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  1. I haveve 2 lots of 150 rounds each of S&B 12 Gauge 00 buck and or Nobel Law enforcement 12 Gauge #4 shot. Shipping will be 14 for 150 and 21 for 300 150 rounds of S&B are $75.00 $70.00 if you take both 150 Rounds of Nobel are $75.00 $70.00 if you take both If you take a total of 300 Rounds you will save alot on frieght as well as the total price for 300 rounds would be $144.00 any questions please email me or call 954-326-2877 I am in south florida Quantities in pictures is not the correct ammont,you will be getting 15 boxes of 10 if you buy either lot or 3
  2. GREAT LINK-I would like one for XMAS also-GRIN
  3. Thanks alot I bought 1 and they said they were just about all sold Thanks again Ken
  4. I heard that the guy that owns the company is a dick. If his prices are good and he has them in stock he can be whatever he wants to be.
  5. Gilberts has 12s avail in the 22 inch barrels and they are waiting on the 18 inch barrel....459$
  6. Handguard and pistol grip not included and wooden stock not refinishished.It is waiting for you to match it to your other pistol grip and handguard.Sells for I think 60 dollars I will part with it for 45.00 I have a folding stock and did not need it. Please see the picture of it. Any questions please let me know.Thanks alot!!shipping would be 6.85 priority mail insured if you dont want insurance it would be 4.85.,I would prefer a postal mo. Ken 954-326-2877
  7. My wife made me sell all my class 3s to "furnish the house" 2nd worst decision I ever made first was getting married(grin) After going thru a divorce, Now I finally have my priorities straight.Always guns before rings. In fact never never any more rings. I have learned my lesson. Gilberts guns will have SAIGA 12s anyday for 459.00 thats where I got mine.
  8. Thanks Doc MO is in the mail. All Items shipped THANKS TO DOC and GREG.
  9. I'll be happy to trade 60:100 of my Match .308 ammo and we both eat shipping? Partial or entire lot? Mike Sorry I would do it if I had a .308 but I dont (grin)
  10. Ammo both types lowered to $50.00 each lot. both lots for 98.00 Fresh ammo. will ship cheapest way and charge real shipping charges no more than they cost me. Ken
  11. 2 mags AGP NEVER USED 42.00 each with 5 dollars shipping.If you take both shipping will be 7 dollars total Postal Money Order only . I am in South Florida. Thanks Ken 954-326-2877
  12. 100 rounds of 12 Gauge Nobel LE OObuck 2 3/4 55.00 plus 14 shipping 100 rounds 12 Gauge S&B LE OO buck 2 3/4 55.00 plus 14 shipping or 100.00 plus 18.00 shipping for both ammos....total of 200 rounds also have BattlerifleG3 Back Stock only made out of Honduran Mohagoney 55.00 plus 6 shipping
  13. Tromix conversion,BRG3 furniture and finished by gripsnstocks-Thanks to all.
  14. Thanks,the muzzle device is the one that the Rus-military sells.I read somewhere that they are the ones used on the 12c guns that are not allowed here anymore.But dont quote me on that..
  15. Thanks BRG3 and Gripsandstocks.Dupe post sorry But thanks to everyone especially Tromix
  16. When one pops up it seems to go for $1200-$1500. Besides the collectable aspect is there any benefit to having a original 12c or a converted one by tromix or any other quality outfit. Any differences at all. Thanks for the info Ken
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