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  1. No offence taken. I was being a little sarcastic given some of the comparisons with a garand above. Best of luck with the sale. I believe you are offering the rifle at a very good price point.
  2. I'll give you $500 cash. I really want a "Garand" but I'll settle for this cheap commie weapon that nobody seems to own.
  3. I've taken it hunting 4 times. I've taken it to the range twice. I sighted in a scope on it and once for target practice. It hasn't been abused at all. I don't know how to rate guns but I can take some close up photos of any parts and email them to you if that would help.
  4. Yes, that is where I'm at. There is no cross post btw, just here. I've never purchased or sold a collector piece. This is really new territory to me. I jumped on this rifle because it was a great rifle that unfortunately no one bought. How does someone determine a price for a gun that is the only one being sold in the country? That is a hard thing to do. I have a friend that purchased a republic of texas 30-30 for $4,200. It was one of 100. That is the only collector gun I have any experience with. It is kind of a delima for me. Do I price it too high, I don't know? But if the gun
  5. Bump, at least until Shandlanos can use his superpowers to get them manufactured and imported again.
  6. That would be win for all if they make them and import them. They are great rifles.
  7. My wife would kill me if I got a motorcycle. Thanks though.
  8. Probably similar to a Valmet when they came out.
  9. Valmets in 30.06 are selling for $4,000 and you can buy one right now for that amount. Show me a saiga 100 30.06 for sale.
  10. If you find one for sale in this country, let me know. As far as I can tell this is the only one for sale.
  11. Story is there are only 50 in the US. I don't know if that's true. I just don't need a collector gun. I like to hunt and I can't take this out if it is a collector gun.
  12. For sale: a saiga 100 in 30.06 I purchased new. I have less than 100 rounds through the rifle. I'm asking $3,800 for the rifle shipped to your ffl. Thanks
  13. I really don't want to sell mine. I'm just info gathering at this point. They are hard to find and I can't find any for sale. A friend of mine just purchased a limited run 30-30 that only had 100 in the run. That gun cost him 4k. Is it that kind of market for the saiga 100s? It is frustrating to not be able to find any info on them. I figure if anyone knows the market, guys here would.
  14. Anyone know the market value for the Saiga 100 in 30.06. I can't find any used for sale. The rumor I have read said there were only 50 made. Would it be similar to a limited run collector firearm?
  15. I'll take 2 R&R. Shoot me a PM when they come in. If you get them, I'd like one to be a 2 rd mag. Thanks.
  16. Those look great. Good profile. Not too long.
  17. If I had the 308 I would love to. Let me know when you run the 30.06 and I'll test them all you want.
  18. You can borrow mine whenever you need to. Just say the word.
  19. I'll buy some. Your 308 mags are great. Now all I need are 30.06.
  20. Vols1

    Tapco stock

    Make sure you take out all three screws. There is one in the stock under the receiver cover.
  21. Vols1

    308 Springs?

    This helped me with the BHO . I used some small retainer clips for the pins. Got them from Dinzag.
  22. Did you reinstall the Bolt Hold Opener? I am in the middle of my first conversion and I'm trying to decide if I want to keep it or not. Thanks.
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