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    Saiga 100 .308 10rd magazines

    Ok test is complete. Fired 80rds no problems with feeding or extraction. They only thing I had to do is file the front locking area of the mag a little because it was hard to remove. After that taking it in and out was a breeze! As soon as I get paid im ordering some more :-)
  2. DAMAGE855

    Saiga 100 .308 10rd magazines

    Recieved test mag on friday. Nice heavy duty construction.good finish. Fit is nice and tight. Tested in the house with dumby rounds and it fed and ejected fine. Will live fire test tommorow. My impression so far is that this is what the rifle should have had from the factory and not the plastic 3rd mags
  3. DAMAGE855

    thoughts on 20 round Metal saiga .308 mags

    still iching for some saiga-100 mags. any progress on that project?
  4. DAMAGE855

    thoughts on 20 round Metal saiga .308 mags

    I was looking at 20rd mags. I figured I would need to change a few parts for 922r and was planning to anyway. Just let me know when you got them and I will certinly purchase a hand full from you.
  5. DAMAGE855

    thoughts on 20 round Metal saiga .308 mags

    Did you ever develop a mag for the saiga-100 in .308? if you did I would like to order a few from you.
  6. This guy was able to do it. I am trying to do the same now myself. I have ben able to get the mag to fit and hold until the gun cycles under fire, when that happens it kicks the mag out of the gun. I think I need to make the mag catch a little longer? http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=36624
  7. DAMAGE855

    thoughts on 20 round Metal saiga .308 mags

    When you start making mags for the Saiga 100 I will buy a few for my .308
  8. DAMAGE855

    308 M-100 8 round mags

    Well did you get the mag lock made with out drilling the body? I am about ready to try this mod myself.
  9. She handled the reporter well. When you listen to it there is no doubt where the reporters beliefs are about firearms, so much for fair and impartial media..LOL
  10. DAMAGE855

    308 M-100 8 round mags

    Great!!!! I have been trying to make a mag for them for a while and was to scared to try and mod a $40 mag. I was scared I would mess it up. I would be interested in purchasing a few from you if you would be willing to sell a few. If not thats cool I will try to mod one the same.
  11. yep chrome needs to be blacked out and change the tire to a offroad pattern. LOL
  12. DAMAGE855

    Who here hunts with their .308?

    I took mine hunting this year but no luck.......maybey next year.
  13. DAMAGE855

    How does your Saiga 308 group?

    I get 1.5MOA with my handloads, working one getting it tighter but I think thats as good as mine is going to get.
  14. I tried a simular conversion with G3 mags and M14 mags for my S100 .308 the m-14 mags would not feed for nothing the G3 worked about 80% of the time never could get it figuered out the feed lips on the mags dont match to what is needed for the Saiga rifles.
  15. DAMAGE855

    Wheres the Mags ?

    I thougt of trying that on mine but I am afraid to spend the $ to get a surefire then mess it up and be out of the cash. I also thought of using a factory 8rd mag from the older style Saiga so I dont have to wory about 922 laws just been to scared to cough up the $ then take a dremell tool to it.
  16. DAMAGE855

    Is the Saiga 100 in 30-06 ever going to show up?

    I bought one in .308 I like it pretty good. Put a POSP x6 scope on it and get about 1.5MOA out of it with my handloads. I am still trying to figure out how to get some mags that hold more than 3rds though.
  17. DAMAGE855

    Pictorial Writeup: Saiga-100 in 30-06

    I just got one today from a gun show. I was wondering in anyone has found a way to make high cap mags for the .308 model yet? I like the gun as is and will add a scope and probally change the sling points but that is all. the two 3 round mags I got with the gun are fine for the hunting I plan to use it for but a few high cap. mags would round out the "options" of this rifle. if anyone has heard of anything let me know. thanks in advance.
  18. DAMAGE855

    My Conversion PICS

    Nice I like the sights, been looking to do something to the sights on mine I might steal that idea.
  19. DAMAGE855


    Depends on your preference. I went with the ace folder and have no regrets. also makes adding a pistol grip easier cause you just have to run a bolt through the adapter block and your done and ready to