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  1. What are you trying to say? Has a Surefire mag that you've done that with failed on you? What brand of mag do you prefer? I loaded my S-12 SureFire mag 1 week before I went shooting, 1st & 2nd round refused to chamber due to weakened mag spring? I pulled the rest of the ammo out & reloaded it, then it worked fine. I can't find any mag that I can keep loaded,that I can trust with my life. I find the Saiga 12 Ga to be so far ahead of it's time that the mags have yet to catch up. I guess I'll just cram it back into the safe & pull out my old No Knock Warrant gun, a 1919 with
  2. And that doesn't concern you? It bugs the hell outta me, how am I gonna grab this Saiga and attempt to stop a... a No-Knock Warrant? Or how about a burglary. I spent a bunch of money on this gun and I can't believe No-One besides maybe mother Russia can make a mag I can load for the next month & think it Might work! What the Hell.
  3. I received my SBS three weeks ago, took it out and put 100 rounds through it. It worked fine with Sure Fire S-12 and AGP mags-not one failure. Next I loaded the SureFire mag and took the gun out after 1 week. Mag spring would not push hard enough to load the first two rounds, I unloaded & re-loaded the mag & it then functioned perfectly. I am now keeping an AGP mag loaded, I'll see how it works, but I really think these springs could use some more Spring.
  4. So, Allmightysam have you tried keeping that SureFire mag loaded for a few weeks & then shooting with it? Now, do tell me how great it works for you.
  5. I recently received my Saiga 12 Ga SBS, first thing I noticed is out of all the different Hi-Cap (10rds & over) straight mags I have, none can handle being loaded to anywhere near capacity for any amount of time. Isn't there a manufacturer who can afford to put a real spring in one of these mags, so if I decide to keep it loaded and ready to use I can have some expectation that it will work??
  6. I pick 527 Thanks Guy, BTW I stock your 20rd mags in my shop, no stock-no sale!
  7. Anyone else receive a PM from Miqnulikz saying "please help"? then when you click, it goes to a sex partner ad?
  8. Dude, I agree with ya, I too have a couple on order from 2007, I have to say, I am not in a hurry for MD Arms to send me a piece of junk, I'd much rather be patient and wait for the well made drums I believe he will eventually send me. For all you guys who need it now, pay the extra and buy "The other guy's product!" BTW, I know how you guys who need it right now are, as an FFL I hate when one of "you guys" decides to have me do a firearms transfer, it's all "ring ring all fuc&ing day long" and "is my gun here yet?" and "how about now? Huh Huh???"
  9. As I understand it, Magsafe Ammo is +P! Kel-Tec P3AT (.380) is Not to be used with +P ammo There are plenty of hard hitting types of non +P ammo, in fact Cor Bon now has DPX in .380 Cost is high, but when you see the depth of the hollowpoint in the DPX, you'll be a believer! I also like to stagger my ammo, like a hardball round, hydra-shok round,dpx round, etc.. I have heard it's bad news to stagger ammo, but it's also bad news to be shooting at some- body behind something the hollowpoints won't go thru! When I got my first Gen Kel-Tec .380 first thing I did was put 200 rounds thru it,
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