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  1. Got a chance to check the counter mag with a magnet: Floor Plate: Metal Trunnion Lug: Plastic Mag release Lug: Plastic Mag Spine: No metal reinforcements Feed Lips: metal rear.
  2. sKott

    Inserting a Mag

    I have a solution for this. I have a small hole drilled for a pull pin . One less round. Push rounds down, slide pin across the brass, works like a charm. id post pictures but the choose file option does not seem to work. sKott
  3. These are Russian Aftermarket mags made by Polygon. They accept 10 rounds and have Several windows on one side that act as a round counter with numbers stamped into the follower. I believe the footplate is metal. I’ll check the lugs and stuff with a magnet this evening and post the results. as far as rarity goes I’ve got three in my possession but I’ve never seen any more here in the states. They look to be available in Europe. sKott
  4. I converted mine with an AK 100 trunnion and folding stock. there’s a thread on here somewhere with my name on it. sKott
  5. I have a double hook in my S-12. Bought it from Dinzag Arms. Never had any clearance issues.
  6. Can you post Picts of the stamps and paperwork? sKott
  7. I’m looking for a scanned copy of the Russian green cover saiga 410 Manual. Hopefully one that shows the adjustable gas system. thanks sKott
  8. I’ve been looking for a Factory No 2 choke for some time and have not had any luck. We’re these even imported? Does anyone have a picture of one? I have one marked 0, 1 and 3. Like to find a 2 to complete the set.
  9. Factory Saiga 410 chokes. #1 and #3 I've been looking for theses for a long while. Saw them on eBay brand new in the brown paper. Now I need to find a #2
  10. There were 2 versions of the factory 10 rounders. Mod 1 had a side window with a round counter. Mod 2 was the more familiar solid body. I picked up 3 of each back when they were available through rusmilitary.
  11. http://www.rusmilitary.com/html/ak_magazines.htmjust need to ask Oleg when they will be in stock.
  12. Another vote for Tac-47. Call Keith, he will fix it up right. sKott
  13. sKott


    ok - I get it now.
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