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    scope mount?

    I bought a scope mount like the one pictured. Mounted a red dot and cant even see where its hitting! Any help? Do they normally shoot high? Left? What? I even moved to 25yds. Once on paper i can walk it in, but I cant even see where my shots are going.
  2. vefrancis

    Gas pistons-- smooth or grooved--???

    It seems to me that all the replacement pistons [u.S. produced] have the grooves. I just ordered one, is it right? What do you think?
  3. vefrancis

    HC MAgs, Just a bullet guide?

    Thanks for all the help on this, you guys are great annd very patient! I'm gonna go with the Tapco handguard you listed . Also what Promag model do I get? The $14.99 dollar one from Copes? Do I have to add the Dinzag bullet guide for these? Where do you get them? Any that says .233AK ? Would surefire be legal with the handuard swap? Thanks again and I wont bug ya guys again!
  4. vefrancis

    HC MAgs, Just a bullet guide?

    So to use Hc mags in my new Saiga all I need to swap out is the handguard? Can you link what handguard you would buy?
  5. vefrancis

    HC MAgs, Just a bullet guide?

    THanks guys, seems as if I have alittle more buying and things to do!
  6. vefrancis

    HC MAgs, Just a bullet guide?

    Would the Dinzag bullet guide be considered a US part count and make it all legal?
  7. vefrancis

    HC MAgs, Just a bullet guide?

    Aren' t Galil Orilte mags legal to use without addingUS parts, since they are rebuilt?
  8. vefrancis

    HC MAgs, Just a bullet guide?

    Tomorrow hopefully I'm going to get my .223. I want to use high capacity mags, with out making a major conversion. Can I just install a bullet guide as shown on here and have the ability to use just about any hc mags? Do I have to do a "full" conversion? I'm really trying to stay away from using te surefire.
  9. vefrancis

    How do you say it?

    HUH??????????? Yeah what he said !
  10. vefrancis

    .223 Models

    I'm looking to get a Saiga in .223. How many different models do they offer? Whats the most popular? What price should I look for?
  11. vefrancis

    How do you say it?

    I'm new to this weapon and don't want to sound like an idiot when I go to the next gun show. How do you pronounce SAIGA? I really enjoy this site and plan on getting a .223 cal soon. Thanks in advance