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  1. I have just the shoulder stock made out of Hondurian Mohagoney made by BR3.I am using the pistol grip and the handguard. I am asking $60.00 plus 6 dollars for shipping and Insurance.In the picture it is in the right hand corner. I have not refinishished it it is ready for your finishing. Perfect condition no waiting.I can supply more pics if you needAny questions please let me know Also have 250 rounds of Noble LE OObuck fresh 2 3/4 inch 120.00 plus 20 shipping 250 S&B 2 3/4 120.00 plus 20dollars shipping 1 mag 20 round brand new never used AGP newer mag 45dollars plus 5 shipping
  2. I have a .410 with the original box but I will vouch that is not been fired. I haven't fired but I can only represent it in like new condition, no scratches. I believe it has a 19" threaded barrel and rifle styled sights. It also a scope mounted on the left side of the receiver. Can furnish you with pictures but it not be before Monday. Charles I meant to say I cannot vouch that this shotgun is unfired condition. I have sold one mag. I would have only wanted a new .410 but cant do it anymore Thanks Thanks, Charles
  3. I have 2 mags brand new latest version AGP 10 round 12 gauge $45.00 each no charge for shipping-never used also have S&B 12 Gauge 2.3/4inch oobuck boxes of 10 total of 250 for sale for $120.00 20dollars per 250 shipping Nobel LE oobuck 2.3/4 12 gauge 250 rounds 120.00 20 per 250 shipping No trades but would take a brand new .410 gauge Saiga for all Can send pictures if interested...... Ken I am in South Florida
  4. Mike you have got to be kidding me. I think you are the one who seems to be thinned skinned IMHO. You were double charged and didnt have the patients to work it out? You do understand this is a new PROTOTYPE PRODUCT and a new company and new products take time and I would guess this one is worth waiting for. I was new to this forum 6-7 months ago and Mike Davidson helped me in so many ways from helping me figure out what I was doing as to the build of my S12 and has offered on many occasions to lend me parts until I could replace them. This guy has my vote. I think you have mis judged him and
  5. I went with Ironwood once for a slant cut ak. If I had to do it again I think I'd try http://gripsnstocks.com/index.html (pricy, but beautiful). John thanks for the lead to grips and stocks he is gonna finish my furniture.Great lead. Ken
  6. I think I got enough info now-THANKS TO EVERYONE I will post the finished product soon. And I promise NO more questions(grin)
  7. Thanks alot looks good.whas it honduran mohoganey?
  8. Thanks did you put any wax coating? Did you sand it down once you put Tung oil on? I was thinking of a sanding before than tung oil once I am happy with look of the Tung I will use Myland wax and then to finish itoff I will use Carnuba wax. Did you find with each coat of tung oil that it got alot darker? What kind of wood did you use?I am learning as I go and trying to do this right! Thanks for your help!!!
  9. OK Heres what I was thinking of doing...Please let me know what you think. 1)Sanding clean before starting with Tung OIL 2)100% Tung Oil 2 or 3 coatings (maybe more coating air drying inbetween and then buffing) 3)After I am happy with the look 4)Waxing with Clear Carnuba wax or some other wax. Does this sound like this will work?Or am I leaving out alot of steps.... Thanks Ken
  10. I like your handguard and want something as nice. I would like to work with TUNG OIL(?) I am interested in your help. I have also sent you a private message Thanks again! Ken, I can either do this for you or tell you how to do it. - It's not hard. I will have to know a few things before so I can give you some direction. What type of wood is it? What color do you want to end up with? What type of sealant (Tung Oil, Varnish, Polyurethane) Hi-gloss/Low gloss? Where are you Located? This is a handguard set from one of my AK's: (African Padouk with Tung Oil f
  11. Yes it is BR3.I really like it also.thanks for the feedback
  12. Here is a pic of my Updated Saiga 12 -I could use someone who can help me FINISH the wood like a professional job . If you know someone who can do a quality job please let me know.Also please take a look at this beautiful Saiga. Ken
  13. Are you going to be installing these choice goodies(magwell,extended release etc) for people who dont have a shop or the tools to do the conversion?? If not please let me know someone who could and if you are please put my name on your list! Mike it looks fantastic REALLY DOES Ken Forman
  14. I bought mine from Gilberts also.Please enjoy your new Saiga.... Have Fun Ken
  15. REally Nice. I wanted one for sooo long but I wanted the Saiga 12 and and AR-15 and could do anymore at this time without being homless(grin) Enjoy it.Please post how she handles..... Enjoy Ken
  16. LOOKS REAL NICE-Great price.Have you fired her yet???ENJOY Ken
  17. How does the Saiga 12 cycle with the above ammo. The slug is a 1 oz and I was concerned that the gun might have problems with this light of an ammo. Does it work well with the saiga? It says in the paperwork I received that 1oz ammo might not work? Anythoughts would be great. Ken
  18. I have a question if I wanted to sell a shotgun in my homestate of florida and if I find a buyer do I have to do a background check or keep records? I looked thru the laws for florida. They have no registration and no permits to buy. There is no laws that I can find about buying or selling to individuals. What happens if I sell it and they do something illegal with it? Since I bought it from a dealer does it relect on me? What happens if I sell it and dont keep records and then 8 years from now it is used in a crime. Does anyone have any thoughts on this matter? Ken
  19. Thanks alot I am getting there.Appreciate it to all...
  20. That came out great. You just rub it in and let it dry? One time 2 times? What kind of wood is yours? Thanks
  21. I could use some help or a link. I have no experience with finishing raw Honduran Mahogany. I got lucky(real lucky) and was able to buy an unfinished Mahogany Saiga stock set from the "MASTER"that was earmarked for another customer but (long story) its on its way to me. I really want it to be a masterpiece so I could use any help anyone could supply. The last thing I ever finished was a coffee table and it came out ok but this is definitely NOT a coffee table(grin) Please help Ken in Florida Does anyone know what it would cost to finish the stock set professionally?
  22. Thanks alot for the heads up. I used to live close to MP but I was told that they changed there rules. I will call the today. You be careful and give em hell.
  23. I am pretty new to this but Tony just sent my masterpiece back and if I could do another one or 2 (grin) I would make a nice SHORT Barrelled Saiga.My first thought when I opened up the UPS box from tromix was that the barrel was too long. I really like it but shorter would be ok. Also I really like the wooden furniture really makes it unique. Thats all I got for now.Hope you get some good suggestions... Ken/South Florida
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