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  1. hardcorps1775

    New Tromix Muzzle Brake (pic)

    thus making the s12 even faster shooting than it already is! awesome!
  2. hardcorps1775

    New Tromix Muzzle Brake (pic)

    would the weapon moving fwd affect the cycling of the action? you know, the momentum of the bolt moving rearward and all that?
  3. hardcorps1775

    New OEM threaded flash hider (pic)

    i like the m-16 idea...closed bottom, no port on top. you have side and angled upper slots for something of a comp and no flash shooting up into your line of sight. maybe make it longer to compensate for the charge of a shotgun round? love the crown, don't change that for anything!
  4. hardcorps1775

    New Tromix Muzzle Brake (pic)

    hahaha you guys are a trip! tony, how about you make one that looks something like this???
  5. hardcorps1775

    Tromix Galil Style Charging Handle (pic)

    i would definitely like it to extend out more like the standard galil bolt. vulcan arms sells an ak bolt carrier with the galil handle that looks about perfect...v73 ambi bolt carrier
  6. hardcorps1775

    Would you prefer 8 or 10 rnd mags?

    well, i'm still in for 10 of whatever. i think i'd prefer 8rders just cuz of the length but, gosh, i guess i'll just have to suck it up and deal with 10 if that's what the final decision is! i don't see a need for a mag bho. what's the purpose? it sure ain't to change mags cuz as soon as you drop the empty the bolt will go fwd. good luck and godspeed on this project!
  7. hardcorps1775

    Saiga 12 mag conversions

    don't forget the knoxx 10rd nlfd...
  8. hardcorps1775

    "Specialty" rounds

    the dragon's breath is nothing like the pic. the pic is taken with an open shutter so it catches the trail of phosphorous (or whatever it is) and all the other overlapping trails so it looks like a huge fountain of fire. in reality it looks like a buncha sparks shooting downrange. they will cause a brushfire though...found that out the hard way, d'oh!
  9. hardcorps1775

    TEAM SAIGA logo gear!

    ooohhh maaan, what an awful site!!! i ordered my "team saiga" and "saiga 12" stuff then kinda looked around and found tees, caps, and stickers with "crusader infidel" in arabic...now i'm in the hole for about $200 worth of stuff!!! eeek!!!
  10. hardcorps1775

    Eotech, AR and AK Stuff For Sale

    oh man, i want that eotech so bad!!! that's a pretty good price guys!
  11. hardcorps1775

    Aftermarket SAIGA products

    damn, nobody mentioned mags???
  12. hardcorps1775

    my #2 Saiga-12 conversion

    josh, would you feel comfortable doing a cobra special to mount a hungarian amd front handguard? i really want one like the one at coles gun works but with the ace folder... http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=5178
  13. hardcorps1775

    Were can I get this?

    with the strap removed and the grey shit cleaned off, i think.
  14. hardcorps1775


    who's "rsr"? btw, wtf is that pic for your avatar??? it's cool as hell!
  15. hardcorps1775

    Looking for good pictures of the Saiga SWAT model

    oh god, here we go again! :D i feel the saiga12 hive mind juices flowing..."hmmm, can it be done???"