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  1. Not intentionally, of course. Not in Chicago anyway. I love the ingenuity of the group turning the guns in. It's just too bad they didn't get pics of the expression on the officer's faces when they saw what was being turned in. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/07/10/pro-gun-group-uses-chicago-firearms-buyback-program-to-fund-nra-shooting-camp/
  2. Based on the options I selected, labor ran in the neighborhood of about $750. That included extra stuff, such as tuning the trigger, cost & labor to rivet an Izhmash AK-100 bullet guide to the front trunion (Chris found that part for me), and machining parts that could not be found. The rifle refinish job also adds a bit since Chris also uses his own custom formula for refinishing. The results are spot on accurate to the factory finish, and it's even a bit more durable than the original. Outside of the labor for conversion, keep in mind that I spent three years scavenging for Izhmash A
  3. This project was actually finished around this time last year, but I thought it was time to finally put it up for the Izhmash/Saiga purist like myself out in the crowd. While it's nothing special on the outside, it's a close (US legal) clone of the Izhmash AK-103. The only major difference is that I elected to leave out the folding stock. This is a feature I do not personally find myself using much, if at all, so I decided early on to save the additional expense of adding it. Among the more minor deviations is the Molot-Style pistol grip from MD Arms, which is much more ergonomic an
  4. Thanks for the info. I managed to find the right one (YHM-28-AK#) after a bit of digging. When I looked in the 7.62x39 section, they only listed comps/hiders threaded to fit their barrels (1/2"-36).
  5. I love the YHM flash comps on my ARs, but never thought about getting one for the AK platform. Does your front sight block have 1/2"-36 threads or did you use an adapter of some type?
  6. Yes, but for the price of it, I would pay a little extra and pick up the Red Army brass cased, boxer primed ammo. It's made in Bosnia by Ingman, so it should be around for a while and it's not too much more than the "cheap" Winchester bulk brass. It'll cost you about 8-10¢/round extra, but you get some range time with some quality factory ammo cheaper than you can load bulk brass and reloadable, once-fired cases to take home afterwards. SG Ammo has it in stock.
  7. +1 And I jumped on the hoarding bandwagon with you this weekend as well. Picked up more 7.62x39, which included some brass rounds this time...along with the dies & such to start putting the brass stuff back together should it come down to that.
  8. There is a dropdown menu above the radio buttons for the default UPS rates that allows you to change carries from UPS to USPS. I think it's just a change in the website design...confusing if you aren't looking carefully. BTW, thanks for the heads up on the bolt carrier assemblies. And if anyone is looking to pickup Russian mags, Legion has a variety of Russian mags in stock, including the Izhmash 7.62x39 polymer magazines. Pricey, but original and NIB.
  9. Like just about everyone else who has an interest in hunting, sport shooting, firearm collecting, etc., I don't put anything past this administration at this point. But this is also an area they have to tread very carefully in, so the scope is going to be very narrow at this point and explained (politically anyway) as being unrelated to anti-firearm regulation...though none of us need poli-sci degrees to figure out the truth of it. To the point of your additional info, that explains why I didn't find them. I looked them up as FEDERAL STATE ENTERPRISE, which is how they list the company nam
  10. I'm not seeing Vympel, or any of the other popular Russian ammo companies, anywhere on the naughty list. Not to say it won't happen at some point, but as of the 7/16 revision of the SDN I don't think they are restricted from importing to the US. Either way, I'm sure there will be some panic buying for a while. http://www.treasury.gov/ofac/downloads/t11sdn.pdf
  11. Thanks Palehorsecometh. The handguard is reserved and you have a PM reply waiting.
  12. Thanks S5snake. Your items are reserved and you have a reply to your PM waiting.
  13. I have a Bulgarian vented tube I just posted in the WTS section. New and unused, A bit pricey for my taste...but listed for what I paid for it. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/90708-wts-ak-conversion-russian-izhmash-oem-parts/?p=933578 Be sure not to confuse it with the OEM Sporter gas tube...I have one of those listed as well.
  14. Listed below I have the parts I have left over from my AK-103 conversion. Everything listed is new & unused (including the parts removed from my IZ-132), and prices listed are either what I paid or current market, whichever is lower. Shipping is a flat rate of $5.00 per order, for one item or all of them. I'm not looking to make a killing here, just to recoup what I can from what I have invested in the current project. Items are only listed on the S-12 forums and are available on a first-reply/first-paid basis. IOW, if you want one of the listed items, please reply with "I will
  15. I may have a V-Plug available in the near future. Message sent via e-mail.
  16. Great communication and fast payment. It would be a pleasure to do business again anytime.
  17. Great communication and fast payment. It would be a pleasure to do business again anytime.
  18. This is an easy recommendation. Shipping was fast, communication was great, and the part arrived exactly as described. Overall, it would be a pleasure to do business again anytime.
  19. You're welcome and thanks to you as well. This was a very easy and pleasant transaction overall, and your communication was excellent. I'd be glad to do business again anytime.
  20. Thanks guys. Payment instructions sent via PM. All mags are now spoken for...SPF
  21. First mag and set of swag reserved for MfWiC...SPF. Jungle camo coolie is spoken for, ear protection keychain color TBD.
  22. Update 3/4/13 - All mags are sold! As the topic states, I have five (5) new and unused US Palm AK30 (7.62x39. 30-round) magazines in FDE (flat dark earth) available for purchase at my cost, plus shipping. Mags will ship for $40 each, plus flat shipping rate of $5 per order to continential US desitinations (shipping is $5 whether you order one magazine or five). Please note that I will not ship these items to CA, MA, NJ, MD, NY, or anywhere else that your politicians suck and won't allow you to have constitutional rights. Sorry guys, but check your laws before ordering. I refuse to go toe-
  23. So was the one I recieved. It happens with new old stock items. On the positive side, mine did clean up pretty good with some EEZOX. After dissassembling the leaf, cleaning the parts, & leaving a good coating on for a few days to penetrate the metal, it didn't look too bad at all.
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