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  1. What are square backs worth these dsys?
  2. The PA micro and Midwest stuff is appealing but the added weight is a concern. Those set ups look nice and 220 yards sweet.
  3. I have been thinking the same idea. Still would like further back on the cover. It looks like the soft is riveted so it should be easy to move. I would like to find one I could experiment with.
  4. hmm. saw on a youtube rifle dynamics was going to offer a set up that will co-witnes. figured i would ask.
  5. nice set up with the optic. can it co witness the sights? how hard was it to do ? any how to thread?
  6. I just saw that deal. I wish it would have been around when I was looking. I would say go for it. This is one of the sweetest ak I have. All the positive comments are true. I put a folding stock and sig brace with krink 4 piece flash hider. The folding stock was from usmachinegun.com. Nice add on. The little pistol is Accurate and tons of fun. You won't regret it.
  7. burntkpowder. Thank for the heads up. Yes they were. I will say that even the regular non bolt hold open mags and magpul reacted the same. believe me i took my time and filed several strokes fit and repeat. now all mags work with ease. I am sure that i haven't changed the profile but 1/16 at most. Only took enough to get smooth release. still tight no wobble. Now that i hear this i am glad that i did. Thanks. Now i just need more ammo and magpul mags. waiting to find some steel reinforced for sale.
  8. Thanks man cat figured that out already. I thought about a .308 pistol but haven't seen one in Ak version. Or ballistic out of short barrel
  9. Ok! My M92 came in a few days ago. I put the brace with folding stock mount from usmachinegun. I just took it out for a quick spin. Now i see what all the fuss is about. The brace makes it a very soft shooter. this little pistol is way too much fun to shoot. I also put the 4 piece flash hider after seeing comparison video on youtube and rifle dynamics recommendation. i was only able to get off about 60 rounds but very nice handling pistol. I think i have found my new favorite. Making it SBR is really appealing but i think the idea of being able to CCW in car or backpack is even more appealing
  10. Yeah, I am going to stay with side folder and the brace for now. Still qualifies as pistol so one could easily carry in truck or as one person does in back pack. Don't think there would be much that that combo wouldn't be able handle. Plus you can still reach out at practical distance with ease. 100 to150yds.
  11. ok i have been getting tons of info on another forum from a bunch of Pap guys. i am sold. one is on the way. now for testing and desired mods. Besides it will make the perfect companion to my vepr 308. the journey continues. You are not hi-jacking at all. all questions shoud be welcome.
  12. Posts: 14 Feedback Score: 1 reviews, 100% m92 pap why? I have always been an AK fan. They have come and gone I settled for the vepr308 which I enjoy tremendously. I have been itching for another 7.62 x 39. Started looking at the M92 PAP. My question Is why. Once you put the brace and a flash hider it is almost as long as standard Ak ands weighs about the same. You also lose the longer sight picture with our on sight. The nominal 200 fps loss is OK with me. So other than cool factor what is the advantage over a standard barrel length Ak with a folding stock?
  13. that is nice. Pricey but nice. I just looked at another MAC review on their web page. Looks like quality parts installed. Still the promag....well any positive reviews? all I have ever heard we negatives.
  14. fantastic can't wait!!!
  15. hmmm never tried that one. I know the J-tac work for recoil reduction on an old AMD-65 build but was loud as heck.
  16. I had the chance to shoot a Remington 700 bolt with the PWS Precision Rifle Compensator. It made that gun feel like my rossi m92 357 with 20 inch barrel. I mean this thing worked with reduced felt recoil. very impressive. I sent a email to PWS to see if they will offer it in 14x 1 LH. I know the Vepr is already a soft shooting .308 but this would turn it into a true pussy cat to shoot and think about picking up speed with follow shots. Sweet!!!
  17. I have been going back and forth about getting a Ruger gunsite or back to Vepr. I decided to come back to the Vepr after I couldn't find enough verifiable information about using the gunsite scout and steel case ammo. I figure I already have a Savage 99e 308 lever action so the Vepr was the way to go. I am so glad I did. I had to jerry rig the stock with a an old plastic tapco stock put a slip on limb saver and wrapped DIY favorite tool "duct tape". It still had some side to side wiggle but hey it worked. I just wanted to get it out and get it on paper. next I cut the gri
  18. google "fse trigger group and saiga" found this link. you can try to contact the guys that have installed them and hopefully they will be able to ask your question. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/82368-best-trigger-group-for-308/
  19. check this link looks like more work than its worth but hey you already have the mags: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/78422-vepr-308-20-round-magazines-pre-review/
  20. I would suggest you take it out and shot with the irons before you start adding weight to it. you will be surprised at how well they can shoot that way. you might save yourself some money and keep it light and simple. all that stuff makes it nose heavy and cumbersome to swing into action. g2 trigger easiest way to go (nice trigger once you get used to it) dinzag had them already modified for vepr if you don't want to it yourself.
  21. yep just picked one up. still not like the deals last year when they were getting rid of their stock of slant receivers . still bets thing going.
  22. sounds like a winner to me. consider it a trade!!!! pm sent
  23. I am looking for OEM rpk adjustable rear sight or Hogue ak grip. I have a used 10 round saiga .223 mag to trade.
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