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  1. I'm suprised no one has mentioned the CMP yet. Thier variety of ammo is limited, even in good times, but they do currently have some of the rounds folks have been requesting, including .22LR (target & match) and .308 (match reloads). There's a few steps for new buyers to get registered, but it's a pretty easy process and there are some good deals to be had. .22LR Standard Velocity SP CENTURION (Target - Aguila) - $250.00/5000 rnds .22LR Target Golden Eagle CENTURION (Target - Aguila) - $315.00/5000 rnds .308 Atomic Ammunition (168gr Match service rifle reloads) - $175.00/200 rnds http:
  2. That calculator works from what I can tell, but I can see where it would be a bit confusing for someone trying to understand 922r since it counts both US and imported parts. Like GunFun said, the only thing that matters under 922r to the people who enforce it is how many imported parts are in your non-sportorized Saiga. All said, there is a lot of territory left open for interpretation under 922r (including what exactly makes a firearm non-sporting), which can (and does) vary day-to-day, person-to-person, etc. With the mood and public attention the way it is right now, the advice you are g
  3. No problem at all. I loved the clip she got with you on the HK & Beta mag...EROTIC!
  4. First, I'd like to apologize for the delay in getting this finished and posted. Between my wife's regular full time job, paying clients in her side business, holidays, & the loss of a family member, it has taken some time to get everything accomplished. That said, she came through like a true champ and I think you'll agree it was worth the wait. Kris has a web preview of the video up on her website at the link below http://www.tvkeepsakes.com/shootout/ And if you want your own DVD copy, I've started a torrent for the ISO image. I've already had a few volunteers agree to help seed
  5. The November shoot video is DONE!!! I'll post the link as soon as it's up on the site.

  6. Not a bad idea. Zombie attacks may not exactly be on the rise, but major disaster sure as hell happen often enough and can hit anywhere. A collection of info to help people help themselves when things go wrong is always a good thing in my book.
  7. BVamp - Thanks for moving the "need to know" info to the first post. And yes, there will be a lot of ammo being dumped that day. With an assortment of MAC's, Uzi's, M-16's, M-14's, & short barreled shotguns confirmed as showing, we're going to piling up a LOT of empty casings. Also worth mentioning is that OnPoint Firearms will be showing up with a fair assortment of wares as well. I can tell you from experience, OnPoint has some top-shelf toys, including a wide assortment of cans. There will be a lot to see, and I can guarantee these guys will be more than willing to share in the
  8. Here's a couple of links to start with. http://www.surplusrifle.com/arisaka/index.asp http://forums.gunboards.com/forumdisplay.php?f=52 Like Juggs said, there are a lot of variable that will determine the value. While there are some rare specimens out there that can fetch a premium, most I've seen in average shape with the mum ground off, no accessories (sling, dust cover, bayonette), and non-matching part numbers usually go for around $100-150. On the upside, they have very strong actions (right up there with the Mauser), you can still buy factory ammo (Hornady and Norma) & r
  9. That's the beauty of smaller shot inside a home. It will virtually decimate the first target it hits at close range, but after going through two sheets of drywall (or the typical home partition), it looses most of its' energy and becomes embedded in the opposite wall. Buckshot, slugs, and the typical handguns most have for home defense will penetrate 4-5 rooms on a missed shot. Granted, it's a matter of personal preference, but it does go back to one of the golden rules of knowing "what your target is and what lies beyond it." I'll bring a box of Black Cloud out the Myakka shoot and let yo
  10. Nice! You know what they say, "some are sicker than others" Glad to know I'm not alone
  11. That's a pretty damn good price on LEO grade ammo. I've used quite a bit of the Federal Tactical, but I'd love to hear how these worked out. And good luck with the ProMags. I tend to stay away from their stuff due to past experiences, but hopefully you'll have better results.
  12. Great round and a great price, but very dirty ammo IMO. It works great and I wouldn't hesitate to use it for hunting or whatever, but it did foul my S-12 to the point it stopped cycling in a little under 150 rounds.
