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  1. flg8r - I don't get up that way all that often, but I have been to some very nice ranges in that area. What do they run on Thursday eves...trap, skeet, 5-stand, sporting clays? vjor - If you shoot at Manatee, I'm sure we've bumped shoulders at one point or another. Great range, great folks, so the 45-min drive doesn't bother me a bit. And I will be shooting the 1000yd range soon...just waiting on my Rem 700 which should be ready in Nov. If you see a some guys with a lot of guns taking up two or more tables each (usually with at least one Kel-tec PLR or SU-16 in the mix), drop by and say hi
  2. I'm out of the Tampa Bay area, and yes, we do have lots of skeeters. Not as big as ones I've seen in Alaska, but we are thick with them...probably our 3rd largest population of indigenous life, outpaced only by red ants and cockroaches.
  3. Just adding my personal experiences with OnPoint Firearms. Evan & Marie live just a short drive from me and I've purchased a fair number of guns from them over the last few years. They have always been great folks to deal with, plus their operation is set up to keep overhead to a minimum which makes them very competitive on pricing. This doesn't take anything away from the others listed, I just haven't purchased from them.
  4. Hey gunhack, Actually, this will be my first bit of experience with the AK design, but I do own a Baikal O/U that I shoot a lot of clay events with. Not a showpiece by any means, but you have to admire how Russian companies know how to build a functional weapon around a simple design, that, like you said, is built like a tank. I have no doubt I will be just as impressed with the Saiga-12. The Saiga project looks like it will be more involved than anything else I have done to date, but for me, a weapon isn't right until its modified and customized it to fit you. I may end up tapping int
  5. I've been lurking in the shadows soaking up what bits of knowledge I could from you guys & figured it was about time I said hello to everyone. I'm still getting my feet wet in Saiga territory, but after seeing a Saiga-12 in person at the Police & Fire games last June, I knew I had to add one of these to my collection. The LEO who had it was all too happy to show it off & talk about all the modifications he had made to it, and I can tell you the only thing I didn't like was handing it back to him. Of course, now that I'm at the point to make a purchase, the stock of Saiga-12s ha
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