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  1. I have always thought that Scooters, Shooters and Hooters would be a nice combo to have in a "stripmall". Everything a man could desire! Good luck if you choose to proceed.
  2. I'll keep you on my secret list, should have some more is a couple of weeks. Doug I have to ask, from our PM's. Do you already have me on your "secret list"? If not, please put me down for two of the two rounders and five of the five rounders please. Thanks, Fatboy
  3. How about something like one of these bags? http://www.mantishockey.com/xcart/home.php?cat=251 Or if you need bigger, something like this: http://www.voodootactical.net/p-288-israeli-mossad-style-tactical-duffle-bag.aspx I have no affiliation with Voodoo other than liking the stuff that I have purchased from them. There are many companies out there that make the hockey bags, I think that the backpack style straps would be a plus too.
  4. [quote name='akastormi' timestamp='1296926790' post='602278' How many people of our nation think The Star Spangled Banner, is just what is so often butchered at the beginning of a ball game. Forget about the rest of the verses, yesterday was an example of just what you say, "butchered".
  5. Looks like you guys up north are going to be blessed with another touch of snow over the next couple of days. Off to the woodshed to bring in enough for the next few days. Winter is getting a bit old!
  6. Not recently BUT the best/worst kitchen incident for me was when I wasn't feeling well with flu like symptoms and had a full two liter bottle of ginger ale. I had poured maybe half a glass and went to sit it back on the counter and totally missed the counter. It hit the floor bottom first and literally exploded out of the top of the bottle. The soda hit the ceiling with incredible force and went in all directions from there. I had ginger ale literally everywhere. That was a fun one to clean up, I was unable to even hold my head up and I was on a step ladder, then on my knees, wiping, rewiping and rewiping everthing again. Soda even got into a picture and frame hung on the wall. It was truly one of those "this really didn't happen, did it?" moments.
  7. Conrats! It doesn't seem like a year. Some days it seems like yesterday and others it was forever ago. Keep going man!
  8. Indy, thanks for offering to be the host again this year and asking for dates that work. Any of the weekends in August or September would work for me, minus the first one in each month and if you pick August 28th, I would have to leave by 14:00 hrs. The family has me committed already for those dates and times. This could become a futile exercise in scheduling. I say pick a date and those that can come, will. Be sure to bring back the BACON BOMB and RIBS though. You guys ROCK!
  9. Good guys, good food, good guns, great fun! What more could you ask for? A cooler day is all! I would love to spend another afternoon with you guys.
  10. This just reminds you how lucky we are each and every time you get back home without having any "issues". Be it in on a scooter or in a cage, either a car or truck, it's scary out there! Stormy, best you luck for a quick recovery!
  11. Now you can take the "neutered" stock off your long gun and liberate it too! Best of luck on the escape to freedom.
  12. I made it down to Atlanta fine, a little saddle sore, but other than that just fine. It was nice to meet you too Cobra and Chris, the detour was well with it. As far as that goes, I have yet to meet a person here that wasn't a "decent human being"! To all the Brothers and Sisters that have or are fighting the "Big C", be sure to keep you mind right, eat well, do your exercises and continue on the straight and narrow to being healed. Fatboy
  13. Shannon, Sorry man, I have been busy. I leave you alone for a few days and..... On the bright side (if there is one to be found here), with the neck disection, they most likely will be cutting a lot of the nerves in there, so it may take away some of the pain that they have imposed upon you by the previous therapys. All we can offer is our support, I (as many are) am so sad that I am geographically isolated and can't be there to help you. While it is not the best news that you have shared recently, it is doable! All the best, Fatboy
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