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  1. Anyone got the bolt on Saiga Flash Hider? The one first sold here? Just got mine today...here are a cpl of not so good pics.....but it seems pretty nice...and easy to screw on.... BS012
  2. I went ahead and voted Against Rod b. leave anyway while I was there...LOL
  3. Well, Like I say, Prepare...all you guys who didn't stock up may be F***ed. We shall see if it loosens up some later...good luck...I've looked EVERYWHERE...NONE. I've quit going to the range anymore...no practice Needed! I can't hardly even find my .22 mag ammo anymore (got lucky today!)...gotta love BO - I heard He ordered 50 $ BILLION, Yes Billion Dollars worth of ammo to hold and keep off the market until he can get the 500% ammo tax up and running. So, there u go.! Good thing I got plenty! Good Luck everybody!
  4. My x39 bought NIB in mid 2007 came w/ 2. So I was expecting 2 w/ my new .223 bought mid 2008 and was suprised to see only 1. Maybe I just got lucky one the first one. Don't use them anyway, keep just in case I ever need them.
  5. This is the way it is normaly done. Ok, but the buyer has to 'trust' the seller to deliver. I guess that's it. Ofcourse, I'll hold up my end and ship the ammo....But if it were me, I'd be a little leary, if I was the buyer, sending my money to someone I don't know from adam and hoping I got the goods shipped timely (or at all). Maybe I'm just paranoid, but with all the scam artists out there the buyer really has to put his trust in the seller on Any non FTF transaction online that's not thru either a FFL or a bonified store. Like I said, I just did a transaction off TGT for $2,600 thru an FFL so we could process the buyer's CC first, with him having a fax copy of the FFL (and reviewing his website). Now I doubt I'd Ever send that kind of money by money order and just hope the guy on the other end was honest enough to ship it.
  6. I hope not, but with all the fraud out there over the internet with so many scams - I was just wondering would the guy trust me. Everything I buy online is thru a reputable online store with a credit card. I sold an M-1 Garand the other day for $2,600 - but we used my FFL to process his CC before I shipped it so it was not too much of an issue. edit: Thanks Keith! - Tac-47 Industries in Houston great help!
  7. Yeah, I guess that's why I stick w/ Hotwells in Cypress - they keep the idiots under control pretty well out there. Plus, I don't need to burn up all my good Saiga ammo any way - I usually only go to the range anymore to keep my hunting rifle sighted in. edit: But I wouldn't mind finding a place where I could go let loose on a full 30 rd. mag every now and then!
  8. I know about not NEEDING an FFL to transfer in-state - I mentioned it because it solves the 'bonafide' or 'trust' problem I'm looking for help on, but didn't want to spend extra for. What I'm asking is what should I do, just tell the buyer to 'trust' me that I'll actually send the ammo and have him send me a money order and cash it before sending? I have Paypal, but only have used it thru ebay, and both sides of the transaction arel handled thru their site. Not sure how to use Paypal independently on my own for a sale (plus I hate Paypal & they charge a fee). Thanks for your info though.
  9. Yep, I too go to Hotwells near Houston - it's always been 1 shot per second (atleast since I've been going there in 2007). But they only charge $7.50 for 1 gun for the whole day & it's close to my house. Hey voonman, where did you find a place that doesn't have the 'no rapid fire' rule?
  10. I have an ad on Texas Gun Trader to sell some 7.62x54R ammo. What is the best way I should go about handling the transfer to the buyer? I can't process Credit Cards, so how best would the transfer be handled? It's not worth it to try to find an FFL who ships and pay the transfer fee on a $70 sale. Any ideas for this situation - especially concerning protecting both the buyer and myself from a fraudlent transaction? Thanks
  11. Thank's Keith! I'll see you Monday 3/9. Will call you before coming out, Steve BS012 edit: Thanks naloith, real good info (as usual). But he's already helping me with this particular transaction.
  12. I'm selling my M1 Garand Commerative D-Day rifle. Price is agreed upon....how would I find an FFL to transfer it to his FFL (in AZ) and have My FFL collect the funds (by credit card) and give me the cash? Shipping & Ins. would be included in the agreed upon purchase price. And, does anyone know someone in the Houston area that would do this? Thanks for your help...
  13. Classic Arms is SOLD OUT on x39 - still have some .223 HP Wolf left - $150/500 & $180/1000 if you need some of that. SG shows No Brown Bear, buts still has FMJ Yugo for $105/420 rds. in a sealed zinc lined wooden case - wouldn't be a bad idea to have that stashed away i suppose. SG 7062x39 ammo
  14. Not to be too depressing...but....here's all I could find today (good thing I've got plenty)... Wolf 7.62x39 HP (Cheaper Than Dirt ---Yeah, right...) Not that you would want to pay that - just posted it, as I couldn't Believe My Eyes at this price! Hell I recently (late last yr.) got even better Russian ammo for about $5 a box of 20. WTF ?? And they state on the home page, better get it while it lasts! edit: oh, and they're wanting $17.99 for 20 Rds.!!! (to let you know - just in case they are sold out & the price doesn't show on the product) It has gotten ridiculous lately......
  15. I got this and works for me. Allen Web Sling $5.99 (this one says it has a padded shoulder strap which mine did not - don't really like the pad) Unfortunately, like almost everything gun related these days, it's out of stock... ..but the prob. will get some more in soon ?? Or, you could get one like this w/ swivels and just take off the orig. small swivels and attach it to the left over studs. Allen Sling w/ Swivels The Black color (My Preference) IS Avialable, and will ship today - $15.99. Yes the one w/o the swivels is tight around the front swivel (I have an upgraded stock, so the rear fits fine), but fit it through & works fine & It's Tough and I'm sure will last a long time.
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