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  1. Amen to the statement in your signature. We bat the legalities around here every so often about what is and isn't legal, but the reality is the cops & prosecutors have more resources (both time and money) than most of us do to prove their position is right under the law.
  2. You're right, it is prolific, but it's not a widespread killer to the degree other strains have been. The main thing with H1N1 is that it primarily targets middle aged people. instead of the elderly. I follow it closely as well and most of the deaths appear to be attributed to other health-related complications. And I have to agree on the vaccine issue. It's very reminiscent of the 1976 swine flu epidemic...for those who don't remember, or were to young/not born at the time, here's a recap from a 60 Minutes episode in 1979 covering problems with the vaccine: http://tinyurl.com/mrexko
  3. Personally, the Mossberg 500 series is a Remington 870 without the "finger catcher". Otherwise, I prefer the 590 over the 500 due to the sturdier construction. And going beyond the Mossberg/Remington argument, the Ithaca Model 37 is nice that either a "righty" or "lefty" can properly function the gun with minimal effort. In a pinch, any of the three will do just nicely. Just practice at your local range so you know the limitations of each.
  4. Then again, the official stats are for anyone having the flu in the last 12 months had a 70% chance of it being the swing flue (H1N1). It may be prolific, but it's not the killer the CDC initially predicted. Just like hurricanes, we may have a bad one, but this just ain't it. Not to say we should take lightly the next CDC warning that comes out. This one just wasn't the "Katrina" of flu bugs.
  5. No probs bro. The comments regarding KVAR are well warranted though. Based on my personal dealings with these guys (at SHOT Shows and otherwise), and other folks I know personally who have had one-on-one dealings with this outfit from the inside, the feedback is not unexpected. These guys don't give a rats ass about anyone else but themselves...your mileage may vary, but that's my NSHO.
  6. Somewhat false, but some truth worth tracking. Read up on it here: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=43898
  7. Florida Task Force 3 (Urban Search and Rescue), but the delineation lines have changed over the last year so I think I might have to change the screen name
  8. Yes, the road back to Area-51 has been improved, but I still don't recommend anyone take a Porche (or other vehicles with limited clearance) back there. There's always the option to park at the clubhouse and have one of the guys take you out there in a golf cart. Here's the details on what I have lined up so far: Date Saturday, November 21st I know it's close to turkey day, but the month was already heavily booked Time 9:00 AM to ??? Range Fees Adults $20.00 Children Under 17 $10.00 Active Military, Law, Fire, or EMS (with valid agency ID) $10.00 Spectator Only $5.00
  9. Sounds like it time for another phone call/e-mail to ask where things are. A reputable outfit will let you know what the reasons are for the delay and/or when it will ship. And yes, most everyone is swamped, but my guess is something else is happening here...which most likely has a completely reasonable explanation. Ask the question and see what response you get.
  10. Roger that. When you see flak, that'll just be us sending up a little triple-A to let you know you're in the right area Will do. Look for concrete info by the end of the weekend.
  11. Most likely, but I will confirm that with the boss man. Yes, I will make sure we have plenty of food & drinks for the day...burgers, hot dogs, chips, snacks, soda, water, etc. @ Everyone else Do make it down if you can. It may not be Knob Creek, but it is one hell of a good time...and yes, Class 3's are a go once again
  12. SB-2099 is false, but HR-45 is the one to watch, although, it's unlikely anything will happen during this congressional session. See the following post for more info http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=43898
  13. Thanks for posting the invite Bvamp. For those who are curious, we will be hosting the event at Area 51. It's only a 100-yard range, but it does give us a great deal of flexibility with dynamic targets, tannerite, etc and also allows us to call the range cold to reset targets on our schedule. For those who would like to shoot longer distances, your range fees for the day cover you for the public range as well. I'll be speaking with the head guy this weekend to see what dates are open, prices, scope of the event, etc, so stay tuned for details as they develop.
  14. HR-45 is a real bill, unlike SB-2009, but it has sat idle in committee since February and is likely to die there since the Dems have enough on their plate right now. While the bill does call for the expansion of what constitutes a firearm for federal registration, the bit about reporting them on your tax return is false. Bill Details http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/z?c111:H.R.45: Current Status http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/bdquery/z?d1...mp;summ2=m& Updated Snopes page http://www.snopes.com/politics/guns/blairholt.asp
  15. Easy answer...carry both (rifle & shotgun) and a sidearm. Each is fitted to a specific task at hand.
  16. Well, hopefully they don't land the invasion force in San Francisco, where the citizens don't have so much as a BB gun to raise in opposition. An unconditional surrender in the first five minutes would make for a really boring movie.
  17. That's what I was going to suggest...a recoil pad. Milsurp, limbsaver, homemade, whatever. It's a cheap investment to determine whether or not you need to ditch the current caliber for tamer offerings.
  18. Trap and skeet are two different animals, and the guns vary for the purists in each arena. However, I have been shooting a Remington SPR-310S (Baikal import) sporting clays model for the past several years. That one runs about $600, but they do have less expensive field models with shorter barrel lengths/no porting for around $400. Not the prettiest gun at the range and it doesn't have all the extras of a 1K+ shotgun, but it's a solid gun for the money. http://www.remington.com/products/firearms...under_specs.asp Of the other guys on my team I shoot with and the others I shoot against, my
  19. Going forward, give M-Pro7 a look. Great stuff...odorless, non-toxic, and cleans fouling like nobody's business. I picked up some free samples at the SHOT show a few years back and haven't gone back to Hoppe's since. BTW, same company, just a newer product. http://www.mpro7.com/MPro7-Gun-Cleaner.html Beyond that, I know where you're coming from. My wife hated it whenever I get the Hoppes out. Even when I was in the garage, she swore she could smell that stuff in the house.
  20. When setting up a cache, going cheap can pay off. Once you've put your stuff on "ice" (via vacuum sealed bags, ammo cans, and/or PVC piping), going underground or underwater does wonders. The other ideas are great tips, but it never hurts to keep your eggs in different baskets.
  21. +1 on Shoot Straight. The others are a bit out of my neck of the woods, so I can't comment either way. Also, if you're going to be in town the weekend on June 27/28, I'd suggest trying to make your way over to Lakeland (<1 hr from Orlando) for the Suncoast Gun Show. These guys always have a huge booth there & will generally wheel and deal at the shows a lot more than in the stores, especially if you are picking up more than one toy or talk with the owner...plus they always have "show specials" to boot. I've picked up several gems from them at just above cost via the shows. http://s
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