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  1. That's a original Funny Bunny Magazine from say 2006-7 I think. I bought that rifle for like 299.99 in Midland TX. I may pick up some CSS magazines down the road.
  2. Hey guys so I got this one done and its a sweet shooter. Saiga 308 Russian Laminate Furniture Russian GBSB Combo Russian 5.5m Triangle Stock Russian AK74U Clean Rod Welded over the S&F engraved Cyrillic Selector Marks & Milled De-Tents. Blasted - Parked - Cerakoted This Thing is sweet.
  3. First to say “I’ll take it” and then follow up by PM or EMAIL ***Prefer Email*** Jroberts1968@hotmail.com ********** PLEASE MARK “I’LL TAKE IT” ********** Payment via USPS M/O, Cash Paypal +3.0% Credit Card + 3.0% Shipping USPS Priority Mail. I ship the same day if payment is received by 2pm CDT Located in Denton TX 76209 More Pictures on request First to say “I’ll take it” and then follow up by PM or EMAIL ***Prefer Email*** CAOS Rail System Used the person that had it on before modded it for one reasonor another but the mod does not effect function on a standard system 150.00 OBO Shi
  4. I moded the gas system by opening th eports to 971 then punched a 6th port. I also opened the well on the GBSB. I changed the trigger group to a g2 and profiled / polished the hammer. She runs great now. I get a video up and going later this week.
  5. I built this one up for a customer Sorry for the upside down pics Camer Phone real camera died.
  6. When you have the owner of the company sitting in your shop telling you "we will be offering a 24mm mount as well as many others" you dot need to see it on the net. Jim
  7. I have two of them. Running the RONI with a 17 suppressed is a very nice package. It allows you to maximize the 9mm. Have a 9mm RONI and a GLOCK pistol as a go kit is a nice rig. I prefer it over my MP5 clone YES I know that sounds crazy but Glocks go bang and aren't to finicky about mags & ammo. RONI GLOCK 19 YHM Suppressor Surefire light Cheap red dot (sports a PA dot now)
  8. Sorry bring back a dead thread but I have tested the Kestral in x39, x45, x51, .22lr. I was told when purchasing them I would be able to purchase 24mm end cap No Joy!. I machined a few up at the shop and started testing the cans. 8.25 blbl in 545 or 762x39 not even hearing safe 10 to 12.5 not hearing safe Really anything under 16" the can is not hearing safe. 51 can on a PSL 18.5 bbl was horrible. On AR pattern rifles better results but not on par with other sub 500 cans. No I will not machine more of these out.
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