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  1. Anyone have a factory gas tube laying around after converting? I sold mine here on the forum a long time ago and would like to buy another one.
  2. I made some 15 round magazines years ago out of factory ones. They're not hard to make at all. You've just got to be careful if you live in a state where 15 rounds is the limit. You don't want to take too much off the follower. You could also just buy these and call it a day. http://www.tapco.com/proddesc.aspx?Id=MAG0605SINGLE You could also get these floor plates from K-var and you'll wind up with 2 US made parts in your magazine. https://www.k-var.com/shop/product.php?prod...=334&page=1 Those US made floor plates were very hard to come by before this.
  3. I had trouble with my cleaning rod and kit as well. I ordered a standard length cleaning rod from K-var when I switched over to a bayonet lug style FSB and AK furniture. Problem was, it didn't thread in to my regular saiga cleaning kit tools. I ended up ordering a regular AK cleaning kit from K-var and then everything was fine.
  4. Shouldn't the muzzle brake reduce recoil? If I wanted something to tame muzzle flash I'd just get a flash hider.
  5. Have you had a K-var stock to compare it to? I've had both, compared the finish, felt the weight difference, knocked on both of them, etc. I already said which one I choose.
  6. I've had 2 Tapco stocks in the past and hated them both. I had the T6 stock first and got rid of it quick and then got a regular warsaw(only legth they had) stock. That stock was a hollow piece of shit too. I manned up and spent the money on K-var nato length length furniture and couldn't be happier with it. I alternate between that set and a wood set that I have.
  7. I think the first problem was buying a tapco magazine. Second problem was modding your rifle to use a tapco magazine. Only real suggestion I can give you it to go to Numrich's web site and order a new magazine latch. You don't need to change the trigger guard and all that other shit, just the magazine latch.
  8. Are you planning on reusing the FSB? If not you can take a dremmel with a cut off wheel and put a nice slice along the entire length on the bottom. Try not to cut all the way down to the barrel though. Take a hammer and chisel to that slice and it will just split open. Once it's split open it will come right off.
  9. I'm in NJ also. I dont really know if this would be legal in NJ, but this attachement does not really thread the physical barrel itself, it's sort of like a clamp on brake, which there are no laws for in NJ. So since you would not be threading the barrel, would this still be non compliant in NJ? i called the state police and they told me this.. NO threads at all.... NO flash hider at all... i then said can i weld on a brake.. he said the rules are exactly what he said they were... no threads no flash hider... so im under the impression that it basically has to be reasonable p
  10. Shit, I was hoping it would have no threads at all. I'm in NJ and the whole threaded barrel thing has been fucking me over for some time now.
  11. A guy at my range asked me about the hollow point thing recently. We started looking together and we both came to the same understanding. The way we understood it, we can buy, posses, and shoot hollow points. You can't shoot someone with them, or be cought with them in your weapon though. Thing is, if you shoot someone in this state, you're probably going to jail anyway, even of the dude's in your house attacking you. They will say that you should have jumped out a second story window rather than shoot the bad guy. The other thing is, just about nobody can get a concealed carry permit. No conc
  12. I thought the new 4473's listed stripped receivers as other now, not pistol or rifle? If that's the case, and it's a new stripped receiver you'd be better off getting any old receiver to build in to an SBR.
  13. Your gun is supposed to be locked, and separate from your ammo. You can toss your gun in your trunk, assuming you have an actual trunk, and leave your ammo on the front seat legally. I wouldn't recommend it, but it's legal. If you keep your gun in a locked case in the trunk you can keep your ammo in the trunk. If your gun case does not lock, do not leave it in the trunk with ammo unless the ammo is locked up in a box. The key thing is, one of them has to be locked up, and if you can only lock one of them up, make sure it's the rifle.
  14. Mine hates Wolf HP's, but frickin loves Golden Tiger.
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