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  1. A few updates: The best deal going for those wanting to bring a tent or a camper is at the range itself. They have water & power hookups, and charge $8.00 per night. If you have questions or want to reserve a spot (there should be more than enough to go around), give the range a call Thurs-Sun at (941)322-0055. There are a few other camping areas in the vicinity, but I got a bunch of crap from most of these folks about it being season and them not knowing if they would have room or not. If you guys want to check into those, they're listed in order of those closest to the range:
  2. Nothing short of a laser is going to do permanent damange, but the Surefire's will temporarily blind someone. Trust me, mine are relatively low power compared to some and they will still have you seeing spots even in the daytime.
  3. Stand easy everyone. I know I've been off taking care of other things the last few weeks, but this shoot is definitely a go. January was has been a maelstrom workwise for me, but I haven't forgotten about the info needed here. I'm still working the angles with the folks here locally in the free time I have & am hopeful to have something concrete up before the end of next week. Feel free to do your own research in the meantime. In any event, I will do what I can, but it's snowbird season here right now and a lot of these folks haven't been real willing to cut prices. That said, I have a
  4. There are several good ones out there, and I have used Pelican, Streamlight, SpyTorch, Surefire, and several others for search and rescue work. Of those, when it comes to durability, size, and brightness, I generally lean towards Surefire...and I personally own several and my E2E fits easily in my shirt pocket and is brighter than the rechargable streamlights most the officers I work with carry. Extremely bright, lots of options, tough as nails, and all in a small package. I'll let an LEO weigh in if you can get away with the regular Surefire lights on a tac rifle. It's something I plan t
  5. Perfectly stated! I just wish more citizens understood that concept.
  6. Just firmed up my flight plans the other day And yes, you can grab some stuff while you're there. Some have small stuff to sell during the show, others will sell the display items at the end, and some won't let go of anything. A lot depends if they're heading to another show afterwards and how much they want to cart home. Just ask them, they'll let you what and when they will be willing to part with.
  7. I think the reason they don't is that there are a good number of semi-autos out there they do work in...I know of several guys who use what you have in Benelli's without problem. Some vendors will mark it as low recoil ammo, but you're right, a disclaimer on the box would be nice. Beyond that, IIRC, the Tactical Precision 000, the really slow stuff, is marked "for pump actions only." All in all though, the Federal Tactical line will produce some impressive patterns out of a smooth bore shotgun. Give Mike's suggestions a try and see if that takes care of the issue, and defiantly do some tes
  8. You could well be right! Care to find out and report back to the group? Be sure and carry your camera man! Priorities change all the time! These guys march to the beat of somebody else's drum, just like most of us do while we're at work. Should things change in the not so distant future, it's not out of the realm of possibilities for us to see BATFE officials conducting inspections at our local ranges. And yeah, if something like that happens, I think they'll know what does and doesn't pass muster...and if in doubt, I'll bet they confiscate and hold until your weapon until proven o
  9. Check to see just which 00 Tactical load you were firing. There are three different varieties of Federal Tactical 00 buckshot, and only the full power, 9-pellet shell (LE127-00) was designed for use in autoloaders. The other two are considered reduced recoil loads and are intended for use in pump shotguns...though they will work in some autos. Here's a link to the specs: http://www.le.atk.com/Interior.asp?section...ot_tactical.asp
  10. Spend some time and read both of these documents as they apply to the discussion here: GCA 1968 - Before you drill down to 922® and 925(d)(3), be sure to read 922(a)(1) at the very top http://www.atf.gov/pub/fire-explo_pub/gca.htm CFR 27 478.39 http://www.access.gpo.gov/nara/cfr/waisidx...7cfr478_07.html
  11. Performance wise, it's on par with Federal Gold Medal Match ammo...both use the Sierra MatchKing HP bullet. The Federal has a bit more energy than the M118LR, and I find that it performs a slight bit better in my Rem 700. Beyond that, the Federal is a cheaper on the wallet to shoot. I haven't shot a .308 Saiga, yet, but you should see 1/2 MOA accuracy with either in a good rifle. Personally, I'd grab a box of each and see which works best in your rifle. Edit - We plan to shoot both of these type of ammo out of a Saiga .308 in our March shootout. I'll be happy to report the results afte
  12. Bro! When you go into certain neighborhoods and start yelling certain things out, you're gonna get the crap beat out of you, or worse. You've gotta think about where you are, and think about what you are going to say before you say it. A POINT-FIRE-AIM mentality is just going to keep the shitstorm flowing in your direction. And if someone has pissed you off, that's OK, but give the person a chance to set the record strait before you unload on them.
