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  1. I bought a scope mount like the one pictured. Mounted a red dot and cant even see where its hitting! Any help? Do they normally shoot high? Left? What? I even moved to 25yds. Once on paper i can walk it in, but I cant even see where my shots are going.
  2. It seems to me that all the replacement pistons [u.S. produced] have the grooves. I just ordered one, is it right? What do you think?
  3. Thanks for all the help on this, you guys are great annd very patient! I'm gonna go with the Tapco handguard you listed . Also what Promag model do I get? The $14.99 dollar one from Copes? Do I have to add the Dinzag bullet guide for these? Where do you get them? Any that says .233AK ? Would surefire be legal with the handuard swap? Thanks again and I wont bug ya guys again!
  4. So to use Hc mags in my new Saiga all I need to swap out is the handguard? Can you link what handguard you would buy?
  5. THanks guys, seems as if I have alittle more buying and things to do!
  6. Would the Dinzag bullet guide be considered a US part count and make it all legal?
  7. Aren' t Galil Orilte mags legal to use without addingUS parts, since they are rebuilt?
  8. Tomorrow hopefully I'm going to get my .223. I want to use high capacity mags, with out making a major conversion. Can I just install a bullet guide as shown on here and have the ability to use just about any hc mags? Do I have to do a "full" conversion? I'm really trying to stay away from using te surefire.
  9. HUH??????????? Yeah what he said !
  10. I'm looking to get a Saiga in .223. How many different models do they offer? Whats the most popular? What price should I look for?
  11. I'm new to this weapon and don't want to sound like an idiot when I go to the next gun show. How do you pronounce SAIGA? I really enjoy this site and plan on getting a .223 cal soon. Thanks in advance
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