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  1. 12 years later and I'm converting my 3rd Saiga using these instructions. Thanks again!
  2. I actually forgot that I still have my Saiga 308. I have a couple of surefire 20 round mags. I noticed my dealer has a 4 more of them. 3 25 and 1 20 rounders. I think I should grab those.
  3. I was last here about 2009. After 2009, my late wife started going down hill and I had to take care of her full time and had to leave my job. Money was super tight, ended up having to sell my 2 Saiga 12s around 2013 or so. In 2015, my wife passed away. Met my current wife after that and have since remarried. I have started my career back up and am now back into the gun hobby. I knew that Saigas were long gone and that is tops of my regret guns to sell but honestly, when it came to surviving or not, i sold the guns. I now have a great job and a wife who makes good money
  4. You can do what I did which is to cut off a couple of inches off the factory stock and put a recoil pad in its place if you want to be super cheap.
  5. Yeah, I was noticing that the deal actually seems to be quite decent for what you get, setting aside the lies in the auction. If I had 400 or so, I would snap that up.
  6. One nice thing about the 308 is the lack of the 4 holes in the rear of the receiver due to the odd trigger. Because of that, converting it back to proper factory is easier than the other Saigas in which you end up with those extra holes that need to be fillled. Once you add those 2 new pins and the linkages, you are going to get that crappy pull from the weird 7.62/223 triggers. The only way to go to make it right is to convert properly. Seems like you will go though just as much labor to put the 7.62/223 trigger group in as you would to convert over to a pistol grip. Seriousl
  7. bobotech


    Even Century has used Nodak Spud receivers in some of their guns. Specifically the Yugos and I believe their Tantals. A Century Yugo is one Century that I would gladly buy.
  8. Man, you guys are so picky. Its a freaking AK, I am just going to convert the gun with a G2 trigger group, some cheap fixed stock (even the Tapco one), Tapco pistol grip, some bullet guide, and call it good. It will function fine for a lot cheaper than a 900 overall rifle. I paid about 250 for my rifle (it was 350 but I kept the 8x12 PSOP scope that was on it for my Saiga 308) and then the parts shouldn't add much more than 200 to the overall price. May not be the prettiest thing around but sure functional.
  9. I don't reload for my PSL or x39. How about 60+ shipping? I won't end up using them since I can't use them in my Saiga 308 or K31. There are about 420+ bullets in the box.
  10. I bought a box of 308 bullets this past weekend that I was going to use for my K31 but they turned out to be 309-310 sized and not 308 sized. They are 163-165 grain steel core 310 bullets that are probably pulled from old 7.62x39 or something. Can I safely shoot those out of the Saiga 308? I am not going to use them in the K31 since it has a slightly smaller than 308 bore.
  11. If its a MAK 90 with the holes for the underfolder, all you need is my spare Chinese underfolder that I will let go for 120 dollars. The Chinese underfolders do not use trunnions like the eastern european rifles.
  12. To the OP, I know what you are talking about. I have 3 scopes. 2 are like the PSL mount and one is a standard AK style side mount. The 2 PSL mount style scopes will move forward with recoil. The AK munt which slides on from the rear will not move forward. You can go to Kalinka optics website and buy the proper AK style mounting bracket and replace the SVD/PSL style that your scope has now. I'm not talking about drilling out the rivets and replacing the actual side rail on the receiver of the gun, I'm talking about replacing the scope's mounting bracket which is removable and rep
  13. I prefer to use screws to mount trigger guards. Much easier to fix if I foul something up or I just want to alter something. When I start building some of my newer kits, I'm going to rivet the trunnions but still screw the trigger guards in place. I am cheap and just take square nuts and grind 2 sides down just enough so that I have just enough room in the receiver for the nut.
  14. Very unique and I daresay, quite cool if you had a tripod mount on it. That would be a kick in a pants to shoot I bet. If only someone could make a beltfed Saiga 12.
  15. bobotech

    brass catcher

    My dealer had 3 of those sitting in his misc parts shelf for over a year. They were for mini-14s and were buried under other stuff. I finally bought all 3 of them for 10 dollars a piece which is a big savings over the 35 a peice they normally are. Brought them home and used my propane torch and heated up the mounting arms and bent them to fit my Saiga 308 and my AR15. They work BEAUTIFULLY. I don't lose a single shell anymore. Funny seeing the brass rats (which I am one of) coming over to my table expecting to see me tossing 308 and 223 brass out and nothing comes a flying. D
  16. bobotech

    New Saiga

    is his video. It really looks like that the safety lever on the passenger side of the gun (the big bar that you slide up and down) isn't all the way in the down spot. Make sure that the safety lever is ALL the way down as far as it can go. Edit: Nevermind. After rewatching the video, it looks like that the safety bar is all the way down properly.
  17. lol Glad I bought one like I have instead of that damn thing you've linked. Is that the Romanian one? I paid...... $90 for this brand-new Chinese drum. I'm damn happy with my purchase, (and my FFL)! I beat you even with a recent gunstore purchase. Less than a year ago, I went to one of my local gun stores. The one that usually overprices his stuff more than most. I saw a drum in the cabinet and it had a sticker of 79 dollars on it. I started to get excited thinking "oh, thats a decent price for a romy drum" (at the time Romy drums were around 99-110 dollar range).
  18. WTF? NO mail order ammo? What in the wide world of fucking sports is that all about?
  19. I bought some of the same Dollar store food to try it myself. Same store, Dollar Tree. Cheap and plenty edible.
  20. It has a poll in it, every time someone votes it bumps back up. Ahhh!!! Everytime someone votes in a thread, god kills a kitten. Please think of the kittahs.
  21. What is wrong with this thread? I keep seeing it being bumped to the top with recent posts by SOPMOD but there are always the same 8 posts with the latest one being from Apr 9th. Odd. Edit, never mind. I have no idea what was happening.
  22. Anyone know if a PSL flashhider and front site will fit the Saiga barrel? I have an extra real PSL flashhider and front site and would not mind using them on a future Saiganov build of my own.
  23. Because it emulates the Romak 3/PSL which is also misnamed as a Dragunov. Saiga+Dragunov=Saigunov. I want to bulid one really badly myself. The OP's rifle is beautiful.
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