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  1. just a little different

  2. Norseman

    Op-rod faliure

    I am Glad you are happy with your toy. We have decided that we will be doing any future conversions using one of the many metal stocks available and the Ace folding mechanism. I am not a fan of the tapco after seeing what happened to yours. The guys down at Tapco had said they have seen this problem on standard AKs, not instilling me with a lot of confidence. -E
  3. Norseman

    Op-rod faliure

    Not tring to be a dick but, Did you try this setup on some of your guns, long before modding customers guns and giving it to them to be the ginniepig? I doesn't seem that way by your post. Did you even test fire the gun before giving the gun to the customer? His gun failed with just over 10 rounds. Somebody could have got hurt or killed. You should have used the same parts in your gun and testfired a few 1,000 rounds before even thinking about taking a payment on a build. Again not tring to be a dick but I don't think customer's should be test dummies for untested part's. We have
  4. Norseman

    Op-rod faliure

    Your Saiga was converted when we were doing a few for the shop as well, we shortened the gas system, the gas pistons were made by a local machinist using the wrong steel. I have examined the parts of your piston, it was some type of cast metal (not cool) We have now fabricated a new piston. The gun is scheduled to be test fired this week. Unfortunately these were some of the first conversions we did and there was a learning curve (i.e. do all the work in house and check all the parts we order) We will warranty any problems with the shotgun that we caused. Sorry about that, -E
  5. just my $.02 I have only had 2 accidental discharges on all the firearms I have worked on (knock on wood) both were M1 Carbines (iver johnson and universal) they are also prone to running off (going full auto), doubling, and feeding issues. The military ones are better but still not great. -E
  6. I live in the middle of nowhere, no cable, no DSL. I used to chime in from work until I got laid off from my full time job. We finally decided to get satellite internet. Its pretty good except you cant game online with it. -E
  7. Hey guys, after a long sentence with just dial-up internet, I am back to hi-speed (thank god) and I can start visiting sights I haven't been to in a while. -E
  8. We got one of these in at the shop, It was quite the little toy and no would stop laughing at it. I immediatly mounted it on a Glock 30 and couldn't stop giggling. It is accually a well made knife, good edge on it from the factory and everything, just kind of goofy. -E
  9. go to www.howstuffworks.com they have an interesting article on the flamethrower, and yes for someone with a little mechanical skill you could definatly figure out how to build one. -E
  10. Hornady XTP - 9mm, 40s&w, 38special, 45acp Hornady FTX - 454 Casull Hornady Leverevolution - 357 Mag Speer Gold dot - .45acp Hornady A-Max - .308 Win, 7.62x54r Hornady V-Max - .223 Rem Barnes Varmit Grenade - .223 Rem Federal american eagle for plinking in most calibers CCI mini mags and CCI subsonic for the .22 Those are most of my favorites... -E
  11. Big Punisher fan here, I am sure there a few around here. Best comic ever "Punisher kills the Marvel Universe" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Punisher_...Marvel_Universe It was just a good read. -E
  12. Hey guys, I have the oportunity to become a full time Gunsmith, I have been doing part time and was offered a full time job doing it. I would have to quit my manufacturing job (which seems that the entire company is shipping to china) I really would like to hear from people have been doing it for a while, but everone's opinon is welcome. Thanks, -E
  13. Alot of the ammo you buy that is suposed to use .311 bullets use .308 get out your calipers and measure them. It would hurt your accuracy at long range but for plinking and just general mayhem they work just fine. -E
  14. Building bizzare things from metal and wood usually they end up blowing up, mostly I tinker with everything. "Hey, I can make that go faster if I just .... Boom .... ooops! Hey hun I think we are going to need a new lawnmower" LOL -E
  15. Its US made stuff, boxer primed, not corrosive. I do not believe anything US made since boxer primers is corrosive. Mainly its the european berdan primered stuff that is the problem. Anyone else support that? -E
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