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  1. I want one! You took my idea thats why I wanted to know the overall lenth of the flashhider!!!!! Good job guys(now wheres mine!!)
  2. I dont like the mount but the sight's nice Id buy one for that much!!!! I dont care were its made really!! As long as it works I think Im geting a trijicon reflex for the 12 not needing batteries is a big plus!
  3. Heres the P14 limited for 1000.oo I like AK stuff so let me know if anyone has interesting trades!!(1200.oo with sight and mount)
  4. The AR15 pistol is gone but I have a 10mm springfield omega longslide1911 for 800.00 and the stainless p14 with comp& for a 1000.oo,(sorry I keep the Jpoint sight)
  5. Well if you get rid of the front pistol grip , and put a thumbhole stock it would be legal otherwise it would have to be a LEO or dealer sample weapon only because of violating the evil features list!!
  6. Yes I to agree the trijicon reflex is worth the price! I wanna get one soon!
  7. its a semi-auto if I could find legal full-auto m-11's for 400.oo i'd be rich!!
  8. The cobray is 400.oo and comes with a exrta upper & thread protector and forward metal grip & 32rd cobray mag. Ill snap a few pics later as soon as my batterys charge!! Yes the benelli is alot more heavy I like my saiga better anyway it feeds everything!!
  9. Yup takes regular AR-15 mags made by bushmaster\pro ord comes with 3 3o rd themomold mags 750.00 obo or interesting trades considerd(perhaps a pair of 19" defense saiga 12's) I like the AK family of weapons so let me know what ya got,I had a whole nother tables worth of gun's for sale like a colt SP1 & a 4" .357 python, benelli M1 tactical,colt preban sporter and Ill be getting pictures soon as I get time to.
  10. it dwarfs every thing I have!!!its way bigger than my pump something must been done about this(thats next) Yes Im selling the pump & the other toys here to get some Ak stuff Ive been wanting!! let me know if anyones interested goodguy71079@aol.com
  11. Heres the picture finally!!!
  12. No dude the saiga 12 C or K the LEO or FFL only gun!! Also wanted a dealer sample GLock 18 fairly priced
  13. My buddy who is a FFl wants a dealer sample for the shop display. I cant find the one on gunsamerica anymore. and I forgot the name of the place that was selling them
  14. Sorry but thats to much work for me!!
  15. Ill be geting the front sight/flashider thing soon then getting the barrel and flashider to be 18.5 total, nice recoil pad and my scope mount and soon some good optics(I have a huge propoint on it now) I guess I will be getting rid of my 2 remington 870s one's 400.00 & ones 500.00 with tons of stuff from scattergun tech,hogue,tacstar,speedfeed, ect ect I will post some pictures soon!! you must see them to understand why Im asking so much. Hey did anyone else see the Ak-47 9mm gorda???
  16. Well my mount came in the mail yesterday & I put it on as soon as I opened it. Took all of 30 seconds to install (had to adjust the little nut for a tight fit) Ill have a digital camera up and going soon as I get the little adapter card thing but the rail rest about 1\4 inch above the receiver cover. SO other than taking a month to finally get my weaver mount I am happy with the product very beefy, & locks tight.
  17. Setting one works allaround for 2 3\4 magnums and 3 inch use setting 2 for low brass & low recoil slugs and buckshot!!!
  18. I have no need to change my stock tho, a pachmayr large slip on recoil pad and its fine. I plan on geting my saiga shortened and threaded for the front sight & flash hider. Im waiting on K-var right now for my weaver scope rail. I do want to buy one of the imports that have the factory bold hold open and the sight rail barrel lenth isnt important.
  19. The factory stock on the regular saiga 12 is held on by the 2 screw's right? the one on top and the one under by the trigger right?
  20. This might fit a bit more easy, without having to move the trigger at all. Plus it grind's away nice for any sander & demel work for 56.00$ its not to expensive.
  21. OK bring em back allready I want one!!!
  22. that sight looks a little bulky for me but I would spend the extra 25 bucks(ATN ultrasight is 144.95 now and ATN make's night vision stuff for our government I think quality is for sure)Look up there website!! I want there 3rd gen micro goggle's (outa my price range tho)
  23. Just do a 19" defense model with the trigger swap and leave the forearm on & Id buy one 350-375.oo$$ sound good (with gun included of course)
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