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  1. Regardless of the timing, it's a good reminder of the types of tactics the predators out there continually try to employ, and that you should never give information out to anyone unless you are 101% sure of who they are and why they need the information. And when it comes to unsolicited calls, they should have that information already or have other means to verify who you are, rather than you providing sensitive information. The tactics change almost daily, but the moral doesn't - Get a call back number you can easily verify, otherwise, tell 'em to go pack sand!
  2. It only takes one time to become a statistic. I don't carry all the time while at home, but I do have one when answering the door, working in the garage, doing garage sales, etc. Better to have one at the ready than 75ft away in another room when things go bad. Even my wife, who is an avid animal rights activist and anything but a gun enthusiast, keeps my .40 on her when I'm away...yeah, I know, no need to remind me of the oil and water relationship there. And no, she didn't buy the story about how deer shed their antlers for the racks I have to keep in the garage.
  3. That is one screwed up kid...and also why I get on my wife when she just runs and opens the door when somebody rings the doorbell. It reminds of an event not too many months ago where my Dad, who is a judge and lives in an upscale neighborhood, noticed two individuals suspiciously casing the area around his home. About a half hour later he heard a loud knock on the door. He was busy and didn't bother answering the door immediately, but they knocked again a second time even louder, and then again a third time after a few more moments. Fortunately, he was on alert after spotting them earlier
  4. Here's a web version of some more information on the issue. Banks were at fault for sure, making loans that never should have been made, but the role congress played was far from that of the sole voice of opposition. http://doctorbulldog.wordpress.com/2008/09...the-fannie-mae/
  5. [Political Soapbox] There's a lot of cross talk between the parties about who is responsible for the current breakdown of the economy and who has the best plan to fix it, but information is starting to make its rounds that the warning signs were out there (and in some cases, in the forms of outright warnings), and certain "parties" failed to take the appropriate, or any, action despite the information and encouragement from their colleges. One such article is the 1999 New York Times article entitled "Fannie Mae Eases Credit To Aid Mortgage Lending," which is starting to make its' rounds
  6. Tracking info shows my drums arriving tomorrow (order EV-793). After having the opportunity to see and use the prototype at the last Florida shoot back in March, I had to just put it out of my mind that these drums were even in development. Definitely worth the wait...thanks Mike! I'll be "function testing" the drums this weekend, so I'll be sure to take a camera along. The "WTF is that?" looks are going to be priceless.
  7. The link below is to a local news story on one of our firefighters who recently came back from Iraq, with a bronze star no less. While he would be the the last guy to speak up about anything he did, we are proud to say the least and don't mind bragging on him a bit. The original link was extremely long, but the video clip is short and sweet...enjoy: http://tinyurl.com/5zq4w5
  8. Mike's beta mag worked so well, it ticks me off every time I look at the 10-round AGP mag I have in my S-12 here at the homestead. Please dont write the AGP 10 rd mags off just because the 20 rd drum is starting to come out. They are a major asset too, we cant run around with a 20 rd drum on the shotty all of the time I have 4 10 rd mags and they will still be used faithfully. Not my intent at all with that post. I love my AGP mags and will continue to use them. That was just me daydreaming about having a working and available drum to complete the collection...much
  9. Exactly, but we both know they aren't vaporware and the betas work just as Mike says they do. Still, when I finally get a shipping version, I will take it out, torture test it thoroughly, and report accordingly. I'm confident the tests will go just as it did in March, but there are always naysayers. Maybe they're in the better position by staying on the sidelines, but either way, its the early adopter like you and me that will determine that either way. And while I can't comment on the shipping versions either way, given Mike's commitment to quality, I think they will be every bit as relia
  10. Belive me bro, I was more anxious than most folks here to get my hands on a shipping version in time for that shoot, and to say I was dissapointed that we didn't have one on hand is an understatement. That said, the beta version was a true pleasure to play with and has pushed me to the point I hate to even follow the posts on when it will finally ship. Mike's beta mag worked so well, it ticks me off every time I look at the 10-round AGP mag I have in my S-12 here at the homestead. My history is solidly based in having equipment that works as advertised, so I have no problem saying this dru
  11. Quoted for truth. Mike was upfront about the pre-orders financing the project, an ambitious project I might add. Manufacturing any new design is fraught with difficulties, and I can tell you that weapons magazines are more complex than they appear. Tooling for injection molding isn't cheap and these are LARGE molds. And when changes have to be made, they take time to make- then the 1st article checking, and subsequent rework until you get what you want. All in all I think the project went pretty fast; although in any such endeavor most of the people involved are somewhat "optimistic"..
