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  1. Hey Glocker, Glad to have you join us! I say bring anything along you want to shoot. Even if you don't break something out at the main event, you can still hit the public range since your fees will be paid for the day...only the 1000yd range is extra ($5 IIRC). I'll have my Rem 700 (in .308) out there as well if you want to bring yours and stay for a visit to the public range to do a bit of shooting at distance. Who knows, if the March winds are blowing during the event we could set up a couple of helium-filled ballons at 50 yds or so, with one valid target, for those with precisio
  2. No problem at all...was my pleasure to help out! I can't wait to hear all the ball breaking from you guys over my "pimped out" .223 pistol
  3. I'll have to check on that. I'm pretty sure Evan said GSG would be making it, but I could be wrong. In any event, one is in the works. BTW, GSG is only going to offer one factory config to simplify the import process, but after that, there will be all sorts of options. And OnPoint will begin operating on a membership plan starting in January that will make all this much easier on the wallet. Basically, everything he has access to from his 20 or so distributors will be available at his actual cost. From what he told me this week, memberships will run about $4.95/month...not a bad deal.
  4. Thanks vjor and Bvamp...you guys did a great job summing everything up. Like vjor said, we have Area 51 reserved for the day, and this isn't your typical range with paper targets. Area 51 is the land of dynamic targets...cars, appliances, bowling pins, clay pigeons, stuffed animals, basically anything the club gets their hands on or can come up with that's cool to shoot up. And yes, for the traditional folks who want to shoot paper, we will still have access to target frames. They're doing a bit of renovating on Area 51 right now, but I'll snap a few photos this weekend and post them
  5. Hold tight! Evan (aka OnPoint) has some changes to his business model coming in Jan that will make this deal even sweeter...much, much sweeter. Beyond that, he told me this week that in addition to all the cool aftermarket "MP5 Clone" accessories, there will be a suppressor from GSG not too far down the road.
  6. You got me wondering with this one, so I called my electrician buddy who did my setup. He said interlocks like the one you pictured meet the National Electical Code & National Fire Protection Code, but still recommends getting at least a two-pole double throw switch. Admittedly, he said the interlocks will work as intended in the vast majority of cases where the panel is in good condition, but there are still fault conditions that could create a backfeed situation. Which not only could electricute someone, but potentially destroy your generator when power is restored. He's a good frien
  7. I apologize continuing to head of topic here, but you have to be extremely careful with kits like these. Will they connect your generator cheaply and give you power? Absolutely! But the problem is whether or not every wire, including the neutral, gets completely disconnected from the power grid when you switch to generator power. If not, you're risking energizing downed wires and putting utility workers, emergency responders, kids who can't resist checking out the damage, etc at risk when you power up your generator. And transformers work in reverse, so if the current you're pumping out hits o
  8. +1 on the design and quality of materials. I have the SpecOps stock on my 590, and it is nice with the heavier loads. The are some downsides I've found though: - You have to remove the stock to dissasemble the shotgun - Normal allen wrenches aren't the easiest thing for removing the stock...their ball end wrench works great though - The cheek weld was higher with this stock and I had to replace the bead sight with a ghost ring setup
  9. You're probably right Bvamp, but the 911 tape doesn't tell everything...there was an officer on scene at the time of the shooting, and I don't believe his first-hand account has been made public yet. Point in case, I've know of situations where officers have fired their weapons and all the bullets struck the perp in the back. Suspect, hell yes! Did it get the neighborhood riled, absolutely! Was the officer justified...yes, because of the circumstances. In one case, the suspect charged an officer with a broken bottle and turned away the moment the officer drew and fired, with each impact tu
  10. You are absolutely on the mark. There are a lot of "unknowns" in this case, even after you listen to the 911 tapes. We don't know what happened inside the neighbors house, how the confrontation in the yard went down, or how half a dozen other things took place. BUT, this guy did protray himself on the 911 tapes as wanting to stop these guys however he could, and he did nothing to hide the fact he was willing to shoot to kill. I'm not arguing whether the a$$holes deserved it or not, I personally could care less they were killed in the commission of a home robbery. IMO, what he did wrong was
  11. What pisses me off is all the folks like Quanell X that jump into the fray to spew out a bunch of crap about the "rights" that were violated while someone was committing a felony. It's about damn time more of us start standing up and saying WTF! In this country illegally = no rights Committing a felony = no rights In prison for any of the above = no rights Something bad happens to you while you have "no rights"...deal with it, it's YOUR problem, NOT ours! The fact is you did something (most likely violent) against someone you shouldn't have done; so you don't have the right to sue f
  12. I was also assuming they are shipping according to when the order was placed. The gal I spoke with said they would send as many as they could out on Thursday, but there would be some that would ship on Friday. Not to worry, either way, everyone that had one reserved will have them in short order
  13. I broke down and ordered two 109's with Gilbert's over the phone on Tuesday. The good news is the UPS shipment notification e-mail arrived just a few minutes ago, so yours should be headed your way as you read this
  14. I've seen at least a few in the last several shows I've been at in FL over the last few months, but they have been way overpriced and the converted guns were questionable at best. Still, the occasional deal is out there, I just haven't run into one.
