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  1. I assume everyone has seen this, but I couldn't find it with the search and wanted to be sure. Is this a non issue or is this something serious? http://www.examiner.com/gun-rights-in-national/atf-position-on-pistol-grip-shotguns-creates-new-danger
  2. He gets three inch groups with his unconverted Saiga. Mine aren't that good; I'm about twice that. He swears that the straight stock is faster, but it sounds like you guys feel differently. Anti-gun people and the difficulty of the process are not issues. He just really swears that a traditional AK with a pistol grip doesn't handle as well, does not point and swing as well as the unconverted Saiga, that the body geometry created by a pistol grip is inherently inferior to the geometry created by a straight stock, and that controlling full auto fire is the only justification for all the drawback
  3. I bought the stuff from South Carolina to convert my Saiga, and now one of my relatives is trying to convince me not to go through with it. He has left his Saiga in its original configuration, but he has added the necessary number of American parts in other places, so that he can use high capacity magazines. He hates pistol grips, believes they are clumsy and worthless for semi-automatic rifles, and is urging me to leave my rifle alone. Why do military weapons designers like pistol grips? For those of you who have converted your Saigas, have you noticed any drawbacks or improvements
  4. Yeah, you have a nice, big target on a deer. Most of those shots were pretty dead on, and the fliers were still killers. Good luck, man. Can't believe November is here already.
  5. wow. I had no idea. I thought FFL to FFL transfers were required for the gun to go through the mail. Cool to know. Guess it makes sense though, that would make it interstate commerce if it crosses state lines.
  6. The last post was nine days ago, so this might be a dead issue, but Gunbroker.com is really not a bad way to go. I've bought three guns from there including my saiga. No one here can mail you a firearm anyway, although some guys might be able to mail one to someone who sells guns for a living. Find a gun store in your area who will do a transfer for you and buy a Saiga 7.62x39 from a Saiga-12 forum guy or from someone gunbroker.com. Better yet, look and see if a shop has the Saiga you want. I am going to convert mine, but I haven't yet. It's still fun to shoot. Just know that if you put a
  7. Well, T3mac21, in my case, no. I bought the rifle for those types of situations, and possibly for hog hunting, but I think I'll just use my M96 for that. I want a rifle that is useful when things go wrong, one that covers everything from riots and bad weather, to total economic collapse, to a fun day of plinking. I think a lot of people bought these rifles for that reason. If you bought your rifle for a different reason than you should modify it accordingly. For instance, if you wanted to own an example of the firearm that conquered the world, than you should put wood furniture on it, and
  8. Yeah, I had a feeling. Cheap rarely means good. I didn't think about the cowitness. That is a good point. What hand guard should I get?And where do I get the retainer with the built in sling mount?
  9. http://store.carolinashooterssupply.com/servlet/-strse-392/Tapco-AK47-Intrafuse-HANDGUARD/Detail It's a hand guard with a rail above and below, and I want to put a red dot on the top of it. I know it only mentions the rail below but you can see the one on top. What are the chances that this thing will work and the scope will hold its zero? It would make this project so much cheaper.
  10. The UTG or Surefire from Carolina shooting supply. http://store.carolinashooterssupply.com/servlet/-strse-431/SAIGA-RIFLE-QUAD-SGM/Detail but nevermind, the question before. I misunderstood. You were talking about the side rail scope mount like the ones my uncles and cousins have on their rifles. I don't like it because I can't touch my cheek to the stock with it like that and I don't feel that I shoot very well, and because I want the forward mounted scope. Thanks for your help man. I appreciate everything.
  11. Here are some mall ninjas for you. Just look at all the stupid, tacticool, mall ninja crap they have on their guns: http://scrapetv.com/News/News%20Pages/Everyone%20Else/images-2/US-soldiers-in-iraq-3.jpg When I watch the news, the guys getting slaughtered are the ones with simple, old fashioned AKs. The guys who do the slaughtering have ARs with all kinds of tacticool, mall ninja crap all over them, like fancy optics, lights, vertical grips, collapsing stocks, tactical slings, and stuff like that. They all have tactical slings; that's just a given now. If you bought your rifle fo
  12. That is neat, but I am confused about something: The ultimak and the quad are both picatinny rails so why do I have better options with the ultimak?
  13. All that being said, I'll still admit I'd rather not have quad, but I don't know how to mount a light and tactical sling without it. It seems like the most efficient way. I think I could get two rails for around forty bucks. Can I put these on my original handguard. That would be nice. It would make the rails lower profile and a little less obviously mall ninja.
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