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  1. Ummm...so I'm retired. Now what!!??

    1. David Mark

      David Mark

      I recommend a substantial investment in fishing gear.

  2. Looks like I'm probably moving back to North Carolina this summer.

    1. evlblkwpnz


      Move the Hendersonville and drive a Suburban so all of the prius drivers can sneer at you, lol.

    2. evlblkwpnz
  3. VEPR-12 for a FN SLP? Oh the choices.


    1. lbsrdi


      Congrats, how do you like it so far?


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    2. MCASgt New River

      MCASgt New River

      Captain: Yeah, I was given LD but good thing is I'm on leave until Sept 1st so hopefully I can tuff it out after that and will never turn in the LD chit.

    3. thebuns1


      Hell yeah. That still sucks though. Good luck bro!

    4. Dad2142Dad


      Ouch Gunny, caught mine on a bed leg. Broke it and took off the nail. Shit fricking hurts. Take a popsicle stick and some tape for a splint. Will help when your trying to learn how to walk again....


  7. Business Members: I'm looking for a Savage MKII FV-SR .22 rifle...please help.

  8. Gunnery Sergeant, Gunny, Gunz NOT SARGE!! That is some Army shit that doesn't fly with the Marines. Gunny works for me I hope everyone can accept that. SEMPER FI!!

    1. Squishy


      Yeah I hear you, I got in the habit in a recent situation, my bad.

    2. MCASgt New River

      MCASgt New River

      np bro just gets on my nerves sometimes.

    3. Squishy


      Hey, I was with the Department Of The Navy for 5 years active and have always been a fan of the USMC so actually I'm a little disappointed in myself for making that mistake. But it's all good...

  9. Well, I went and re-enlisted again...only one more to go before I hit my 20yr mark. UGH!! Retirement?? Where has the time gone?

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    2. MCASgt New River

      MCASgt New River

      Thanks Dad2142Dad I love the USMC and what I do. Gulo...what do you mean work for half my pay? I retire and get that pay for serving. Capt Hero...the bs is worth it and it isn't that bad once you learn the system and what's expected. I'm on 12 years currently and this next contract will take me to 16 years...only another 4 after that and I'm clear to retire unless they hang another promotion infront of me and then they might have me for 22-24 years.

    3. Squishy


      Congrats on the re-up Sarge. If I'd have done 20 I would be retired for 16 years by now..where has the time gone indeed.

    4. thebuns1


      Semper Fi brother!

  10. Sorry I have not been around lately...got promoted to Gunnery Sergeant and been up to my ears in BS ever since.

  11. Makers Mark 46 is SOOOO smooth.

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    2. MCASgt New River

      MCASgt New River

      OUTSTANDING! That is something to be proud of.

    3. ChileRelleno


      Yeah, except that you made me drool thinking about it. :P

    4. esremt


      You need a meeting LOL I'm coming up on six and a half years

  12. PRAISE THE LORD!! My house rented so now I dont have to juggle 2 house notes!! MAJOR RELIEF!!

  13. Wishing everyone here, and your family, a wonderful, happy 2012!!

    1. ChileRelleno


      Cheers! & Back at Ya!

  14. My house in Jacksonville/Richlands, NC is for rent if anyone has a need.

  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY STINGRAY!! This member sold me my first S12!! THANKS BRO!!

    1. Cobra 76 two

      Cobra 76 two

      +1 I remember that S-12 on my shoulder and my bench!

  16. Pissed off at people that say they will buy something and back out after they tell you payment is in the works.

    1. Fallschirmjager667


      exactly why i quit selling shit on craigslist


    2. ShadowFire


      Sell it to somebody else. :) They dropped the ball.

  17. Pain only lets you know your still alive...rise and conquer that which tries to conquer you.

    1. jpnrm96


      Oh Hell, and all this time I thought that "PAIN IS WEAKNESS LEAVING YOUR BODY". HooAhh.....RLTW

  18. Picked up my HK USP 9 today!! Oh I can't wait to shoot it!!

  19. The chat in a happen'n place...see you there.

  20. My wife gave birth to our son this evening at 8:49PM. Elijah weighed 6lbs 11ozm and was 20-1/2" long. We have been BLESSED with a healthy beautiful child.

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    2. chevyman097
    3. jpnrm96


      Congratulations. Nothing is more precious than bringing a new life into the world. God Bless.

    4. jpnrm96


      Congratulations. Nothing is more precious than bringing a new life into the world. God Bless.

  21. Managed to not go outside or get out of pj's today!! Sometimes you just gotta veg!

    1. stnls1911


      Congratulations, it is nice to relax once in a while!!

    2. Cobra 76 two

      Cobra 76 two

      I'm not going back outside til we get a day here that's less than 100 degrees! This sucks....and it ain't dry heat either!

    3. lbsrdi


      I am doing the same today, it's my birthday so I have an excuse.

  22. I love Brownells.com !!

  23. Added a few new video's in the NFA section.

  24. 3yr Wedding Anniversary today. Got me a good one and been having fun ever since.

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    2. jamesmadison
    3. gregomega


      Congrats! Happy anniversary

    4. SaigaNoobie


      Congrats. Will be celebrating my 1yr in a few weeks!

  25. I made the Gunnery Sergeant selection board!! WoooHooo! Now to just wait for my number to come up.

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    2. Bvamp


      damn dude, you are going into a place where few have even ventured, let alone succeeded! good luck Sarge!! go git em!

    3. Paulyski


      Congratulations Marine!



      It just sounds too cool....


      You'll have to refuse promotions after that just too keep the title of the rank.

    4. Ruffian72
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