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  1. When I come home from the range,it gets cleaned. Jack
  2. If I change my .223 Saiga stock to a Tapco intrafuse Saiga T6 stock set ,my handguard to a Tapco Galil style handguard, a U.S. made follower's in my mags,and a U.S. made trigger,am I in compliance ? Jack
  3. CHW111

    Saiga Stock

    Thanks, that worked.
  4. CHW111

    Saiga Stock

    I have a stock for my .223 Saiga given to me , it is the T6 for Saiga from Tapco,but I can't get the old stock off.I field striped the gun and took out 3 wood screws at the rear of the gun.Am I missing something ?? Thanks for any help you can give.
  5. I have been useing S&B , but I got some Georgia Arms 223 Remington Match Grade 68 gr. Boat tail Hollow Points , what a round.It will reach out and tuch a target.Much better than 55 gr.But you can't go wrong with either.And by the way the Ga.Arms were seconds. Just mt 2 cents worth.
  6. CHW111


    I went out last week and got myself a new Saga .223 16 inch.I am planing on changing the stock ,and add a pistol grip ,the gas piston, and the FCG.What I would like to know is , is there any way to use cheep mags ,and still use the stock 10 rounder? I know about Dinzag bulllet guide, but don't want to do it unless I just have too.I don't mind a little worke on the mags,if I need to. Thanks , Jack:
  7. Thanks for the info,I think I know what I am going to do .Iwill get the .223 and at a later date I will convert it .I also like the Saiga-12 I might get it then the .223 ,again Thanks for your help. CHW111
  8. I am thinking of buying a Saiga in .223 If I buy 30 round mags that work in the rifle thay cost $50.00 each.What I want to know is what can I get "name brand" in the $10.00 to $20.00 rang that I do not have to alter my rifle,just alter the mags.,and what do I have to alter on the mags. Or will some one be making a cheap mag for the Saiga? Thanks in advance. CHW111
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