  13. No one is saying birdshot isn't capable of stopping an attacker, its a question of consistency in stopping an attacker. Stopping an attacker quickly and reliably requires more than just a wide wound, it also requires a fairly deep wound, and birdshot just doesn't have the penetration to make it as reliable a manstopper as buckshot. Now as far as I'm concerned every man is free to choose whatever firearm/ammo combination he wants to defend his home with, but for me at least if I am using a shotgun for home defense I will be using buckshot, not birdshot. If I ever move to a different place where
  14. Doctors, by their nature, have to assume the worst when they run into something they can't rule out as benign. A pucker factor for sure, but as has been stated already, there's a long list of other things that can cause enlarged lymph nodes. Your doc wouldn't be doing his job if he didn't explain the possibilities and run tests to find out for sure what's going on. That said, the waiting period where you don't know what the hell is going on definitely wears on the soul. Keep your head up and we'll keep you in our prayers on this end.
  15. Personally, I keep Federal Black Cloud on hand for "indoor" use. Wicked stuff with incredibly tight patterns at short range, and considerably cheaper than the Remington HD. And yes, Black Cloud doesn't come in buckshot, BBB is currently the largest shot size, but weapon AND ammo selection are both key elements for achieving the desired effect in a particular application. In confined areas where you have the potential for loved ones behind drywall partitions, over-penetration is an issue to be concered about. I'd challenge anyone to pick up a box and test it out at distances you would typic
  16. Navy. Originally enlisted, followed by the "knife and fork" route a few years after. Following that, I've been in public safety (local govt) ever since. The uniform has changed over the years, but the reasons remain the same. Some go through life to forge their livelihoods as they are able, and others ensure the fabric of society remains intact so they are able to do so...my makeup is such that I fit into the later of the two.
  17. I caught them. Just not as clearly separated as before. Not a "huge" deal, just growing pains. And change is always a bit painful at the onset. Other than that, the number of views doesn't seem to be updating. Perhaps just a temporary issue.
  18. Full Auto, and any other legal Class 3, is a go for this event. If you have it, bring it. Just don't forget to bring the docs along as well, where they're needed. Not a big deal to the Class 3 guys, but anyone can show, so be prepared just in case.
  19. Damn dude, that's only about 3" on the screen I'm looking at now. Perhaps I need to get one of those "objects may appear larger" mirrors. Not insulting your manhood or anything, but you gotta admit, you opened a pretty big door there bro
  20. Ditto...otherwise, I think it will grow on me. And the division is there, it's just not as obvious as it used to be.
  21. SaigaNoobie...glad to see you coming back down for round two. Kilo & dobravery...glad to have you on board. It's going to be a killer time. I'll start actively rounding up stuff to shoot the first of next month. Of course, if anyone has old toys or just stuff they don't know what to do with, feel free to bring them down. There's only two main rules: 1. Not to bring anything that will release a hazardous waste onto the property; so drain the oil, gas, or whatever before you load it up. 2. No targets that will cause ricochets...i.e. things hard enough a bullet will not penetrate
  22. The MG shoots may be gone for the time being, but trust me, we make up for lost time at these outings. The ones I organize are generally smaller in scale, but the fellowship more than makes up for the grandeur of an exclusive Class 3 shoot. In fact, the only bitching I get is "how long until the next one."
  23. I generally use a bipod and a sandbag out to 1000 yards, but many of the folks at our range like using a Caldwell Lead Sled (MSRP $249, street price $199) for sighting in their rifles. My advice is to start on the inexpensive side (i.e. bipod/sandbag) and work up from there. The former has served me well for many years, but YMMV. BTW, presetting the sandbag under the stock to the target, followed by using the "squeeze method" on the sandbag to fine tune the point of aim will keep the scope very consistent.
  24. I'm going to have to disagree with you. We need to explore all our options for oil, and locate and secure domestic sources. We should be looking for alternate resources, but this whole mentality that we should abruptly cease our usage of fossil fuels will only lead to a bunch of alternate sources that don't perform. It's similar to the way that the US screwed the pooch on small cars in the 70's (and today, to a lesser degree). Not saying that we should not map out and inventory our resources. I am also not saying to drop oil cold-turkey. Sure, oil will be hard to replace for motor vehic
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