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  1. Sorry I added the size to the original post 6" x 1-5/16"
  2. sKott

    s12c-k conversion

    On the factory hand guard you need to drill a small hole in the tab for the spring to go into. This is how i did mine http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=21197&hl=skott I believe the picts are in there but if not: If you are using a standard AK hand guard with an AK style gas tube and upper hand guard it gets a little more interesting. sKott
  3. sKott

    Want to play a game? Part 3

    I guess you can't win if you don't play... Here's my magic numbers 1129 2235 3327 Thanks a bunch!!! sKott
  4. sKott

    Best Trigger

    All of my builds so far I have utilized Tapco G2 Double Hook Triggers. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to look at a Texas AK FCG and looks to be a very well made product. I like the feel of the ridges on the trigger face. Compared to the Tapco sets I have the TAKT FCG seems to have a little more attention to detail on the finishing. So I thought I would give them a try. Besides I'm from Texas and I like the logo. sKott
  5. Does anyone have some detailed instructions on installing the factory magwell? I did a search but not dice. Thanks - sKott
  6. sKott

    Muzzle Device Options?

    Thank you Captain obvious. I have the Russian Flash Hider an I am in compliance with 922. I don't understand why you wound not be in compliance. As long as you have replaced 5 parts you are good to go.
  7. sKott

    S12 with SVDS folder and magwell finally done

    The grip is nice. I've had 2 in my possession but plans changed and sold them both. This is one of the items Mike at MD Arms needs to make. Then someone needs to make an extended Pistol grip plate that would fit it. sKott
  8. sKott

    Factory Saiga 12 side folder

    Let me know if you have any questions... sKott
  9. sKott

    S12 with SVDS folder and magwell finally done

    He should be fine with 922. Looks like he has a G2 trigger, a US front hand guard, possibly a US made Flash Hider from DPH. 5 parts, he should be good. sKott
  10. sKott

    S12 with SVDS folder and magwell finally done

    That's a sharp looking S-12. There is something to be said about using the Russian stuff where you can. Tac-47 did an excellent job on that one! sKott
  11. sKott

    Let's see some .410 conversion pics!

    OK you forced me... I'll post some picts of the 410 conversion I did for my 9 yr old son. Specifications: Saiga .410 with 21.5" barrel Russian AK100 folding stock and front retainer latch Russian AK100 Rear Trunnion Extra holes Welded Pistol Grip Plate Welded AK74 Trigger Guard Tapco Trigger Group Modified for BHO by Dinzag Arms Trigger modified to limit over travel Tromix gas Piston K-Var Pistol Grip DPH Arms 7 slot Flash Hider 2 - Russian 3" 4 Round Mags 2 - Russian 3" 10 Round Counter Mags Still need to Moly Res it to call it complete but she sure shoots and the over travel limiter works!!!
  12. I am looking for a Saiga 7.62 x 39 BHO and spring like the one pictured below: I would be willing to buy or trade for 5 of the Izhmash decals I make. See below... Thanks - sKott
  13. I have 2 - 2 round Russian OEM Mags 2 - 5 round Russian OEM Mags 2 - 8 round Russian OEM Mags No modifications. All have preformed flawlessly right out of the wrapper. It is my personal opinion that there in no better mag for the S-12 than the Russian 8 rounder that was designed to go with it. That being said If you can build a better mousetrap go ahead... Not sure I would want one but that's just me.
  14. I am looking for some of the Saiga Stock FCG pieces. I need 3 or 4 of the little sliver things in the picture. I am willing to trade 2 of the Izhmash decals I make for each one. See pict below. I know someone has a few of these laying around. Don't throw them away I want a few... Thanks - sKott
  15. sKott

    Another Odd request...

    At this point I believe I have enough... Thanks to all who responded here and by PM. Thanks sKott
  16. sKott

    New DPH 410 8 Slot Flash Hider

    Mine is on the way from DPH - I cannot wait!!!
  17. sKott

    Another Odd request...

    "Little silver things" = overtravel stops They're not found in all the Saigas, just the shotguns and I believe the .308 model. Ah, but if I said overtravel stops then i would have unveiled my master plan...
  18. sKott

    US Copies of Russian 10 slot F/H

    SWEEEEET Indeed!!!!! The FH Looks Great!!!
  19. Up for sale is a new Izhmash Tactical grip with a New Russian Bolt and nut. I removed it from the package to take the picts. I purchased this with the intention of using it on my sons Saiga 410 build but I ended up using a K-Var grip and pistol grip plate. While to some cash may be King, I am more interested in a trade so I have listed a shipped price and 2 possible trade considerations. 1. $75 shipped 2. Even trade for a new/like new Factory 2 round Mag 3. Grip, Bolt and Nut + CASH for a new/like new Factory 8 Round Mag. Thanks - sKott
  20. I would like to buy a Saiga 12 Factory 8 round magazine. If you have one that you want to sell - Let me know - Have Cash in Hand!!! Thanks - sKott