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  1. Hello Gas Giant, If you want to see videos, there are two on our website showing the mags "rock and lock" without any issues, and that they feed all 5 rounds perfect when cycling the action. Video showing magazines being tested I'm sure once magazines begin shipping this week there will be many positive reviews to read. Thanks! I took a bite I ordered 3 cant beat the price and the shipping is cheap to fedex 3 days 7 dollars for all 3. Would rather spend 50 for 3 than 100.00 for the same. Ken
  2. Ken, nice shotty! But this is the .223 section bro....Juggs or Indy help me out here will ya. OOPS sorry about the error - I saw pics and got excited(big grin)
  3. Good advice Bvamp I am a disabled person and live on many prescription pain releivers,I wish I didnt have to but its a reality for me. They are very easy to get used to only after a few days they become mentally as well as physically addicting. So I guess if you need them try and limit to bed time and if you really need them more often get the problem fixed.I find allieve works great for me.
  4. Thanks for the response that what I thought,Im sure what Mike says will happen as he "CLAIMS" Ken
  5. Hi I know Mike was working on a 2.75 drum and later on he was going to release a 3inch and a retro fit for the 2 3/4 drum. Has that changed? Is it now a one size fits all or is the plan I first mention the same. I lost track somewhere along the way.Could someone update me. Thanks alot in advance! Looking forward to my DRUMS.....
  6. Congrats Mike, I am happy for you please let me know when they start to ship. GOOD GOING. Dont get crazy everyone is just eager to have some fun with your mags. Ken
  7. Consider it sold. Will be emailing shortly. I allreay had a second on that I thought. He told me that it was sold pending funds and if it fell thru I would get it but dunno THE AMMO IS YOURS AS YOU ASKED. PM SENT Please get back to me 954 326 2877 Ken
  8. Never received funds from other buyer so ammo back on market 300 rounds of Nobel and sellier and belloit 12 gauge double 00 buck and #4 shot. $140 dollars for all 300 plus 21 dollars shipping to all 48 states. Please PM me if interested. PLEASE IF YOU DONT HAVE FUNDS PLEASE DONT BUY Thanks alot 954-326-2877
  9. The pics look great, I am now getting excited and am really looking forward to receiving "my"/ "your" drum. Ken
  10. The old free with the other things trick ..My wife figured that out years ago. Grin...Thats why I am single again
  11. I never thought it would take this long either. Each day is complete torture for me. As soon as I wake up in the morning I can feel the stress behind my eyes! It really has made the holiday season hard to enjoy for me. The test units I speak of are the first units that come off the completed tooling. They will inject around 25 drums. I need to take these units and make sure the molds are producing the measurements they are supposed to and that they are consistent. And then fire the holy hell out of them. If everything is good I sign off on the tooling. The tooling will then be tr
  12. I thank you for posting it. I for one dont think any less of my tromix gun or Tonys quality work. I also like to know that Tony will stand behind his work. But it is also nice to know for me(who is a non technical person) what to look for and be aware of. This it what this forum is about.EVERYTHING ABOUT SAIGAS GOOD OR BAD. The person who posted it stated a fact. Not an exaggerated story. Its all good. HAPPY NEW YEAR. Felice ano nuevo. Ken
  13. I went to two USPS offices near my house and they told me NO WAY Jose on the handgun and you should see to look I got from people that were standing inline . Damn my last name ain't Binladen or anything like that. Thanks I already sent it USPS but it is a long gun. I sent for adult signature and heavily insured....No label or any reference that it is a gun... Thanks everyone I appreciate the help!!
  14. Thanks for the update.I appreciate it. Ken
  15. I've only shipped handguns before and they had to go overnight. I didn't think FedEx took them from consumers any more though they handle Ruger's shipments back to customers. When I got the shotgun it was sent UPS ground last week ,my guess is it is ok to send long guns ground but not sure. I will call ups tomorrow and also the usps. Thanks
  16. Yes, Here is the link. Look for Section 11, Other Restricted and Nonmailable Matter. There is some discussion there about it. I think I will send UPS (grin) Thanks for the help!
  17. Can a rifle or shotgun be shipped USPS, or is UPS the only way to ship? It will be shipped to an FFL and I have the signed ffl . It will also be shipped INTRASTATE(if that matters) Please let me know Thanks alot
  18. Only the best Firearms in Pompano Beach Florida has 2 brand new folders for sale 12 gauge I think they are both SBS but check with Vito. He said they were $1295.00 but has them on sale for the holidays No waiting list,never fired...They are beauties Give them a try 954-545-1321 I dont work for them.
  19. 11 dollars...... Lets do this for 150 rounds it will be 14 dollars for everyon and for 300 rounds it will be 21 dollars for everyone in the 48 states........ Thanks again and MERRY XMAS
  20. How much is shipping to 77064?It would be 24.00 dollars for 37 lbs Ken
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