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    wait on model 17

    Ahhh... ok. I guess i should have mentioned, I'm looking to buy an already made 8" SBS Tromix... None in stock or nobody selling one that you know of...? If one comes up, please let me know
  2. Looking for a NEW or like NEW Saiga Tromix model S07 / S17 (I'd prefer plastic furniture but i'll take wood) My dealer has a couple Tromix but they're 11 or 12" models. I'd like to get the 8" version. Trust, down in North Palm Beach FL. Ready to buy now, please let me know if you have or know someone who has one f/s. thanks.
  3. so if i wanted a Saiga #S17 or #S07 i'd have to order it Sept.1st? what would be the wait to get it?
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