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  1. fitzpgl1 where did you buy it? Thanks
  2. OK danger ahead. If you think this is the gun. Turn it upside down and shoot. It should hit where your aiming. Problem solved. Remove the barrel and reinstall it 180 degrees off. A gun smith could probably do this for you if your unsure. ^^ lol couldn't resist Serious at this part ==>> Are you using a poly choke? Or muzzle break?
  3. I don't believe thats true. From what I was told if it has a pistol grip then you need to have 922r compliance. I probably should have said what mods have been done, not sure if people count that as converted. I added an ace folding stock but didn't move forward the FCG. Yesterday I replaced the hammer, which counts as another 922r part. I have a USA poly choke (muzzle attachement), the ace stock, usa pistol grip (which doesn't really count) So if I add a gas puck I should be ok to use my factory mag legally. Also I couldn't get out the disconnector for some reason or I'd use that... See
  4. Thanks got the hammer in was easier getting it out than putting it back in. Oh man the BHO spring was the biggest pain. Oh and go figure the hammer needed to be ground down. 2 hours for just 1 more USA part not sure if it was worth it. 1 more USA part and I can use none USA mags, funny thing is I only have the 1 none USA (factory) mag. Thinking of going with the gas puck if not that a new hand guard. Thanks again Schultze
  5. Never been converted wanted to switch out the hammer for usa hammer. Didn't know the spring was in the way now I know thanks Schultze
  6. What am I doing wrong? Is there something I'm missing? I'm guessing just pounding on them won't remove them....?
  7. Looks like this has been highly debated.... I understand its not on the parts count list but that doesn't mean its not an 922r part... Why would the manufacturer be saying it was if it wasn't...
  8. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/33826-siaga-12-gas-piston-for-922r/
  9. How is it not a 922r part? The US manufacture says it is, Not sure how long the BATFE would let them say it is if it isn't. It cycles fine I was just curious about how easy it was to install since it appears to be an extra 922r part...
  10. None yet but was looking at this one: http://www.mississippiautoarms.com/saiga-12-20-shotgun-gas-piston-puck-tapco-p-600.html
  11. How are these being installed. ??? Since they are only about $8 I was wondering do you just drop them infront of the gas piston and thats it? I'm surprise that counts as a part if your not removing any russian part. If that is all there is to it... Maybe I'm wrong? I didn't see this in any pervious post that I searched...
  12. Joeddox

    Uh Oh...

    Mike Davidson (MD Arms) is a pretty cool guy. He will ussually respond to emails if you have questions. Did you call them? Might give it to ya for $80 Yep, I emailed them. Because i was already in contact with Mike he said he'll do it for $80. Then a half hour later Arms of America emails me saying they are refunding my purchase from Sat because they are out of stock. DAMMIT! MD Arms is a GREAT company though.
  13. Joeddox

    Uh Oh...

    I think its called "Raging Judge Magnum" or whatever their revolver was that shot 28 gauge shells not the .410 shotshell. BATFE changes their mind all the time... I would agree it's more of a AOW, but maybe SBS are more regulated so they want it under that? Here is another post. http://www.gunsamerica.com/blog/the-taurus-raging-judge-28-gauge-revolver/ Also I think part of the problem is that 28 gauge shotshell doesn't have any counter part handgun round. For example the .410 shotshell is similar to the .45 long colt so much so that most guns that camber both... If that makes sense.
  14. Joeddox

    Uh Oh...

    That's exactly what I thought. But I thought it was called the Taurus raging bull. The "handgun" is so large that I'm sure the BATFE declared it a SBS since if they didn't want more companies jumping in that could make similar "handguns". And to scare the BATFE more someone would move it up to 12 gauge. I bet they are going to make a maxium size for handguns containing shotgun shells so that a 12 gauge handgun won't ever be possible. Oddly though I bet the firearms lawyers at Taurus said it complied with the law. I wonder if they even asked the BATFE before production and they gave them th
  15. Joeddox

    Uh Oh...

    They should just come out and say we (BATFE) don't like it...
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