  13. There's nothing wrong with your interpretation of 922r. The problem is that when enough folks ask for direction from the govt, they eventually get it...and it's usually not the answer they were looking for. Furthermore, if a particular industry can successfully regulate itself, the govt usually stays off to the side. That's why folks here get so ticked off at the non-compliant guns put up on gunbroker and other sites. Case in point, look at the SCUBA industry. It's totally self-regulated with it's own rules, certifications, standards, etc that 99% of the people adhere to. Just like with fi
  14. Get ahold of a TSA lock if you're going to be flying down with them...I'm sure these aren't 100% secure, but it's better than the TSA folks breaking the lock to inspect the contents. This is one of many (see bottom item): http://pelican.com/miscellaneous.php
  15. At current temp levels, you ain't seeing much!!! I've got a shiny new quarter for anyone brave enough to go swimming
  16. I don't really expect for the 6 he has left to last the night but he knows about the forum, I told him I would pass the info along, don't know if it was a one time fluke or if he gets a regular slice of the pie but you might pass that info along to him and he might just do that . Sorry guys, I grabbed the last one I don't think Bob has any reason to doubt the effectiveness of advertising Saigas in this forum. He told me his phone hasn't stop ringing since the post went up. If anything, it'll probably be more of an issue of whether he can get stock in or not. This was my first dea
  17. It looks cool, but hardly worth the price since it only holds two more rounds than the high capacity models...not to mention the added bulk.
  18. Thanks Mike. I hope Christmas brought good things to you and your family as well. Would you believe that out of the four gifts my wife and I each bought for each other, two were identical. LMAO...that's what happens when you marry your best friend. Oh well, it was good for a good laugh this morning and we'll go out and pick out something together tomorrow.
  19. That's part of what I was going to post once I had info on the hotels. The club has camper facilities w/ power hookups on the property, but I need to check on pricing since I've never used them. Stay tuned!
  20. He's going to try and make the Florida Saiga Shoot Out in March as well. If his schedule cooperates, we'll have to make sure he brings one of these along.
  21. Great idea! Give me a week or so since we're in the holidays right now, but I have some contacts that may be able to come up with something for us.
  22. Hemotoxins destroy blood and tissue, which can cause a loss in blood volume and lead to shock. IV fluids help replace the lost blood volume and also provide a delivery system for administering medications. Setting up IVs are pretty standard for medical treatment, a lot of times just as a precaution, but it sounds like this pooch was in pretty bad shape. Great thread guys, loved the stories. The wife came in when I got to Cobra's story about his dog. She saw the picture of the snake & the dog, so I had to fill her in. The little animal lover actually had a tear come to her eye
  23. Would love to! Leaving the 1000 yd range out of the picture, the public range still goes out to 565. There's clays, gongs, groundhogs, & tons of other stuff out that far, aside from any paper we put out. Anything past 400 yds gets fun when the wind is blowing. Just pack your favorite match ammo or hand loads & we'll have a ball...and probably pick up a few pointers from the guys out there. And there's no reason at all to feel like a newb; no matter the discipline, every one of us started out at some point and still learns something new every time we go out. The great thing abou
  24. No question about it, we'd love to have you AND any Saiga Sisters! But, since you brought the subject up, I think that the title of Saiga Biatch may very well be transferred if a "Brother" is outshown by a "Sister" on the field of battle. Not that I am advocating a passing of the torch, but you know how things go and that bygones sure as hell won't be bygones
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