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    Gas tube-What fits the .308?

    I want to put some conventional vintage AK wood furniture on my recently converted .308. I understand there will be fitment issues to overcome with the wood hanguard and the larger diameter barrel. However, my concern/confusion is with gas tubes. I understand the gas tubes may require a little fine tuning with a file in order to get it to fit just right on my 308, but did not want to purchase the wrong tube. Did a search here and read "an ak-74 tube MIGHT fit". When I shop for "ak-74" tubes, the listings or ads say "compatible with ak-74, ak-47. or ak-100 series rifles". So am a little confused. Will a standard ak47 gas tube fit the saiga or not? If not, then which one will be the best fit for my saiga? Thanks, YD
  2. Yankee Dog

    Saiga AK-108

    Very Nice! I like the look.! I really like the front sight. I am curious, what did you use for the hand guard retainer? I am building a similar and trying to figure out my options for hand guard and gas tube. Thanks, YD
  3. Ended up ordering the kit from CSS today. YD
  4. I have an unmolested 308, 16 inch barrel, less than 200 rounds fired out of it in the 14 years that I have owned it. I guess it's time to dust it off and do something with it. I have been reading up on doing the conversion, and the two names that keep coming up are CSS and Dinzag. I was going to go with CSS, but the kits I really liked (with the stock) are "out of stock" even though they sell the stocks separately. So I guess my question is, who makes a better conversion kit? The trigger guard on the CSS kits looks a little beefier, and I like that the pistol grip female threads are cut into and a fixed part of the trigger guard as apposed to the Dinzag trigger guard looks like it uses a stamped steel nut that is loose or free. Seems to me that nut will fall out when switching out the pistol grip on the dinzag? The Dinzag includes drill bits and the CSS does not (no big deal, I have bits). The CSS includes the pistol grip, the Dinzag does not. Just looking for a little advice/direction. Anything else I need to purchase? I have read that the safety needs modification...I can weld, and am pretty good with a arc welder and 1/16 inch rod on sheet metal, so while it is not mig or tig, I can probably handle building up the safety if needed, but, I can purchase one if needed and save me the time of welding one up. Can I use my original stock with the new pistol grip added while I decide on which replacement stock to buy?? I have a drill press, drill bits, carbide bits (for the welds), and arc welder (ac/dc) and I have plenty of satin black 2 part automotive epoxy paint. I will use an air brush with the epoxy paint for touching up the bare metal. I just want to get the right kit, and have this conversion done right. I am looking forward to the improved trigger as well. I have 300 rounds of .308 military, and am loading up some more... Thanks, YD