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  1. Cat Mario and Be The Guy Gaiden are a good hard troll games. Contra is a real bitch on 3 lives. Demon Souls and Midnight Club had a few levels that require the player to be perfect to beat the first time. Then there are the games with shitty AI charterers that just make the game hard out of stupidity. Most people don't like games they can't beat so the industry makes it to where anyone can beat them before they get frustrated and quit. Most people play to have fun not be challenged to the point of frustration.
  2. Stoeger imported some stainless 9mm reproductions. The only problem is, as stated before, they cost more than an original shooter grade P08.
  3. Right from the prototype page at the top of the section.
  4. http://www.dsarms.com/HK-MP5-UMP-Side-Folding-Buttstock---BT20155/productinfo/BT20155/ http://www.dsarms.com/HK-MP5K-UMP-Folding-Stock-1125-length---BT984403/productinfo/BT984403/
  5. Charter Arms makes a copy that is about 1/2 the cost of a NAA.
  6. I always open carry while in rural areas and I have been stopped by sheriffs and game wardens while doing outdoor activates and the most they do is ask that I don’t reach for my gun or make any aggressive moves. Every time they are just checking hunting/fishing licenses and see if there are any kids partying in the boondocks. The key is just remaining calm and collected even if they are doing something that is wrong or not in their power. Like it or not they are “in control” of the situation, or will be, and becoming agitated and loud only makes it worse.
  7. That’s for a milled receiver.
  8. Well if you are not much for his gunsmithing then maybe his martial arts will win you over. I have no idea who "Magic Marshal" is by he must be a genus. P.S. Who buys a bench grinder and just sets it on the floor?
  9. I wonder if losing the army's M4 contract to FN has anything to do with this. Either way the more the better, with our economy still hurting losing a good chunk of one of America's largest industries is asinine.
  10. School, video games, drinking, job hunting, getting ready to pull the bike out this weekend, may try to get some fishing in too. Life is too short to invest in one hobby.
  11. Try going back to the stock barrel bushing and see if that fixes it.
  12. RRA's website list that model for only $1,790.00. So depending on the scope it closer to a straight across if trade than anything.
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