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  1. brian33x51

    16" vs 22" barrel?

    Well I'm resurrecting my own dead thread. Can't believe I never replied to it. I bought the 16" version for 289usd (found the original price tag a few weeks ago). My friend at that time got the longer barreled version, probably the same price. I haven't asked him about it since I frankly forgot he bought one too until I reread this thread. We've both seen a couple of job changes in the interum. I did a conversion using a tapco g2 trigger and a tapco saw pistol grip. Originally I had put a tapco folder on it but pretty quickly replaced that with a traditional poly nato length stock, (maybe kvar?). I have 4 mags total for it, original. I bet I put less than 100rds through it, most likely crap indian 308 stuff that. I would *love* to get some higher cap mags but since I live in Commierado I'll have to figure out how to wing it.
  2. brian33x51

    Bullet ramp

    The bullet guide mod isn't expensive and it's simple...unless you can't seem to find your drill and the tap slips around in the tap holder. I'll have to take this out and shoot it (finally did my mod today).
  3. brian33x51

    My 7.62x39 Saiga VS. My WASR 10

    I dunno about that. The barrel on my wasr10 isn't as nice as the saiga. It heats up quicker and seems a bit cheaper. Still a functional rifle, however.
  4. brian33x51

    Which is better, a HK91 clone or Saiga .308?

    I have to agree with an earlier poster. They are very very different rifles. I have an early PTR-91. It's pretty and I dressed it up with a bushnell fixed 10x40 scope and olive furniture with a handguard with heat shield that will take a bipod. The rifle feels like quality, fires like quality, very accurate, but a pain to clean. I bought a 16" saiga and did the pistol grip conversion. I left on the original fore stock, I like it's feel better than some other after market fore stock. This rifle is functional and fires well. It's a fun rifle and abusing it doesn't bother me. I also have a cetme and really those are hit or miss with quality. For me it's only a shooter which heats up really fast. I wouldn't mind dumping it. I'll keep both in my arsenal.
  5. brian33x51

    K-var BUlgarian Bullet Guide

    Ugh. that requires sophisticated cutting tools which I don't have. Thanks for reminding me, I'm going over to a buddy's place tomorrow, I'm almost definite he's got something to slice that pipe up lickedy split!
  6. brian33x51

    EAA Witness impression

    I have 2 witnesses, a full size 10mm and a compact 10mm, both in wonder finish. The full size is much nicer than the compact, the finish is more even and the frame and slide are a nice tight smooth fit. The compact is a lot rougher, there's play between the slide and frame. And I forgot to mention, the full size is the most accurate pistol I own. I've had the full size for a year, it's utterly reliable. Everyone who fires it really likes the ergonomics and especially the trigger. I haven't enough experience yet with the compact to give an opinion, it's clearly inferior to the full size though. CDNN is having a witness sale now, I would strongly suggest jumping on one of the full steel .45 models. Exceptionally good pistol for the money. Get wonder finish if you can. It's a very tough and rust free finish. It's not uncommon for people to: - Polish the ramps - Replace the factory recoil and firing ping springs with Wolff springs - Replace the magazine springs with Wolff +5% I read where another guy suggested instead of getting a heavy recoil spring to get a stronger hammer spring to slow down the initial slide velocity...interesting idea... All three of the above should give you a very reliable weapon. I only had to do #2 above to get my full size to go *bang* every time. Hmm...somehow i missed that I posted up above...I must be tired tonight
  7. brian33x51

    Steyr & Sigma

    Ugh I would buy a steyr except I'm going over my money allotment. Additionally I have pretty large hands and the steyr just isn't quite meaty enough for me. I just bought a lightly 10mm compact for a CCW. If they steyr came in 10mm though...I just have something for that cartridge.
  8. brian33x51

    Finished my conversion

    So you dremmelled out your new bullet guide also? I'm probably going to go over to borrow some major power tools from a buddy to finish off the bullet guide part of my conversion. I'm sure he'll freak when he sees the new rifle.
  9. brian33x51

    My Saiga 7.62 with wood furniture.

    Those parts would look ver nice on a saiga-12 or something. Not sure the forearm would go.
  10. brian33x51

    Smooooootttthhh as BUTTA!

    I've been using DuraLube instead of Mobile 1. I'm not sure if the teflon in the duralube is bad or not, though.
  11. brian33x51

    Tapco Galil Synthethic Furniture For Sale

    what are you replacing the furniture with?
  12. brian33x51

    The conversion begins...

    So that's with the tapco ring to hold the front handguard? I do like that galil one. And I'm jealous of the OD furniture...
  13. brian33x51


    Heh, your best bet is probably to put the trigger assembly together and into the receiver and see how it works. You can take it apart and put it back to gether as many times as you like. You can pretty much only cut it once. One nice thing about an AK is that it's pretty stinkin' difficult to mess it up.
  14. brian33x51

    Off center trigger guard

    Be thankful you're moving around the trigger parts and such on an AK and not doing this stuff to an AR15. Hehe
  15. brian33x51

    us manufatured 8 rd saigia mags

    Yup that would be an easy one. I'd take from 2-4 of them.