  12. And finally...pics from the other side of the bench Early morning view of the range Right side Left side A quick break while we "found" more car parts to shoot up . Bvamp, I swear that isn't your missing door in the picture SaigaNewbie and his better half waiting for Mike to finish up with the Uzi Me (FLTF3) punching holes in car doors with the Uzi FLTF3's Dad getting comfy with the Uzi repetesale with the Uzi After this picture, it took 10 of us to pry the Uzi out of repetesale's hands Even the RSO's couldn't resi
  13. What an awesome day! Great weather, great folks, and just an all around great time. Thanks again to everyone who made it down. All-in-all our little group was well recevied by the folks at the range. From the regulars who couldn't resist finding out what all the RAT-TAT-TAT was about to the numerous compliments we got from the RSO's, we made a huge impression. And Gene Pitts, the owner, asked me to pass along his personal thanks and that we are more than welcome to hold future events out there. The only downside is that there was so much going on, that I'm just now fitting board names
  14. Well said! The problem is more of us need to step and to ensure those freedoms are maintained. It can be a bit counterintuitive to folks like us to impose such things on others, but if we don't, others will. We are, afterall, a government that is empowered by the people and the Bush/Gore election in 2000 is proof that a few hundred votes can make the difference even in a nationwide election.
  15. If ProMag's stuff works for you, that's great and you're going to save tons of $$$ on magazines compared to what I spend. We each buy those items that perform to our individual performance expectations. For me, I test every single magazine I buy before relying on it, regardless of manufacturer. And yes, I do expect a bang with each trigger pull out of the box, but with ProMag products, I just don't get those results even half of the time and that's not just limited to mags for the mini. Beyond that, advice from others doesn't cost you a plug nickel, so feel free to ignore it.
  16. If I ever run across one of the originals made by Swiss Arms for anything less than a small fortune, I'll grab it in a red hot second. While the Sigs (US made) are still nice, they're a distant second IMO...and yes, I've had hands on with both.
  17. madmax4x4 is on the money. Aguila slugs and buckshot rounds fly with minimal recoil and make a wonderful home "D" round in a pump gun. You can learn to operate the 500 to cycle them just fine, but without practice, doing the mods to ensure proper feeding and extraction is the way to go. Given the inteded purpose though, you proably wouldn't even go through but a few normal 2-3/4" shells in a CQB situation in the home, so I wouldn't be too worried about recoil. Again, a practice is key so you know what to expect and can efficiently cycle the next round. That said, my Mariner 590 came with b
  18. To give you guys a little teaser, here's a few pics from the FSN folks who used the facility last weekend...and if you look close, you'll see a few familiar items, including a Tromix shorty in action http://floridashootersnetwork.com/phpbb/vi...pic.php?t=31000 Edit - More pics, these are from Sunday's shoot http://picasaweb.google.com/dogon1013/Flor...key=huW14b_e4tU
  19. Dammit! FIOS recorded the wrong episode. Not that it wasn't a bad episode, but it wasn't this one. Trying it again...repeates aren't such a bad thing
  20. I don't own one but have been considering the 6.8mm. Given that, I do have friends that I consider to be "in the know" (folks who lived or died by their choice of armament) who love thier mini-14's. Did they do mods, or have them done, absolutely, but they still love them. Finally, my advise is to stay the hell away from ProMag magazines. Might as well just throw your $$$ straight in the trash can...the mags you buy will end up there after hours of frustration anyway. I guess the question is whether you want your mags to work some of the time, or all of the time...I've personally seen this
  21. If not Vultite, get with me at the shoot. There are other folks in our area who do a great job with this kind of work...usually with next day turn-around.
  22. Well, we had the KelTec guys out here today and things went great, but I think our little event will go even better...partly because I invited them and their folks to drop by for our little event. And things are improving. Thanks to Tom (Sweep) from the Florida Shooters Network I met today, we now have a couple of hundred rounds of 12-Guage to "dispose of," and I'm working on getting more of the same, including brass in other calibers. Hey, ammo ain't cheap these days, so anything to help defray the costs of a shoot like this is a big deal IMO. Anything I can get will be on hand for us to
  23. That's the best way to go...as long as you won't go by the wrong side of the "War Dept".
  24. Hello Viking Kitty Armory, Glad to have you on board for the March shoot & I, for one, am looking forward to seeing you there. I'm on the Tromix wait list & will send them one to do, but there's other Saigas that still need some TLC during that gap
  25. The Rem 700P isn't a bad starting point either. The HS Precision stocks they come with are pretty much good to go from the factory, and once the trigger is adjusted and action blueprinted you've got one hell of a shooter. And I'll give a +1 on Predator Arms. Great guys who know there stuff, but there are some other folks out there as well who do tack drivers on a "budget." If you go the Remington route, give Randy at R&D Precision a look, but give him a call before you purchase anything. Randy pics and chooses the jobs he does these days, but if he takes your job, you'll save a decent
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