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  1. Anyone able too confirm this and the happenings thereafter from this???
  2. Thank you all for the awesome birthday wishes!! Drew... That video was Fucking outrageous!!! Love it!!! Thank you!!!!
  3. My 308 Savage FTR has a 30" barrel. Fwiw....very accurate...made to shoot F class competition right out of the box...
  4. Kinda... It's like bondo for styrene models... It will all sand away except for what needs to remain to fill the voids...
  5. Fit and finish on a russian ZVEZDA model leave a little to be desired...monkeys with hammers making the moulds??? Lol
  6. I kinda thought something along those lines, too... Then my mind skipped to a metal object lost and rediscovered...
  7. Mig done...and an f15 that had no decals I had to get creative with, and an F104 that came out real nice...even though it's a Luftwaffe camo with us markings...lol
  8. After reading up on the wiki page for it...that's pretty much what it is...an SU27 with flipped wings, as far as size goes... No wonder it's a biggie!☺
  9. But we know that they had to copy our design from the get go... And didn't even start looking into FSW tech until after 1986. It wouldn't make any sense for them to have used any data gleaned from Germany's 1944 JU287, or their Hansa jet from 1964... ☺lol...if anything...we all copied germany!
  10. Sergei: "Ivan... U S of A makes FSW airplane! Mother land must also have FSW airplane! Tell Sukhoi to build FSW airplane to keep up with American capitalist pigs!!" Ivan: " Da! Will build FSW airplane bigger and better than American capitalist one! Sukhoi says will flip wings on latest build of SU37, and make new model FSW!" Lol everyone copies everyone when they do something better... That's just how things go!
  11. Like some folks claim their TU-60 is a direct knock off of our B1... except it's not...sure it looks similar, by when you look at the design stream, the timelines, and the needs/mission objectives/technology of the times...you can see it was really their own design, and it looked a lot like ours, as we followed the same design/mission requirements/tech of the day... As far as their few design copying our x-29...sure is possible...but I'm betting they only took the FSW and ran with it. I'm sure very little else is in common with the x29... Doing another Mig 29, too... Gonna go with a grey/gre
  12. Must have... Even here... Would have gone nicely with the bullpup s12 that used to live here...
  13. The latest build is a 1/72 scale Sukhoi Su-47 Berkut (NATO reporting name Firkin). This plane has got to be one big son of a bitch!! In 1/72 scale its bigger than a 1/48 F16, and nearly as big as a 1/48 Mig29... Probably about the size of the SU27... Gonna be sharp in all black with grey trim...
  14. Unfortunately... This kit couldn't e bothered to show decal placement for 90% of the decals...do I had to do the best I could looking up things went... Anyways...here's the finished SU-27... This one's almost done,too... Cute little 1/72 Saab Draken...
  15. I see white headed fish buzzards all the time. They spend more time stealing, or trying to steal the fish that the ospreys caught. I must be an Asshole, cause I got no pride in watching the eagles do that. And honestly could care less if there were eagles around or not. One amusing story...was at the river, a mile from the house...there's a big eagle nest up in an old dead tree...the bunny huggers love to come from far and wide to see them. This one old hippie chick was there, and she looks at me and says in this enraptured voice... " look! Eagles!!" I said, " lady...there's ALWAYS eagles ther
  16. To anyone that has had people claim their firearm is ILLEGAL... Instead of trying to convince them otherwise...why not make them a very small wager...say...your gun for theirs, and offer to call local leo to come to the range to clarify legality??? Lol How did he manage to get hit in the mouth? Lol
  17. Got it mocked up a little for a better photo... So far so good. ☺☺
  18. Su27 mostly painted... Need to finish up some of the detail painting, attach the gear and missiles, and then final things, and it Will be pretty much done, other than decaling...☺
  19. The rear portion of the canopy was broken and missing, likewise one sidewinder missile was missing... I had to fabricate the rear of the canopy, and make it look passable, and this is probably the only US fighter aircraft to be sporting RUSSIAN air to air missiles on the wing tip pylons.,, lol I still think it came out pretty good for a 7 dollar model!☺ Still gotta put the decals on it...but it's complete other than that!☺☺
  20. Picked up a 1/48 snap tite that was partially snapped together for 7 bucks...disassembled it, glued it all back together, and painted it... Went with the fulcrum blue scheme, mostly cause I already had the colors mixed up for the airbrush...for a cheapo, I think it's gonna turn out pretty decent. ☺
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