  15. I hear ya bro! It's a case where we just have to wait the situation out. This strikes me as being very similar to when I was looking for a Kel-Tec PLR-16. The buzz was out there that "Kel-Tec isn't producing enough to meet demand," "everyone is buying them because the ATF is going to ban them," "if you find one, you better buy it regardless of price," blah, blah, blah. I was patient, kept my eyes open, and finally found one well below the going prices. I don't see this situation as being much different. Stay vigilant and we'll both be proud owners in the near future, and I might add wi
  16. I received this earlier today and found it to be a great read and an appropriate topic for today. Billy Goldfeder's messages usually don't hold much for those outside the fire service community, but I found this one to be something most of us can appreciate so I thought I would share it with everyone. Plus, it includes a few facts about December 7th I didn't realize before today. Enjoy
  17. The update is much appreciated Mike. We're all dying to get our hands on the drums, but I commend you for taking the time to make sure we're all kept in the loop. And the extra cover for those of us who have been waiting was also a very nice touch. Unexpected given the pre-order discount price, but very much appreciated! This is the type of service that builds customer loyalty, and by reputation alone, brings in new customers. Keep up the great work!
  18. I like the setup you have there Jim. It's always a toss-up between quick access and safe storage, and that's one of the better ideas I've seen for a reasonable balance between the two...especially with young kids in the house. I don't have little ones running around (yet), but I still didn't like the idea of leaving a loaded firearm anywhere the wrong person might find it. What I ended up coming up with was screwing padded bicycle hooks above the door inside our master bedroom closet. The shotgun stays up and out of plain view, and is easy enough to get ahold of if I need it. Even still, w
  19. Congrats! I can't say enough good things about marriage when it with the right gal. Just watch your guns bro...doing everything together isn't necessarily a good thing And I agree, it doesn't take long at all to know if someone is the right one. Best wishes to you both
  20. I cycled a couple of boxes through three of my shotguns a few weeks ago, and the results weren't bad at all. They were consistent across the different guns (although I didn't have a Saiga at the time), and accuracy was good at 25yds...no problems drilling 3" clay birds one after another. And it's hard to beat the price on them. That said, if I was going to step up to a better performing slug for distances past 50yds, I would look towards the Federal Tactical Tru Ball slugs instead of the higher end Brennekes. They're about half the cost and perform just as well. Edit - I didn't do any
  21. Amen! This isn't stuff you'll hear from the vast majority of LEOs. Well-armed, law-abiding citizens just aren't a hindrance to doing their jobs. Mike - Tough question, but this isn't a new position for the IACP. As to who supports it within the organization, consider that nearly every police chief or sheriff is a member of the organization and very few are likely to give more than a canned answer regarding the International's official position. And I really doubt you'll find much more than a list of IAPC officers in print anywhere. What I would suggest is to inquire with the various lo
  22. They are scarce right now, if even available, but you might check with Atlantic Firearms...they still had some not too far back. Nearly anything you find right now will be full retail, so I'd approach any "deals" with a bit of caution. Also, I spoke with a dealer at last weekend's gun show who said RAA's next shipment of S-12's was roughly a month out. I don't know the guy, so I can't say how accurate that info is. My advice (which I'm currently abiding by) is to be patient & keep a sharp eye...you'll save yourself some jack to go towards the mods you want to do.
  23. Now those are worth a trip! I can't think of a better way to work out the kinks of any modifications you make, and I have a few customized weapons I need to do just that with. I'll probably drag a couple of "sickos" I know along with me, but I'll give you a heads up when we get an outing together. I'd love to get a peek at what you did with your Saiga.
  24. Amen...that's the real issue! Our schools should not only be educating our children, but also helping to shape them into the next generation of leaders. What a lot of these schools are producing these days is scary stuff & we're going to be in a world of hurt if we don't start changing how these folks think.
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