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  1. I just got my drum from the UPS guy today, order # EV3411. Also my drum fit perfect with no fitting.
  2. Just got my notice my order EV3411 was upgraded to paid, two minutes ago
  3. 1 factory russian 5 round mag 5 AGP 10 round mag 1 MD Arms 20 round drum (en route, hopefully soon 2nd run order)
  4. my deposit went through on 11/11, now i play the waiting game like everyone else, be patient mike will come through.
  5. who did the conversion? if you checked everything else (i.e. the hammer spring legs, gas setting) its either your ammo is still not powerful enough to cycle the action to the point it resets the trigger, you have the trigger hammer in backwards, or you're missing the the trigger disconnector spring. Don't laugh my buddy installed his FCG in his wasr10 and the problem you describe is similar to what he was having until i took it apart and installed it properly. my suggestion is try new ammo first something a little more powerful(maybe buckshot). if that doesn't work break down the gun and
  6. i bought a case of fiocchi 2 3/4" #7 1/2 shot 1 1/8oz multi sport shells when i first broke in my saiga, it's good ammo very reliable and only cost me $60 compared winchester AA for $99. I'm sure their buckshot is just as good
  7. I placed an order for 5 mags on friday 02/29/08 from AGP via internet, On tuesday 03/04/08 I noticed they had not been shipped so I called them and they advised my ordered had not been processed but it would be processed in a day or two. This week I noticed the website said out of stock for 10 rd AGP mags, so I called again on 03/10/08 they told me my order would be sent out that afternoon. I checked late today and still nothing. What sucks is I just got my s 12 back from tromix at the end of february and I was hoping to shoot it this weekend and test out my new 10 round mags.
  8. my first snub was a taurus cia .357mag/.38spl, it weighs 24oz. I shot 50rds of .357 mag 158gr american eagle fmj (thinking i wouldn't carry anything less than .357 mag in it when i used it for ccw) through it during my first range session and it cut the skin in the web of my hand between my thumb and index finger. I tried to use it for pocket carry but it was too heavy, and it concealed the same as my glock 27 (9rd mag) .40 s&w using an ankle rig. next i bought a s&w 442 .38spl and I love it. It weighs 15oz and it is smaller than the taurus (even though they're both snubbies w/
  9. i bought a 9mm kel-tec sub rifle which accepts glock mags and i love it! Head shots at 25yds on a b-27 target using 115gr winchester fmj ammo is easy. The gun weighs about 4lbs and folds in half, mine is reliable and accurate, what more could you want in a concealable long gun. i also recently bought a kel-tec su16c rifle, but have not shot it yet.
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