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  1. Do you or dont you register your guns if Obama takes over? What do you think?
  2. DUDE the ad was taken away. NO LONGER AVAILABLE Tanks for the heads up DUDE
  3. Thanks Mike, The wait was long but well worth it! These are real quality. Thanks again KF
  4. Does anyone know if from a legal standpoint it is allowable to remove the folding stock from a saiga IZ-109? And keep it off.... Regards
  5. MINE WILL ARRIVE ON THURSDAY!! The wait is over.Never doubted MIKE for a second:-)
  6. aT 10:26 pm tonight I got my tracking number from UPS Fuc*&ng Yea.................
  7. I have order # less than 210 and I ordered 2 minutes after ordering was allowed does this mean I should get mine this coming week or so if he is able to get them out? Thanks for any insight you can supply. Thanks to Mike and the MODERATORS for everything!
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