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  1. he i had a few new guys try this the last couple of days
  2. how do we submit to ban

  3. ok so ive been reading about the 922 compliance and have a question also. how does this benafit those of us in kommifornia. it seems like it give the added advantage of high cap mags to others but im under the impression us in kalifornia still cant have high caps or other evil features?
  4. i have a few pistols for sometime now but just recently started getting into rifles. in the last month or so ive picked up a saiga 308, mini 30, ar-15(RRA), and a rugar 10-22. i didnt expect to get bit by the rifle bug so bad cuz i only bought a 12 rifle safe. so after joining some forums and reading on every site about what if SHTF. so this made me stock up on some ammo and my safe quickly filled up. so it got me think about safe storage, easy access to additional ammo and something cheaper then another expensive safe. so i came up with buying a Job Site Box you know the kind to lock up tools and stuff. by like rigid or greenlee. around $200, can be locked and bolted to the ground and can take a beating if the house falls down on it. so how do some of you guys store ammo? i just dont like the idea of leaving ammo in a wood crate on the floor in some room
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