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  1. GeoJAP

    Sling attachment points?

    I also prefer a 2 point sling for 90% of what I would do with a rifle.
  2. GeoJAP

    Tromix Model S-O5 is Discontinued

    Get a hold of yourself, Nancy. Take a step back and think before you open your mouth next time.
  3. GeoJAP

    a totally newb question

    I'm ROFLing
  4. GeoJAP

    How dose tromix stock mount?

    I was wondering how you went about mounting those stocks. I took my stock off one day and was wondering what the hell I was looking at. It didn't look like the rear of any akm receiver that I had ever seen before. I do have to say that I'm more and more impressed every single day by the conversion Tromix did to my .223 Saiga. The attention to detail in the rivets and welds around the receiver are exceptional.
  5. GeoJAP

    New Tromix Heavy Barrel .223 (pic)

    Oh no he didn't!!
  6. GeoJAP

    What # are you currently serving?

    Oh good God. Tony must have the patience of Job to deal with such mental midgets.
  7. GeoJAP

    Sling attachment points?

    After I got my Tromix .223 Saiga, I mulled over this problem for several weeks. I finally came up with this solution, which I like very, very much. I removed the Saiga front hand guard and installed one of Dinzag's hand guard retaining plate (along with a Bulgarian lower hand guard and Ultimak rail upper), which has a sling attachment. I use the loop in the Tromix stock for the rear attachment point. I use the Blue Force Gear - Vicker's Combat Applications sling with a Blue Force Gear hook-clip adapter on the front. I think it's the bees' knees. I have two and wouldn't trade them for a spotted hog.
  8. GeoJAP

    Which Red Star trigger for Tromix .223 Saiga?

    Cool, thanks for the response.
  9. GeoJAP

    What red dot sight

    Mounting a red dot forward over the gas tube will give you a better forward view. Otherwise, when the scope is in close, it blocks quite a bit more of your forward view. The Ultimak picatinny rail that replaces the gas tube is quite solid. I like it better than using the receiver side mount. I have never liked the idea of a receiver cover mount, for the obvious reasons that it gets removed and replaced. I like the idea of replacing the rear sight with a picatinny mount, but I have never seen those for sale in the USA. In my opinion, the desired mount types are: receiver cover mount < receiver side mount < Ultimak gas tube replacement < rear sight replacement with picatinny mount.
  10. GeoJAP

    What red dot sight

    I used a Bushnell 1x32 red/green dot scope ($150) for a while, but it would turn off unexpectedly. I think the contact in the battery compartment, which is also the on-off switch was faulty. I sent it back. It was a great scope when it worked, but unfortunately that was not all the time. I read that Aimpoint scopes are incredibly sturdy and reliable, and they have an amazing battery life as well. So I bought an Aimpoint CompC3 and I have no complaints so far. It was been rock solid, holds zero and the adjustment clicks are repeatable. I got it for less than $400 delivered. It's more expensive than your cheap red dots, but I guess if you want it to work right all the time, you have to spend some money.
  11. Does anyone know which of the Red Star triggers is the correct one to buy for a Tromix-converted .223 Saiga? Thanks!
  12. GeoJAP

    Finished configuring my Saiga (pics)

    Thanks! That is a real Bulgarian handguard that came off my SLR-95, left over after I replaced it with a US-made handguard when I converted the SLR to a pistol grip configuration. I think this is the exact same one: http://www.k-var.com/shop/product.php?prod...=296&page=1
  13. I got this Tromix converted Saiga a few months ago. I was happy with it but wanted to change a few more things about it to get it in exactly the right configuration. 1. I added an Ultimak Rail mount and a Burris 2x20mm Long Eye Relief handgun scope. 2. I bought one of Dinzag's handguard retainer plates and installed an AKM Bulgarian handguard. 3. I added a Blue Force Gear - Vicker's Combat Application sling. 4. I removed the Tapco pistol grip and installed an Ace Galil-style grip. I really like Dinzag's retainer plate. It allowed me to install the more authentic handguards, as well as giving me a decent sling loop. It is a great product and well designed. The Blue Force Gear sling is awesome. I had been looking for a sling for a long time and this one is exactly what I was looking for. I can't recommend it enough. I'm really happy with this rifle and how it turned out. It is quickly becoming my favorite rifle, even more so than my Bulgarian SLR-95 and Russian VEPR. You can see close-ups of the Dinzag retainer plate and Ultimak rail mount here: http://www.jasonphillips.org/Firearms_Saiga/Saiga.asp
  14. GeoJAP

    How can I mount a "Scout Scope"?

    The Ultimak mount IS the gas tube, so if you remove the gas tube then you remove the mount.
  15. GeoJAP

    How can I mount a "Scout Scope"?

    You do have the cut away some of the handguard so that the Ultimak will fit. I'm replacing the handguard with a regular AKM handhuards lower and using Dinzag's retaining plate to secure it.