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  1. I used to have a microtech Nemesis ( Walter Brend grind) and an Exodus... Sold them both to buy guns... As much as I hated to do it... but I never could *USE* the microtechs... one scratch or ding and the value went POOF! so I bought guns I shoot ALL the time... :up: Still miss them sexy knives, though! :'(

  2. That is a few inches LESS snow than we get just about EVERY SINGLE DAY in NY... I dont understand the problem there... Brush it off, and get a going... simple... EASY... no problem.


    When the snow is so deep that you cannot SEE THE CAR other than a slight BUMP in the snow...and you have to TUNNEL TO IT... *THEN* you can say the snow is deep.... :lol::up:






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