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  1. No, I made the top piece for the handguard. It's mild steel with tig welded tabs on the sides and one in the front. The front is contoured to the shape of the gas tube, the 4 front tabs are drilled and tapped. I drilled a little into the Tapco handguard so I could countersink the screws. I first made it with 7 holes, but it looked too much like an Erector Set piece, so I made a slit through the center of all the holes and welded some bar stock in between them. That left me with 14 goofy looking half moons. So I cut out the bar and welded up three of the holes. After having two versi
  2. I tried to quote the replies, but that button does nothing for me. anyway, re: the charging handle. I dont think that's a project that I would attempt. My welding skills arent that good. No big deal if a sight pops off, but I think I might need the charging handle. and re: does it run....well, that depends on the ammo. It doesnt cycle #7.5 shot, but it does cycle #4 shot and of course 00 buck. I need to pick up a variety of birdshot between 7.5 and 4, and see what will run. I would have been happy if it only cycled buck, anything else is a bonus IMO.
  3. must be quite a rush. I cant connect to the website.
  4. thanks! I'm patiently waiting until September, when you start taking orders again, so I can get some HK sights and a shark break.
  5. where can I find out about the 6-position gas-regulator mod?
  6. I'm converting my S-12. Ive seen several write ups about machining the rear of the receiver to the proper angle for folding stocks. What should the correct angle be?
  7. I'm pretty familiar with AK's, but I cant get the safety lever back in my S12. The BHO is in the way. how do I get it back in?
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