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  1. As Russian Hammer said, simply bending it towards the receiver slightly should take care of the issue. It is just the opposite of what you would do if the safety lever was too tight. If something is way out of spec though, you may just have to use a different safety lever. There really isn't anything wrong with the factory levers. Dinzag will modify the factory lever if you really want the notch to hold the bolt open or you would like to have the closer finger ledge.
  2. I have the following items for sale: One (1) VZ58 from CZ-USA (<100 rounds through it) with military PG and folding stock,the magazines shown (US follower and floorplate for 922r installed in each, but I can send you the original followers and floorplates if you intend to satisfy 922r in other ways). A sealed package of spare magazine springs (I think 10 of them) is included. A spare parts kit which includes all the spare parts you might need is included. A scout scope VZ58 mount (never used) is included. The factory thumbhole stock can be included if you wish. The gun must ship to
  3. Holy crab apple!! 1000 rounds makes me feel less than adequate! Anyway, I did 40 rounds through 2 mags and had no issues. I ran American Eagle (at 14.00 per 20) five rounds per loading to get the mags in and out several times. The magazines are loose, looser than I'd like, but it didn't affect function any this time around. Dunno what wobble is on a FAL or M1A but it sounds substantial. I plan on trying to tighten these things up a bit but they did work as is with my limited shooting. I was mainly running my 223 (100 rounds of PMC) and it worked fine except I had a double fire on one occa
  4. I took a class with Marco Vorobiev at David Fortier's place in Kansas. Marco is a great guy and an excellent instructor. I highly recommend training with him if you can.
  5. Arizona Response Systems has an excellent reputation for all AK work.
  6. The gun should not have been that dirty/rusted. That is the kind of thing you might expect from Century, but not CZ. At least you can easily get replacement parts at Czechpoint if needed, but it shouldn't be like that. The magazines are aluminum alloy. If there is anything wrong with the VZ-58s we can get here (aside from the rusty ones), it may well be the magazines. This is not because of what they are made of so much as the seemingly impossible task of getting truly factory new magazines, and having to put up with (probably) less than mil-spec parts (follower and floor plate) for 92
  7. Sorry about misunderstanding your question. The ejection is pretty much up and forward. Left handed use should be no problem.
  8. If you want a red dot with co-witnessing, the NEA railed piston cover is the thing to get. I have one on my VZ-58, and it is great. Actually, the whole NEA handguard set is excellent. Neit Designs in Canada is where I got mine. They also have ambi safeties, extended mag releases, etc. For anyone worried about what stock comes on a particular VZ-58, keep in mind that the stocks are extremely easy to swap out. I find the folding stock to be very comfortable and easy to use. With the NEA railed piston cover, an Aimpoint Micro is mounted low enough so you do get a decent cheek weld. T
  9. No Aresenal for me. Also no Kvar. Anyone who supports Harry Reid will get no money from me. Understood, but also keep in mind that anytime you buy an AK, even an Arsenal, you give a gun banning liberal a migraine, or worse. Anyway, if you are bored of AKs, why get a Galil (which is extremely similar to an AK) or a Saiga? You might as well get something else.
  10. Personally, I would get an Arsenal SLR 106.
  11. I have one that I have been using in my Red Jacket SBS. It needed to be cycled a few times to become fully reliable, but it works fine now. In my opinion a larger drum, although fun, would be too bulky for my purposes.
  12. Greg, If you are willing to go as far as College Station to get a gun, you might also want to check out Independence Firearms in Independence. It is run by the same guy that owns Ammunition to Go. I have heard that it is a good store, and that they have Saigas. I have also heard that cash or check are the best ways to pay there, as they reportedly charge a fee for credit cards.
  13. The SLR-106F or SLR-106FR is the way to go. They are very nice guns, good to go from the outset, made to work with the best magazines (there is less standardization with .223 AKs, so it is generally best to use the magazines made to work with that particular make of .223 AK), and they have the AK-100 series style side-folding stock (which is awesome).
  14. Yes, it does function as a booster and is intended for SBRs. Problems have been known to occur when used on full-length rifles.
  15. With an AK, if the hammer is cocked and the dust cover is off, there is a decent chance that the hammer will be released if the safety lever is raised much beyond its normal upper limit of travel. Don't use an AK with the dust cover off unless you really need to.
  16. With some guns, a Tapco G2 FCG will have a tendency to produce doubles if you slowly pull the trigger and then hold it in about the same position it was in when the hammer was just released (apparently this can also be done quickly for bump firing). If you follow through with the trigger pull, and trap the trigger at the rearmost point of its movement before allowing a deliberate reset, you should not get doubles. Here is a link that provides some explanation of what sometimes happens, as well as how to prevent it.
  17. Very strange! Especially the restriction on shipping to a state like Texas. I live in Texas, and I have purchased a lot of ammo from Sportsman's Guide (including some which shipped just a few days ago) without any problems at all. I guess it must just be certain kinds of ammo, or it is an error.
  18. I have a Red Jacket S-12 SBS. It is awesome. The class 3 dealer I went through to get it said it compared very favorably to the Tromix SBSs he has seen. Tromix is excellent too, though.
  19. What is the factual basis for your absolute assertion that "the gang mentality will take over..."? How many police officers do you personally know well? There are already many laws on the books that individual officers already choose not to enforce because they disagree with them. I know this from extensive, direct personal experience. In most cases it would be a simple matter not to enforce any new gun ban. You simply ignore it, just as many officers do when they observe countless other things that are technically violations of the law. Heck, there have even been Presidents who have
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