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  1. I shot 75 grain wolf out of mine and it did well no key hole effects on the target. Same deal here... 1:9.5 and shoots 75 grainers pretty well. click here for my range report
  2. Been wanting to put a muzzle brake on my S223 for quicker follow up shots and I'd also like to see the bullet impact. So I went to go purchase a digital caliper to measure my barrel. Because the shroud is in place, I measured the inside diameter of the shroud which technically should be the outer diameter of the barrel right? Well it comes out to be 0.590. Looking at Dinzag's threading kit page, this is close enough to the 223 with a 0.591 od kit. So this means I'm pretty much stuck with threading for a 15x1 RH? After a little bit of search, it looks like all 15x1 are HK muzzle devices. My choices are at the moment are the IGF HK brake or the selections they have at HKparts.net. If 15x1 is my only option, short of replacing the FSB, anyone have links to more muzzle options, preferably brakes?
  3. Darth, what distance were you shooting? Perspective helps, 10 ft, 25 yards, 50 yards, 100 yards?
  4. It's an export from Denny's Guns in Kansas City... K, you made me go look... it's got RAAC Scottsburg, IN on the side. Other than that, I got no idea.
  5. I do enjoy their punk/metal phase... but I thought "A Sun that Never Sets" was awesome and the DVD was great too, their newer stuff after that... I'm still trying to warm up to it. I've really gotten into Steve von Till's solo project, different departure but great stuff.
  6. Actually, the handguard is Tapco. It was their Fusion line which I believe is discontinued and is replaced by the Interfuse. The Interfuse is pretty nice as it has an upper pic rail integrated into it. There was some slight grinding I needed to do the the Fusion lower half to get it to slide into place and yes, you will need Dinzag's hg retainer and new gas tube.
  7. Well, after a long time experimenting with different brands and weights to see what shoots well out of my Saiga... it's come down to Wolf Gold 75gr Match. It also likes Rem 77gr Premier Match, but at almost $30 a box versus $12 for Wolf Gold... screw that. I've tried pretty much everything from as low as 40gr varmint rounds (which I love the giant fire ball that comes out ), all types of 55gr with the exception of Wolf as some are bimetal or steel core and that's a no-no at the range I go to, to Black Hills in the 60s. They all faired about 2-4" groups at 50 yards and I figured 100 wasn't going to be much better. I've tried Wolf 75gr before as part of the experimenting process... so this time, it was more the official sighting in. Setup: ~85*, winds blowing 10-20mph from left to right of target, firing from the bench with front and rear bags, 3x9 Tasco on UTG mount, barrel... hot, 100 yards, five shot group. I don't have a caliper, but they're pretty much 2" and 1.5". These are the only two targets I kept, but all the others were pretty much consistent. I wondered all day whether my barrel was 1:7, but after having cleaned the rifle I took my cleaning rod, wrapped some electrical tape around it to measure the twist. As it turns out, it's 1:9... the actual length as measured was 1:9.5 ... so go figure. I'm wondering how much more the groups would close if it were less windy today. So the moral of the story being... if your gun doesn't like 55s, keep experimenting until you find the right load. 'Cept now, I've ended up with a whole bunch of plinking ammo!
  8. Neurosis


    Well, yes and no. I have the Tapco Fusion HG on my 223. Like Virtuoso said, you'll need a replacement gas tube and HG retainer that can both be had from Dinzag. The lower half of the Fusion HG has a notch on the inside that prevents it from seating flush with the receiver, so you'll need to grind it down with a dremel, but it's fairly easy with a hand file also. I really like the integrated lower pic rail and would highly recommend it.
  9. Actually, I'm shooting 75gr rounds, which seems to group "better" out of my Saiga. Now, I say that with the caveat that I'm getting about 3-4" groups at 100 yards, with a crummy Tasco scope, and your mileage may vary. I can't shoot steel case, core, or bimetal at my range, so I can't attest to most surplus rounds which tend to be 55gr. But I'm constantly testing different grain weights and have spanned the range of 40 something Hornady & Rem varmints; 55gr RemUMC, PRVI, Ultramax, American Eagle, etc.; to varying BlackHills and Federal in the 60s. I believe Saiga 223s should be a 1:9, but mine happens to enjoy 75s more. So far I've been sticking to Wolf Gold Match and UltraMax.
  10. Thanks for the reply guys. It must have been an excessive charge from a RemUMC, never had that issue before or with any other brass. I've got a net brass catcher, so I see about 80% of everything that gets ejected.
  11. I had seen a pic of a similar case failure, either here or on another forum... don't remember. But I was at the range today, and while cleaning up my brass I saw what looked liked a pistol brass that maybe someone in a neighboring booth had ejected towards my direction. Upon closer inspection, it was the bottom half of one of my 223 casing and saw the top half on the ground. I was shootn RemUMC, Hornady 40gr, Wolf Match, and Ultramax Match, don't remember which brand this case was from as I shot pretty much everything. Now, I know that the brass will get dented, but this is different.
  12. Yup, what he said. I had put my cordless on the "1" setting and high torque instead of the drill setting, with a small container of used motor oil that I dipped the drill tip in every couple spins. I'll tell ya this though, I purchased the 3 piece center punch set from Home Depot and the durn Ruskie metal blunted all the tips.
  13. Quikz, great looking conversion. Those are Surefire mags right? If so, where'd you get the mag coupler if you don't mind me asking.
  14. What could possibly be suspicious? Forrest is a good fighter, but the whole thing reeks of Dana White trying to get more publicity for the UFC. I mean some of the more well know fighters have left, quit, retired; WEC which gets more airtime (though owned by Zuffa); and competition from whatever that watered down version that CBS has now. C'mon Forrest, who's the star child from Ultimate Fighter 1 rising up the ranks to win the title? How spectacular a story and promo that would be!
  15. The first vid is for Barnes' .308 Triple Shock bullet. My wife had actually bought me a Stevens 200 in 308 for xmas, but I had wanted a Savage in 308 with the adjustable muzzle break... so it was one of those gifts where you can't complain about too much. After a glass bed, free floating the crummy stock,a paint job, and a couple hundred on various factory ammo... Federal's 308 TSX 150gr it'll be for deer season this year. It groups real well and the vid is just icing on the cake. I'm by no means a pro at shooting and the shot on the top was me flinching/anticipating the shot...
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