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  1. I have order # less than 210 and I ordered 2 minutes after ordering was allowed does this mean I should get mine this coming week or so if he is able to get them out?



    Thanks for any insight you can supply. Thanks to Mike and the MODERATORS for everything!

  2. Hello I have a deposit for alittle over 200 for a vz-58 and I am trying to finalize my order and get it shipped to my FFL. But I am trapped between my ffl who doesnt return my emails and then when I call email etc the online firearms dealer I cant get a response. I have sent 3 emails over 5 days and nothing when I called I was told that they will only take emails(the guy told me he was not a secretary). Question how long do you think it takes to get a response. I know they are busy but I am a paying customer and I am ready to complete my order. I am a little concerned about sending more cash to them. What would you do? BOTH OF THESE COMPANIES ARE VERY BIG AND YOU ALL KNOW THEM.

  3. I am interested in finding out what peoples thoughts are on finish for durability etc etc?? Also does someone also know what finish TROMIX uses?

    Thanks everyone.















    Thanks Mike D./MD ARMS and thanks cobra for hanging in there........

  4. This is a beauty as I said never fired. Comes with Hard case 30 round mag and all the paperwork it came with when I bought it. I paid about 1000.00.I am asking 850.00 or best offer. I know there are alot of these out there and was hoping to keep it but need to raise funds. I will not "give" it away but I think my price is way fair. Please PM with questions or offer. Shipping would be 20.00 to your FFL dealer. I am in South Florida and if it is legal to pick up without a dealer we can do that. .223



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