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  1. Why not just get a bipod that mounts to a rail since there's one on that handguard?
  2. I'd keep my hands away from that open gas system for sure.
  3. Absolutely! I love Case knives. I have a few folders and my hunting knife is a Case. Last I heard they were still produced in Bradford PA. Why not share a photo of it?
  4. I would think that welding the gas block closed would be good enough to get your desired results. It may slightly increase the bullet velocity too. Ever see the pump action WASRs?
  5. Here's a video of what I think you're talking about.
  6. Pretty much hollow. I'll have to go back and cut one open to check it out again. They're so common out in the woods around here that I'm a bit embarassed to not know what they are.
  7. I've seen these often enough in the woods but never knew what they were. If you step on them they usually crunch. Step on them fast enough they sometimes pop. They're hollow, and seem to have the consistency of a dried leaf. Is it a seed, a cocoon, or something that came out of the south end of an animal heading north? I should mention that I find them in the woods of northern PA.
  8. I bought my through Desert Fox Outfitters.
  9. I put the standard Extended AK one on my rifle. I did however get a regular AK gas tube for it to work. The Saiga gas tube would need the sheetmetal cover removed for it to fit. I also went with the optic specific gas tube cover. The railed cover may have more room under it. I'm not sure.
  10. Looks thinner @ 7-8:00. Use a mic like Tatonic said or try a dial caliper. It might be an illusion.
  11. They make wood stocks I'm pretty sure. Why don't you want to convert it to the real deal? Just curious.
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