yes i do sporting clays with it
  10. abaddon

    thumb safety?

    The left hand Vepr safety is gawd awful anyway the adapted AK one on the right works great though.
  11. Which optic is it they are using in the video that can be used with both eyes open? All of 'em
  12. I've got both Saiga and a Vepr, both in original Russian configuration (long barrel for uk though) After shooting the Vepr i'm putting the Saiga up for sale its that good.Its the Saiga,after you've spent 12 months of work and a hell of a lot of cash on it straight out the box but with more attention to detail on every part. $1000? buy it ,buy 2 if you can its worth it these things are going to be sort after for sure. I love my Saiga and have spent a lot of time and money on it its a great gun but the Vepr is just better. Oh even the Russian folder stock works well with an optic on the rear, the pad is perfectly aligned for a nice cheekweld. Heh anyone want to swap a Svds stock for an eotech?
  13. Didn't get chance to try it on the shoot too busy however the Vepr ran 28g flawlessly no fte or ftf out of 4 boxes.Tried a few 30g reloads no issues will run it in a while and see what the lowest loads it will cycle reliably.
  14. Too much slop at the rear of the follower removed the plastic chunk and used a expansion slot blank from the back of a pc folded over at the top and screwed into the rear of the follower body.Packs out the follower nicely and locates onto the bho perfectly (after much fiddling) Reliably hand cycles ejects etc. Can't use the bolt drop button due to tension (thought about trimming the follower spring but i want the follower final position more) but as I'm using my trigger hand its fine dropping the bolt manually. I will try and post a few piccies after some proper range use tomorrow (if anyones interested). Right all i need now is 2 more mags 3 kydex holders,a flaired mag opening,molot brake and oh a competent gunsmith to shorten the barrel and re-choke and screw cut it........lol Oh and the Molot 8 rounders make the original Saiga mags look flimsy they are incredible i reckon you could run 'em over with a car and barely scratch 'em.
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