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  1. Can you post Picts of the stamps and paperwork? sKott
  2. I’m looking for a scanned copy of the Russian green cover saiga 410 Manual. Hopefully one that shows the adjustable gas system. thanks sKott
  3. I’ve been looking for a Factory No 2 choke for some time and have not had any luck. We’re these even imported? Does anyone have a picture of one? I have one marked 0, 1 and 3. Like to find a 2 to complete the set.
  4. Factory Saiga 410 chokes. #1 and #3 I've been looking for theses for a long while. Saw them on eBay brand new in the brown paper. Now I need to find a #2
  5. There were 2 versions of the factory 10 rounders. Mod 1 had a side window with a round counter. Mod 2 was the more familiar solid body. I picked up 3 of each back when they were available through rusmilitary.
  6. http://www.rusmilitary.com/html/ak_magazines.htmjust need to ask Oleg when they will be in stock.
  7. Another vote for Tac-47. Call Keith, he will fix it up right. sKott
  8. sKott


    ok - I get it now.
  9. sKott


    You lost me at "The stock hits my charging handle". It can't do that...
  10. sKott


    Maybe this will help... http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/21197-skotts-saiga-12-c-conversion/?hl=skott I used a 5.5mm pin that is a 4 degree trunnion. your 4.5mm pin will be a 6 degree trunnion. the top long rivet and the center forward rivet should line up with the existing holes. Make sure you have the correct latch. I can send you a PDF template for the latch hole if you want one. I did the same on my .410. I have better pictures here (half way down the thread) http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/68678-just-got-a-410-me-likey/?hl=skott&do=findComment&comment=666502 This is the mod for the trigger guard if using a regular AK one. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/22906-factory-style-trigger-guard-and-selector-stop-modification/?&hl=SKott&fromsearch=1 some of the vendors may be making these now sKott
  11. To remember I came up tith the phrase: "One is hot, two is not" I also used a little white and red Brownell,s lacquer stix for the stamped lettering to reinforce which setting was hot. Both of these image are of my 12 but I did the same with my .410. sKott
  12. The one I have is Russian (Izhmash) that I purchased from Oleg at rusmilitary back in 2008. The wrench flats should be on the end so you can use the factory wrench to take it off. (Never understood why some of the aftermarket ones put the wrench flats in the middle? How do you tighten it with the factory tool?)
  13. I put one on Mine. It was not difficult. just be sure to use the 5.5mm pin 4 degree slant (Russian) trunnion for the AK100. sKott
  14. I have 2 different versions of the 10 round Russian Mag I have 3 of these that are solid body and 3 of these with the counter window: I have not seen many with the counter window. They were listed as Russian when I bought them but they do not have any logos on them at all. Does anyone have any Info on them? sKott
  15. Got to play with the camera last week. Enjoy the updated pict.
  16. I'll play Manufacturer Year (Prefix): 2003 Importer: RAAC Import Year: 03 Gas Plug: 2 settings Gas Puck Style: new Recoil Spring Dust Cover: yes Bolt Hold Open: yes sKott
  17. Not sure what a new S12 now (mine was $439 shipped from Gilbert's). But if I were to get another start with an IZ-109 (19" with bead sight). If you can pick one of those up with the factory LRBHO installed then that would be better. Yes the mag prices are redicilous. I think I paid around $100 each for ny 8 rounders. I think I saw some on Gunbroker for $450...Crazy. sKott
  18. Not really. Stuff would just be easier to find. K-Var has the rear stock and trunnion. DPH has a good copy of the flash hider. The retainer plate for the S12 became a stocking item about 3 weeks after I posted the Picts of the standard one I modified. Ak builder has front latch parts and the trigger guard sets (although the trigger guards they offer need to be modified to be astetically correct). I guess the only thing I would have done differently is not worried about the pistol grip plate. The length of the plate limits you on the grip you can use. ( I can't use the modern Russian grip or MD Arms Molot grip because the grip base is too long for the plate). If you want the larger grip I think AK builder has longer plates for that application. Other than that I wish I would have bought 7 more 8 rounders before the price went through the roof!!! sKott
  19. Back from the dead again... I finished up this build in 2008. My goal for this build was to make a S12C at a time when the correct parts were next to impossible to find. The rear trunnion, front latch parts and 10 slot flash hider are Russian and were ordered from rus military. To get the correct trigger guard I had to modify virgin Bulgarian parts (I have a write up on this on here somewhere). I still remember cutting the receiver with a hacksaw thinking "if I cut this wrong I'm screwed!!!" The S12C conversion is still my favorite build and of all my builds It gets shot the most. Great learning experience. Glad people still use it for reference. And yes, I think I made Mikhail smile. sKott
  20. That's some great lookin stuff. Wish I had a table like that!!!
  21. At that time there were not too many people doing 12C side folder conversions and the parts were a little harder to come by. I did tell the guy, for that kind of money one could find an original imported 12C and have change for a few 8 round mags. I guess I am just a little too honest. sKott
  22. I have too much in it to sell it. I would have an issue just sourcing most of the parts again. Back in the panic days I did have an individual offer me $4500 at the range and I passed. Sure that would have been a hell of a profit but I would regret it later.
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